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NHK WORLD News (Japan): Report: Smokers more vulnerable to coronavirus


NHK WORLD News (Japan): WHO: Coronavirus vaccine at least 12 months away


The Straits Times (Singapore): A heart attack? No, it was the coronavirus


Business Insider: If you're hospitalized with COVID-19 and don't have insurance, you'll likely owe $73,000. One chart shows how broken the system is for the most vulnerable.


Business Insider: A senior living organization took swift action to keep the coronavirus out 2 months ago — but now has its first outbreak


Business Insider: ⚡️ “What you need to know about potential #coronavirus vaccines and treatments”


Business Insider: American Airlines flight attendant dies of COVID-19, highlighting risks that airline workers have faced while helping get passengers home


Business Insider: Google pledges to donate $800 million and 3 million face masks in an effort to combat the coronavirus


Business Insider: Without any interventions like social distancing, the coronavirus could have killed 40 million people this year, one model predicts. The projections are just that: projections. They are not a concrete guarantee of what will happen.


Business Insider: A new report raises hope that the blood of recovered patients can help treat severe coronavirus cases


Forbes: The remarkable rise of self-monitoring in the time of the coronavirus:


Forbes: Researchers at Imperial College in London have found that COVID-19 could have caused 40 million deaths worldwide this year if left unchecked


Forbes: Forbes Associate Editor, Alex Knapp, talks with Dr. Chil-Yong Kang of the University of Western Ontario about the process in developing a vaccine for COVID-19 and how his research is coming along Video:


Forbes: Abbott Laboratories won U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for its molecular test for COVID-19—which the company says can deliver "positive results in as little as five minutes and negative results in 13 minutes."


MarketWatch: UPDATE: 551,337 diagnosed coronavirus cases globally; U.S. has most in world


MarketWatch: Coronavirus update: 549,604 diagnosed COVID-19 cases and 24,863 deaths


MarketWatch: The first episode of my podcast is out. It’s about the search for a Covid-19 treatment. Kindly subscribe for free, listen, leave a review if you like and tell your friends.


MarketWatch: ‘By far the worst virus I have ever endured’: Olympic gold medalist Cameron van der Burgh, 31, on contracting the coronavirus


MarketWatch: Younger people are being hospitalized at unexpectedly high rates, particularly in New York State. The notion that coronavirus is no worse than the flu for young people is proving to be untrue.


MarketWatch: Losing sleep over the coronavirus? Having strange dreams? Here’s what to do


MarketWatch: More than 1 in 5 people say COVID-19 concerns keep them up at night. And 14% say the fear of catching it has kept them tossing and turning.


Yahoo Finance: Bosch develops tool to test for coronavirus in 2.5 hours


Yahoo Finance: What to do if you lose your health insurance during the coronavirus outbreak


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus crisis: How to deal with potentially contaminated money


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: "We passed half a million [coronavirus cases] yesterday which was a new unfortunate milestone in this outbreak globally," @anjkhem says. "The death count is now close to 25,000 worldwide." Video:


Yahoo Finance: World Health Organization holds briefing on the global spread of coronavirus COVID-19


Yahoo Finance: A recipe for stress': Psychologist details toll of working from home amid coronavirus


Yahoo Finance: Dr. Younus explains how to fight against the coronavirus and the lessons learned: Video:


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: A coronavirus vaccine trial participant details the experience: Video:


Yahoo Finance: ER doc on coronavirus: ‘I'm on the front lines and I can tell you that we’re not at our peak yet’


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: "You just have to test," @BillAckman says about the coronavirus outbreak. "Just thinking about this idea [of better testing] makes me bullish that we're not going to be sitting here for 12 months, 18 months, waiting for a vaccine. The country can continue." More: Video:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Why does COVID-19 pose a greater threat to men than women?


Sky News (UK): "The best scientific analysis now is that the rate of infection has been doubling every 3-4 days." Cabinet office minister Michael Gove says the number of #coronavirus cases are a "powerful reminder of the need for all of us to act". Live updates:


Sky News (UK): "We don't feel like we are being supported from the highest levels." NHS doctor Guddi Singh says there's a "huge amount of anxiety" around having to face a "tsunami" of #coronavirus patients with a lack of protective equipment. #COVID19 latest:


Sky News (UK): Experts are calling for more countries to collate sex-disaggregated data on #coronavirus cases to help future treatments


Sky News (UK): Studies have shown that chronic illness, lifestyle and natural immunity can impact how dangerous #COVID19 can be. But which gender is worse affected by #coronavirus ? Latest here:


AFP News Agency (France): Google pledged $800 million worth of support in response to the coronavirus pandemic for health organizations, researchers and businesses impacted by the crisis


AFP News Agency (France): Garlic and onions fight coronavirus? False ❌ Experts say eating garlic does not prevent COVID-19 — and onions are no cure either, reports @OluwamayowaTJ


Reuters: A new blood test that offers the chance to find out who may have immunity could be a potential game changer in the battle to contain coronavirus infections


Reuters: Home healthcare providers, the lifelines to 12 million vulnerable Americans, are scrambling to decide how to serve patients who show symptoms of coronavirus — and how to ensure that the providers themselves neither catch nor spread it


Reuters: "It’s a bit like tag, except that you get tagged when someone coughs on you and that means you have the virus and have to go into isolation. If you come out and get tagged again, you die." #Coronavirus tag: How #pandemic #anxiety can affect young minds"


Reuters: Condom shortage looms after coronavirus lockdown shuts world's top producer


Reuters: What you need to know about the coronavirus


Reuters: Several academic laboratories and medical companies are rushing to produce blood tests that can identify disease-fighting antibodies in people who already have been infected by coronavirus


Reuters: Germany's Bosch says it has a quick test system for coronavirus, but some scientists say laboratory testing remains the best option for now


Haaretz (Israel): Coronavirus could kill 81,000 in U.S., subside in June, Washington University analysis


Haaretz (Israel): People with type A blood are more prone to contracting COVID-19 and are likelier to be hit harder than people with other types of blood, a non peer-reviewed study suggests.


The Kansas City Star: Trump calls it a ‘game-changer’ COVID-19 fix. Now lupus patients can’t get their drug


The Kansas City Star: Coronavirus anxiety: Watch these mental health warning signs, Kansas City experts say


The Kansas City Star: Anxiety is as much a danger right now as the #coronavirus . Here's what to do. @APA #CoronavirusUSA #anxiety #SocialDistanacing #Mindfulness #meditation


The Kansas City Star: How to avoid gaining weight when you’re stuck at home because of coronavirus


CBS New York: Here's a breakdown from Johns Hopkins University on COVID-19 cases around the world. Watch Governor Cuomo right now:


CBS New York: Major hats off to the MENTAL HEALTH CARE WORKERS stepping up big time. #ThankYou #coronavirus


CBS New York: People battling asthma may have a hard time getting live-saving medication with the coronavirus causing some pharmacies to run low on an important rescue inhaler.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Baseball jersey fabric being used to make coronavirus masks, gowns


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Pregnant women with coronavirus can pass it to their babies, study finds


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Is it safe to wear contact lenses during the coronavirus pandemic?


Miami Herald: The FDA just pointed out something about bottles of hand sanitizer people are hoarding during the coronavirus pandemic: They have an expiration date.


Miami Herald: New recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say mothers with coronavirus should be separated from their newborn babies after giving birth.


Miami Herald: Some are calling it the Quarantine 15, as people have begun to gain weight while staying at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. How can you make healthier decisions and avoid the Quarantine 15 while remaining in the comfort of your home?


Miami Herald: An N95 respirator is different than a surgical mask. Here’s why health workers need them as coronavirus spreads.


NBC Washington (D.C.): How could the blood of people who recovered from coronavirus help treat the sickest patients? Doreen Gentzler explains.


NBC Washington (D.C.): The rate of decay for the coronavirus is different depending on the surface type and conditions like humidity and temperature.


NBC Washington (D.C.): The first patients in a “historic” drug trial to test treatments for the coronavirus have been enrolled in Norway and Spain.


Los Angeles Times: A growing chorus of American health care workers say they’re battling the coronavirus with far too little armor as shortages force them to reuse personal protective equipment or rely on homemade substitutes. Sometimes they go without protection altogether.


Los Angeles Times: Here's what COVID-19 means and how it's different than the coronavirus.


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: How to pump gas and not get infected


The Seattle Times: Health experts say the risks are very low that the coronavirus will remain on envelopes or packages and infect anyone who handles them. But those making deliveries are taking steps to try to protect themselves.


Business, Economic, Tech-Related News

Indo-Asian News Service (India): Global software major #Cognizant on Friday announced an additional payment of 25 per cent of the base pay for April for employees up to 'Associate level in #India and the #Philippines in the wake of the new #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Global software major #Wipro 's techies have gone into 14-day self-quarantine on return from overseas assignments as a precautionary measure against the spread of #coronavirus , an official said on Friday. #CoronavirusOutbreak


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Don't forget to stay cyber-safe while telecommuting


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: 'Clear we have entered recession,' says IMF chief


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Delayed Tokyo Olympics will be a relief for sponsors in current chaos, experts say


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Apple works with White House to release 'Covid-19' app, website


The Straits Times (Singapore): Big Tech gets a boost from the coronavirus


Business Insider: The situation is about to get worse': Stocks slide as surging US unemployment and coronavirus cases stifle stimulus hopes


Business Insider: Billionaire Jeff Bezos says he spoke directly to WHO and hinted Amazon might deliver COVID-19 test kits globally


Business Insider: A group of adtech companies is working hard to defund news about the coronavirus pandemic and it could be costing major publishers millions of dollars


Business Insider: The firm behind the UK's coronavirus volunteer scheme faces questions over privacy. We asked GoodSAM how it handles user data.


Business Insider: A UBS exec lays out the benefits and pain points of all-electronic trading after coronavirus concerns cleared the floor at NYSE


Business Insider: The firm behind Britain’s massive volunteering effort has faced questions over privacy and security. More than 650,000 have registered to help tackle coronavirus, after the firm was fast-tracked into a contract with NHS England.


Business Insider: The Fed’s balance sheet exceeds $5 trillion for the first time in history amid the bank’s wave of coronavirus relief efforts


Business Insider: Edward Snowden warns COVID-19 could give governments invasive new data collection powers that will last long after the pandemic


Business Insider: Billionaire investor Bill Ackman denies sounding the coronavirus alarm to tank markets and help his hedges


Business Insider: Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joann Fabrics insist craft stores are 'essential' in a ploy to stay open during the coronavirus outbreak — and it shows how inconsistent state and corporate policies are threatening public health


Business Insider: Bill Miller's fund crushed the market for a record 15 straight years. He told us his strategy for the coronavirus meltdown, calling it 'one of the five great buying opportunities of my lifetime.'


Business Insider: The coronavirus has ravaged media. Analysts dissect how 5 major companies like Disney and Fox have been affected and the key drivers that could help them recover.


Business Insider: US stock slipped on Friday morning as coronavirus infections in the US outnumbered those in China for the first time. Investors are also digesting dire jobless claims data and awaiting another vote on the Senate's $2 trillion stimulus bill.


Business Insider: Dow slides 700 points as 3-day rebound fades amid continued coronavirus turmoil


Business Insider: We are working ten times harder for no reason': Desperate, terrified fast food workers from across the US expose the bleak reality of working during the coronavirus outbreak


Business Insider: Insiders say $2 billion startup Deliveroo is frustrated its Amazon funding is under lengthy competition scrutiny even as it helps fight COVID-19


Business Insider: GM employees will have 20% of their pay deferred as the coronavirus pandemic hits the auto industry hard


Business Insider: Tesla, Apple, and Ford are stepping up to address global shortages of ventilators, hand sanitizer, face masks, and gowns. Here's a running list of companies helping out.


Business Insider: The coronavirus crisis is putting Amazon's cloud to the test like never before. Here's how it keeps its massive data centers running smoothly, helping apps like Netflix and Zoom stay reliable.


Business Insider: Instacart workers are planning to strike until the company gives them hazard pay and safety gear


Business Insider: The Drive-Thru: Companies respond to the coronavirus, craft chains refuse to close, and workers deal with chaos


Business Insider: Thousands of spring breakers traveled from one Florida beach to cities across the US — mapping their phone data shows the importance of social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak


Business Insider: My latest for @businessinsider : The staffs of high-end restaurants who can't work from home have found a new way to make ends meet during the coronavirus crisis by working in the home of an ultrawealthy family.


Business Insider: Shifting Gears: Who's getting what in the multitrillion-dollar coronavirus bailout


Business Insider: Coronavirus is pushing Apple's iPhone makers to find new manufacturing frontiers outside of China


Business Insider: Amazon, Apple, and others are making shows, books, and sporting everts free to access online for users staying home during the coronavirus pandemic


Business Insider: I hope someone sues you': Yelp is pausing its automated small business coronavirus fundraisers after backlash


Business Insider: You shouldn't have to lose your home because of the coronavirus


Business Insider: Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are working together to fund research for COVID-19 treatments as the pandemic continues to spread


Business Insider: The world's biggest wealth manager expects the worst of the coronavirus to be over in the US by May — and lists 5 ways investors should prepare for the recovery now


Business Insider: A Wall Street analyst says Intel, the world's biggest chipmaker, is poised to hold up in the coronavirus slump: 'The guy with the biggest umbrella stays the driest'


Business Insider: How JanSport created a 'quick turnaround' TikTok influencer campaign highlighting its charitable donations during the coronavirus outbreak


Business Insider: Video appears to show an Amazon delivery worker spitting onto a person's package after dropping it off as coronavirus panic heightens


Business Insider: Apple just released a COVID-19 app backed by the CDC that tells you whether to quarantine or get tested — here's how it works


Business Insider: IMF chief warns the global economy is already stuck in a coronavirus-fueled recession — and says only a coordinated worldwide effort will save it


Business Insider: Ransomware attacks are causing panic and chaos at overwhelmed hospitals struggling with COVID-19, and it may be about to get worse


Business Insider: Google is cancelling its legendary April Fool's Day jokes this year because of the pandemic


Business Insider: Airlines will get the $60 billion bailout they asked for in the coronavirus stimulus bill that just passed in the House — it also prohibits layoffs, stock buybacks, and dividends


Business Insider: How Zoom beat out Microsoft, Google, and Cisco to win customer love and tons of hype amid the coronavirus crisis, according to experts


Business Insider: General Motors and Ventec will make critically needed ventilators in Indiana to fight the coronavirus pandemic


Business Insider: Bank of America is letting cardholders who have been financially impacted by the coronavirus request payment deferrals online


Business Insider: I own 2 restaurants. This is how I'm getting through the coronavirus pandemic.


Business Insider: A Wall Street analyst sees Apple buying major Hollywood studios battered by the coronavirus crisis: 'They need content and they have cash'


Business Insider: The worst bear market of our lifetime': A Wall Street investment chief who predicted the recession warns stocks may fall 64% before the dust settles — and lays out 3 trades set to profit from the coronavirus crash


Business Insider: Trump's plan to reopen the economy by Easter could cause more damage in the long run, according to LinkedIn's top US economist


Business Insider: Major US stock indexes slipped on Friday as #coronavirus infections in the US increased to outnumber those in China. The decline ended a three-day rebound for US equities, the first such streak of gains since mid-February.


Business Insider: Flex-space startup Knotel just laid off 30% of workers and furloughed 20% as coronavirus hits the coworking industry


Business Insider: A major Chinese cyberattack on American companies screeched to a halt during China's coronavirus lockdown, apparently because the state-sponsored hackers couldn't work from home


Business Insider: Dow tumbles 915 points as coronavirus spread offsets stimulus bill passage


Business Insider: SAP connected a client with 500 hospital beds in just 30 minutes — and it shows the power of digital transformations in helping companies respond to the coronavirus pandemic


Business Insider: Dow tumbles 915 points as coronavirus spread offsets stimulus bill passage. The Dow Jones industrial average is fresh off a 21% spike over just three days — pushing it back into bull market territory after a short respite.


Business Insider: Airline employees are safe from being laid off for now, but United warns that job cuts may be on the horizon if the coronavirus pandemic rages on for as long as expected


Business Insider: Rural Airbnbs are the stars of the suddenly struggling vacation-rental platform, as Americans flee cities to escape the coronavirus


Business Insider: Small-business owners can get either loans or payroll relief from the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill, but not both. Here's how to decide which is better for you.


Business Insider: Plastiq should broaden its offerings to support consumers and businesses through the coronavirus pandemic


Business Insider: Leaked documents reveal McDonald's response to insiders' worries about a 'black-eye' for its reputation over sick leave amid the coronavirus outbreak


Business Insider: Leaked emails show Amazon is moving full steam ahead with this year's Prime Day shopping extravaganza, even as it grapples with the coronavirus pandemic


Forbes: Business continuity in the time of COVID-19 is uncharted territory. Here are four actions to take now


Forbes: Stocks fell this morning, ending the market’s biggest 3-day rally since 1931, amid news that the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill could fail to pass in the House before this weekend—adding more uncertainty for Wall Street investors


Forbes: According to a new survey of nearly 400 media buyers and brands, 74% said they think the coronavirus pandemic will have a larger impact on the advertising spend than the 2008 financial crisis


Forbes: Now claiming to have hit 1.2 million downloads in the U.K. alone, it asks people to upload their rough location and the details of any ailment they’re suffering, whether they’re related to coronavirus or not


Forbes: Self-reporting, rather than mass surveillance, is rapidly becoming the acceptable form of COVID-19 tracking. And British start-up, ZOE, is leading the way with a chart-topping iPhone and Android tool


Forbes: Knotel, a rival to WeWork that leases office space to larger companies, has laid off 30% of its workforce and furloughed another 20%—becoming the latest venture capital-backed real estate firm to bow to the impact of coronavirus


Forbes: COVID-19 has thrown the economy into disarray and millions of people have had income disruptions we couldn’t have imagined earlier this year. Credit companies have had to adapt. Here are 6 things you need to know about coronavirus and your credit:


Forbes: Thousands of new jobs are being created in response to the coronavirus


Forbes: Here's how the coronavirus is impacting small business owners:


MarketWatch: European stocks slide as U.S. coronavirus cases surpass China and global spread intensifies


MarketWatch: Why this wild coronavirus rally has Wall Street experts fearing a bull-market trap


MarketWatch: Gym is allegedly collecting monthly fees even though it’s closed during the coronavirus outbreak, lawsuit claims


MarketWatch: Treasury yields tick lower as coronavirus cases in U.S. surpass China’s tally


MarketWatch: Dow, S&P 500 seen snapping a 3-day win streak as U.S. tops China in coronavirus cases


MarketWatch: The NBA has decided to reduce the salaries of the league’s top 100 earning executives amid the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. Even Commissioner Adam Silver will be taking a 20% pay cut.


MarketWatch: Consumer sentiment sinks to a nearly 4-year low in March as coronavirus spreads


MarketWatch: Consumers rapidly lost confidence in the economy toward the end of March as the coronavirus pandemic spread and the U.S. resorted to unprecedented tactics to slow it down. Consumer sentiment index sinks to lowest level since 2016 -and it's just the start.


MarketWatch: U.K. stocks hammered as COVID-19 diagnoses spiral upward


MarketWatch: What Congress's coronavirus stimulus means for you — and more top weekend reads


MarketWatch: Weekend reads: What the coronavirus stimulus means for you


MarketWatch: Coronavirus stimulus-package tax relief: Withdraw $100K from your IRA — and repay in 3 years with zero tax liability


MarketWatch: ⚡️ “What the Coronavirus Stimulus Package Means For You”


MarketWatch: You can’t get fired for having the coronavirus, but your boss can take your temperature — how the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping workplace laws


MarketWatch: Dow skids 915 points lower and snaps 3-day win streak, but logs best week in 82 years as Trump set to sign coronavirus rescue


MarketWatch: How to protect your credit score during the coronavirus pandemic


Yahoo Finance: Here's who’s hiring as millions of Americans lose jobs amid the coronavirus outbreak


Yahoo Finance: Wine store sales surge amid US coronavirus outbreak


Yahoo Finance: Chef Tom Colicchio on coronavirus: Restaurants should stay closed, even for takeout


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus deals one-two financial punch to state budgets


Yahoo Finance: How the coronavirus crisis is set to squeeze financially strapped docs and hospitals


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: "As the coronavirus numbers get worse... it's going to be probably a risk-off Friday," @Sarge986 says. Also talks about stocks he likes, like that he's like $GILD, $AMZN, $COST, and others: Video:


Yahoo Finance: Volatility continues after three straight sessions of gains amid coronavirus responses


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus leads to another Bank of Canada rate cut of 50 bps, launches quantitative easing program


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: The restaurant industry has been hit hard by COVID-19. "Over the last couple of years, we've been investing heavily into our digital business," @ChipotleTweets ' Brian Niccol says. "We're gonna continue to invest in that... it's allowed us to keep our restaurants open." Video:


Yahoo Finance: Walmart says it has sold 30 million popsicle sticks during coronavirus


Yahoo Finance: Lockheed Martin speeds up payments to suppliers amid coronavirus slowdown


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus: Car industry pivot to ventilators isn't the miracle solution to global shortfall


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus stimulus package: What Congress unleashing fiscal firehose means for U.S. economy


Yahoo Finance: Chipotle looking at free delivery for April as coronavirus outbreak continues: CEO


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus stimulus bill: Flight attendant union 'achieved something unheard of in American history'


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus aid checks: Who is eligible, when to expect it, and more


Yahoo Finance: Why Pizza Hut is selling a colossal 2-foot pizza during the coronavirus pandemic


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: @CrowdStrike George Kurtz in demand for cybersecurity amid the coronavirus outbreak: Video:


Yahoo Finance: Here's how businesses are adapting to help with the coronavirus outbreak: Video:


Yahoo Finance: Combating the coronavirus: Automakers, other companies make ventilators and medical supplies


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: "I think we are going to lose a lot of small businesses here," @HarvardHBS ' @karengmills says about coronavirus. "20% or even 30% of small businesses could fail even in a good scenario... I am very, very concerned the outcomes of this we have not yet begun to fathom." Video:


Yahoo Finance: Will you get a ‘coronavirus check’? $2 trillion stimulus package explained


Yahoo Finance: Nike, Lululemon say they learned lessons from coronavirus store closures in China


Yahoo Finance: Absolute disgrace': Labor unions say exec pay limits in $2T coronavirus bill don't go far enough


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: @SPGMarketIntel found that 79% of companies have been affected by the coronavirus. Vice President Liam Eagle breaks it down: Video:


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: "We actually told our clients before we even heard of the word 'coronavirus' that we thought the U.S. consumer was losing steam and can't be relied up on to be the hero of the economy 2020," @cfraresearch Equity Research Analyst Camilla Yanushevsky says. Video:


Yahoo Finance: SAT


Yahoo Finance: The top 5 video chat apps to get you through coronavirus lockdowns


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: The restaurant industry is in crisis because of COVID-19. "We're driving as much demand as possible," @Grubhub Founder and CEO Matt Maloney says. "We're coordinating big discounts for consumers... just to try to drive more orders to small and medium-sized businesses." Video:


Yahoo Finance: Amid coronavirus, Walmart says it's seeing increased sales of tops — but not bottoms


Yahoo Finance: Why PepsiCo is hiring 6,000 full-time US workers during the coronavirus pandemic


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: "What makes this situation so incredibly challenging is not so much the uncertainty, but the unknown," @Stifel CIO Michael O'Keeffe says about coronavirus. "In our view, that really has contributed quite significantly to the volatility." Video:


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: @JPMorganAM Global Market Strategist Jack Manley on coronavirus: "Generally what's going on here is that this is taking everybody by surprise even though it probably shouldn't, given the experiences that we've seen across the pond over in Europe, parts of Asia." Video:


Sky News (UK): Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley 'deeply apologetic' for series of mistakes in company's handling of #coronavirus outbreak


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Collapse of rent-to-own giant BrightHouse puts 2,400 jobs at risk


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Investors call time on three-day rally as FTSE falls 6%


Sky News (UK): We're now on TikTok. @SkyNews has partnered with the video app to bring their community the latest news regarding #COVID19 . As well as explainers, every night, we’ll livestream the daily UK government #coronavirus news briefing. Scan the QR code below to follow us


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: 2,000 jobs at risk as Carluccio’s lines up administrator


Sky News (UK): Britain's biggest rent-to-own retailer will next week become the latest corporate casualty of the #coronavirus outbreak when it collapses into administration, putting 2,400 jobs at risk


Sky News (UK): Carluccio's is on the brink of calling in administrators after being forced to close its restaurants amid the #coronavirus pandemic


Sky News (UK): Stock markets have endured a renewed rout in values over the extent of #coronavirus damage expected to be inflicted on the global economy


AFP News Agency (France): US broadcaster NBC has a "massive headache" from the postponement of #Tokyo2020 , analysts say + NBC paid $7.75 billion for broadcast rights to the Olympics in 2014, running through to the 2032 Summer Games


AFP News Agency (France): Hedge funds have lost billions of dollars as #coronavirus stalls the economy and sends Wall Street into a tailspin, but financial institutions favored by the richest investors are plotting a recovery by betting on the markets' slump


Axios: The coronavirus dip is worse than anything startups predicted


Axios: Tech giants like Google, Facebook and others are expected to lose billions of advertising dollars this year thanks to economic disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


Axios: With some 80 million U.S. residents under mandatory stay-at-home orders and the coronavirus pandemic continuing to spread, hardly anyone is flying these days. But when the public health crisis ends, airlines want to be able to take off again quickly.


Reuters: Oil gains as governments pledge support amid coronavirus chaos


Reuters: The Dow Jones Industrial Average’s surge of over 20% from its coronavirus-induced recent low this week, by one definition used on Wall Street, suggests a new bull market. But that definition should be treated with a large piece of caution


Reuters: European stocks fell on Friday, halting their biggest ever three-day rally in a sign investors were focusing once more on the spread of the coronavirus pandemic


Reuters: European shares fell on Friday, bringing an end to their biggest ever three-day rally built on aggressive stimulus measures to shore up the global economy in the face of the coronavirus pandemic


Reuters: Cash-strapped airlines resist mounting coronavirus refund claims


Reuters: Tune in on Wednesday, April 1, at 2 pm ET for round two in our #AskReuters Twitter chat series. This week's theme is coronavirus and the economy. Get your questions ready!


Reuters: Ford and GM are keeping six months’ distance between themselves and a coronavirus-driven crash, writes @AntonyMCurrie .


Reuters: Sun Pharma's U.S. unit donates malaria drug in coronavirus fight


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Mobile operator @Vodafone says to offer 30 days of free unlimited mobile data for 500,000 customers due to #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): In today's #Coronanomics instalment, @MeyerResources writes on why the stock market rallied against the backdrop of the worst month since 2008/2009 and why we cannot overemphasize the importance of the #US jobless numbers #Coronavirus #CoronavirusUSA


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): ICYMI : In today's #Coronanomics , @MeyerResources writes on why the stock market rallied against the backdrop of the worst month since 2008/2009 and why we cannot overemphasize the importance of the #US jobless numbers #Coronavirus #CoronavirusUSA


WGN TV News (Chicago): Exelon, ComEd donate $2M to Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund


WGN TV News (Chicago): Chicago businessman Willie Wilson pledges $1M to help the unemployed during COVID-19 crisis


CBS New York: AHEAD: @GayleKing talks with Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan about how @ChanZuckerberg is helping combat the #coronavirus . In this @CBSThisMorning exclusive, find out how @Facebook is combating misinformation as more users spend time on the platform while at home.


CBS New York: Coming up, @CBSThisMorning ’s panel of experts will answer your questions on health and finance as we live through the #coronavirus pandemic.


Miami Herald: Cruise lines were left out of a $2 trillion bill to fight the economic and health effects of coronavirus. But the industry’s advocates in Washington say they will pursue taxpayer help in future legislation.


AZ Central (Arizona): Will the coronavirus pandemic cost the travel industry its most loyal customers?


AZ Central (Arizona): As FAA workers test positive for coronavirus, are further airport disruptions expected?


AZ Central (Arizona): How your personal computer can help science battle the coronavirus while you sleep


AZ Central (Arizona): Coronavirus: Days before closing, Caesars Entertainment said 3,200 workers would lose jobs


Los Angeles Times: Tourism is tanking. So RV and camper companies found business fighting COVID-19


Los Angeles Times: Here are remote jobs that could keep you working through the coronavirus era


Los Angeles Times: As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, recreational-vehicle companies — those that rent or sell RVs, camper vans and motor coaches — are adapting to a veritable wartime economy. @DanielNMiller reports:


Los Angeles Times: Texino owner Nicholas Devane is optimistic that when things return to some measure of normalcy, Texino — and RV companies — are “primed for working in a post-coronavirus world.”


Los Angeles Times: Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Bradford Smith rented a camper van from Texino and took it to the Big Sur area in an effort to practice social distancing. “Companies like this — how can they maintain?” Smith asks. : Bradford Smith


Los Angeles Times: Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Cruise America and other RV companies are seeing an increase in rentals from government agencies fighting the pandemic and one-way travelers practicing social distancing. @DanielNMiller reports:


Los Angeles Times: Bird began major layoffs today, cutting 30% of its workforce “due to the financial and operational impact” of the coronavirus pandemic.


Los Angeles Times: ViacomCBS was facing a rough year. How the coronavirus made it even worse ⁦ @MegJamesLAT ⁩


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Tesla, Apple and local stocks wilt as U.S. cases climb


Mercury News (San Jose): Apple releases coronavirus screening app and website in partnership with CDC


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Airbnb to offer free, low-cost apartments for healthcare workers


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Onset of COVID-19 also spreading online, phone scams



The Straits Times (Singapore): Food workers getting coronavirus is the latest threat to world supply


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Cases top half a million, protective gear lacking, says WHO


Business Insider: Leaked audio reveals 4 Holland America passengers have died and 2 have tested positive for COVID-19 onboard the stranded Zaandam ship. And now the cruise line is scrambling to rescue healthy passengers via @ainecain


Forbes: This is what the coronavirus pandemic looks like from space:


MarketWatch: The coronavirus crisis will leave China in a much stronger position geopolitically relative to the United States, experts say.


MarketWatch: China will emerge from the coronavirus crisis stronger than the U.S., experts warn


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: "Let's be very clear: The best way to buttress the economy is to get this health pandemic behind us," @AlexPadilla4CA about the coronavirus response. "The longer we drag our feet... the longer the health risks and the economic impacts are going to last." More: Video:


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: @profgalloway on coronavirus: “If you look at all of the nations that had to deal with this crisis… the one thing that's universal across every entity is that no one will be accused of overreacting here." Full comments: Video:


Sky News (UK): A new study claims that left unmitigated, #coronavirus could kill 40 million this year alone. Dr Gilles Poumerol tells #KayBurley while the global response was "a bit late," authorities are "catching up with what has to be done" to face the pandemic.


Sky News (UK): There have been over 537,000 confirmed cases of #coronavirus reported worldwide. Here are the latest global statistics on the #COVID19 . pandemic. Live updates:


Sky News (UK): "We knew absolutely that a pandemic was coming." Professor David Alexander says more could have been done earlier to prepare and plan to cope with the #coronavirus pandemic, but it "took a back seat." More on #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Which countries have successfully 'flattened the curve'?


Sky News (UK): According to Johns Hopkins University, the UK remains sixth on the list of countries ranked by how many people have died after testing positive for the #coronavirus


AFP News Agency (France): Foreign governments have stepped up operations to evacuate tens of thousands of tourists stranded by the coronavirus pandemic in remote locations across South Asia from Everest base camp to beach hotels in Sri Lanka


AFP News Agency (France): The number of international tourist arrivals will fall by 20-30 percent in 2020 due to the #coronavirus , putting millions of jobs at risk, the World Tourism Organization said Friday


AFP News Agency (France): Death toll from #coronavirus tops 25,000 globally, most in Europe: AFP tally


Axios: A deep dive into the coronavirus pandemic from @Axios : how to do social distancing right, why testing may be getting better but it's not fixed, and brace yourself for a very bad recession.


BNO Newsroom: 53 people aboard the Zaandam cruise ship off Panama are sick, including 2 who have tested positive for coronavirus. 4 older passengers have died, according to Holland America Line


Reuters: Factbox: Latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world


Reuters: What you need to know about the coronavirus right now


Reuters: TODAY at 1600 GMT a @Reuters Newsmaker on #coronavirus : David Heymann speaks to Reuters Editor-at-Large @axelthrelfall on the challenges which lie ahead for the global community. Join:


Reuters: What you need to know about the coronavirus right now


Reuters: COMING UP at 1600 GMT a @Reuters Newsmaker on #coronavirus : David Heymann from @LSHTM speaks to Reuters Editor-at-Large @axelthrelfall . What lies ahead for the global community? Join:


Reuters: ReutersNewsmaker on the coronavirus outbreak with David Heymann from @LSHTM


Reuters: Happening now: Ask us anything.


Reuters: WHO gives an update on global coronavirus


Reuters: Global oil refiners shut down as coronavirus destroys demand


Reuters: The World Health Organization appealed for more protective gear for medical staff as coronavirus cases rose to more than half a million worldwide


Reuters: Help us': After deaths on coronavirus-hit ship, guests clamor to leave


Reuters: WHO chief Dr. Tedros warned about the shortage of protective gear for healthcare workers as more than half a million people have been infected with coronavirus worldwide


Reuters: Factbox: Latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world


The Associated Press: Virus update: • Global coronavirus cases near 550,000; U.S. has the most cases. • House debates $2.2T rescue plan amid snag. • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has the virus. • Spain reports another 7,800 infections. Follow all @AP coverage:


The Associated Press: The United States' caseload of coronavirus infections surged to the most in the world and its capital reports more infections as Italy shut most of its industry and masses of Indian day laborers received food rations after a lockdown put them out of work.


The Associated Press: What do you do if there is no space to socially distance from others? Officials say the future of the coronavirus pandemic will be determined by what happens in some of the world’s poorest and most densely populated countries.


The Associated Press: The United Nations says 86 staff members around the world have reported cases of COVID-19.


Ahram Online (Egypt): Coronavirus cases top half a million, protective gear lacking


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): 20% to 30% decline in international tourism due to #coronavirus in 2020: @UN


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): UN and aid organizations are scrambling to protect refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers from #COVID -19 pandemic’s worst impact. Read the full story here:


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : There are now more than half a million confirmed cases of #coronavirus and more than 20,000 people have died of it, but more than 100,000 people have recovered says the @WHO ’s Tedros Adhanom #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Four passengers have died on board the MS #Zaandam , a cruise ship currently off the coast of #Panama with over 130 guests suffering from influenza-like symptoms, at least two of whom have #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): UN and aid organizations are scrambling to protect #refugees , migrants and asylum-seekers from #COVID -19 pandemic’s worst impact. Read the full story here


AZ Central (Arizona): Four dead, 138 sick on Holland America's MS Zaandam cruise in limbo amid coronavirus crisis


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus hot spots: U.S. passes China, and 4 other big numbers


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Several cruise ships scramble to find welcoming port


The Seattle Times: Track the spread of coronavirus across Washington, the U.S. and the world — updated with new numbers daily.


Social Issues, Religion, Sports, Education

Indo-Asian News Service (India): Telugu star #AlluArjun ( @alluarjun ) has contributed Rs 1.25 crore for the battle against #coronavirus outbreak in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. #COVID2019


NHK WORLD News (Japan): Asian American discrimination amid coronavirus


The Straits Times (Singapore): Golf: US Open scheduled for June postponed owing to coronavirus, says report


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Golden Globes relax entry rules for films without theatrical release


The Straits Times (Singapore): Football: PSG sell out special jerseys, raise over €200,000 for hospitals to fight coronavirus


The Straits Times (Singapore): Porn site's free service during coronavirus crisis raises sex trafficking fears


The Straits Times (Singapore): Brazil scales back environmental enforcement amid coronavirus


The Straits Times (Singapore): Gymnastics: Olympic champion Max Whitlock coming to a living room near you as coronavirus deepens


The Straits Times (Singapore): Golf: Evian Championship second women's Major to be postponed over coronavirus


The Straits Times (Singapore): Doping: Coronavirus will not be opportunity for drug cheats says Wada chief


The Straits Times (Singapore): Football: 'I struggled to breathe:' Dybala reveals coronavirus nightmare


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Paris fashion highlights fall victim


The Straits Times (Singapore): Tom Hanks returns to LA after bout of coronavirus


The Straits Times (Singapore): Homebound because of Covid-19? Re-organise your pantry


Business Insider: The coronavirus has caused a shortage of face masks, and some people are getting creative with their own masks. One Jordanian designer uses hundreds of crystals to make one face mask See how people in Italy and Rwanda are also making their own masks:


Business Insider: I was a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the Parkland shooting, and now my college career is in disarray because of the coronavirus. Here's what it was like to lose a haven for the 2nd time. (by @isabellerobz )


Business Insider: How I've been using free, virtual Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to connect and stay sober while under COVID-19 isolation


Business Insider: I work at McDonald's and have a compromised immune system. The treatment of workers during the coronavirus pandemic makes my blood boil.


Business Insider: Billionaires are chartering superyachts for months at a time to ride out the coronavirus pandemic


Business Insider: 11 surprising ways pandemics have changed the course of human history, from the Black Death kickstarting the end of serfdom to the coronavirus creating a work-from-home culture


Business Insider: Doomsday preppers may have been on to something: Those who built nuclear shelters are now using them to ride out the coronavirus pandemic


Business Insider: Scott Galloway says that the coronavirus pandemic could create a new generation of leaders (via @profgalloway )


Forbes: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo could lose $20 million due to coronavirus wage cuts—and they’d still be the world’s highest-paid soccer players


Forbes: It's worryingly easy to create fake government COVID-19 warnings


Forbes: Here's how Stephen Curry is using his platform to tackle the coronavirus pandemic:


Forbes: Here's what it’s like to be an American stranded in Peru and on lockdown for COVID-19:


Yahoo Finance: Pope Francis delivers blessing from Vatican City in response to coronavirus pandemic


CBC News (Canada): Mark Blum, actor from Broadway, film and TV, dies from complications from coronavirus


Sky News (UK): On today's #Daily podcast @DermotMurnaghan talks to @rowlsmanthorpe about fake news surrounding the #coronavirus , and @WalkerSkyNews on the situation in New York. Listen here


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Madonna pays tribute to co-star Mark Blum after COVID-19 death


Sky News (UK): The Avengers and Lost star had previously dismissed self-isolation measures and suggested the US government was overreacting to the #coronavirus


Sky News (UK): Pope Francis has prayed and delivered an "Urbi et Orbi" blessing - normally given only at Christmas and Easter - from an empty St Peter's Square amid the #coronavirus pandemic. Latest videos here:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Bedtime stories with celebrities to comfort children stuck at home


AFP News Agency (France): A South African couple are to run a marathon on their Dubai balcony to be streamed online as an example of how to beat the #coronavirus blues under lockdown


AFP News Agency (France): Tokyo Olympics - finding new date won't satisfy everybody says athletics chief Sebastian Coe #coronavirus #Tokyo2020


AFP News Agency (France): Pope Francis stood alone in vast Saint Peter's Square to bless Catholics around the world suffering under the #coronavirus pandemic, urging people to ease their fears through faith


AFP News Agency (France): Tiger Roll gets a shot at historic third successive Grand National - virtually #coronavirus


Axios: Americans are looking for an exit ramp away from the extreme social distancing brought on by the coronavirus, but that will require steps we're not yet prepared for.


Axios: Catholic bishops around the U.S. are telling worshipers it's alright to eat meat on Fridays during Lent as the coronavirus has forced Americans to give up so much already.


Axios: Closed businesses, home offices and schools amid the coronavirus pandemic has translated into an influx of outdoor recreation in parks, despite states' advice for people to stay home.


Axios: One thing to watch once the coronavirus crisis passes is what forms of enforced behavior stick around by choice after lockdowns end — and what it means for energy use.


Axios: Catholic bishops around the U.S. are telling worshipers it's alright to eat meat on Fridays during Lent as the coronavirus has forced Americans to give up so much already.


Reuters: Join us for a @Reddit AMA today at 12pm ET. Reuters journalists and @NEJM Editor-in-Chief Eric Rubin will be taking your questions about #covid19 . Ask us anything!


Reuters: Barbara Dreyfuss, a flower child of the 1960's, lived a life characterized by art and activism. Holding her son Doug's hand, protected by a latex glove, she became the eighth U.S. patient to die of COVID-19


Reuters: Know the numbers from a trusted source: @Reuters is tracking COVID-19 cases state-by-state and county-by-county across America, gathering data and updating this graphic twice a day as details come in from local and state government sources


Reuters: Pope holds dramatic solitary service for relief from coronavirus


Reuters: Millions of Americans living from paycheck to paycheck search for hope as they find themselves unemployed for the first time in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic


Reuters: New Yorkers irked to feel unwelcome in states fearing coronavirus spread


Reuters: Tom Hanks returns to LA after bout of coronavirus: media reports


Reuters: Honeymoon on lockdown: newlyweds' cruise goes awry over coronavirus


The Associated Press: With all the havoc it's wreaking across the globe, the coronavirus outbreak is naturally having an impact on couples and their relationships. Family therapists are conducting sessions remotely as patients are confined to their homes.


The Associated Press: Doo doo doo doo doo: Wash your hands. Pinkfong's "Baby Shark" — that jingle earworm that every toddler seems to know — has been reworked to teach good hygiene to combat COVID-19.


The Associated Press: There's no consensus by states on whether gun shops are considered essential businesses that can remain open during stay-at-home orders meant to slow the coronavirus. Some gun rights advocates are concerned about an erosion of Second Amendment rights.


The Associated Press: “I wanted kids to feel empowered to ask questions, and create a place where they are heard,” @KristenBell says of an upcoming children's coronavirus special she hosted for @Nickelodeon .


The Associated Press: AP PHOTOS: For those who cannot work from home, mass transit commutes during the coronavirus epidemic often entail disposable gloves, face masks, disinfectant and a measure of dread.


The Associated Press: Can you safely handle the mail? While there's low risk, those making deliveries are making changes to try to protect themselves from the coronavirus.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): A South African couple are to run a #marathon on their #Dubai balcony to be streamed online as an example of how to beat the #coronavirus blues under lockdown


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Stars of movie "Contagion," which has seen a surge in popularity as the #Coronavirus has spread across the globe, on Friday urged fans to listen to experts, wash their hands frequently and practice social distancing - saying this is "real life"


Star Tribune (Minnesota): "Baby Shark" — that jingle earworm that every toddler seems to know — has been reworked to teach good hygiene to combat COVID-19.


The Kansas City Star: What is college like in a COVID-19 world? Hamsters, pajamas, uncertainty ... and hope


The Kansas City Star: With world at coronavirus standstill, some sports images from a well-traveled iPhone


The Kansas City Star: With world at coronavirus standstill, paused to appreciate some favorite sports images of mine kept close on a well-traveled iPhone. Thanks to ⁦ @ryanfagan ⁩ for the idea and ⁦ @Ben_Fred ⁩ for the nudge ..


The Kansas City Star: Former NBA player wants league to return in empty arenas as a coronavirus distraction


The Kansas City Star: NFL Network producer on COVID-19 battle, why number of reported cases is unreliable


WGN TV News (Chicago): Indianapolis 500 postponed until August because of COVID-19


CBS New York: Tips for safe grocery shopping during coronavirus pandemic


CBS New York: RIP... Veteran stage actor Mark Blum, also known for films like “Desperately Seeking Susan” and “Crocodile Dundee," has died at age 69 of coronavirus complications.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Do: Follow public health recommendations on social distancing. Help provide meals to needy communities. Donate medical supplies if possible. Don’t: Host or attend a “coronavirus party.”


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Cardi B takes stance on coronavirus testing: ‘I said what I said’


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson return to LA after coronavirus quarantine in Australia


Miami Herald: A lot of humor has been mined from the nation’s toilet paper shortage during the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s no surprise that bakers have joined in. “Quarantine Cakes” and pandemic pastries have now become hot sellers across the country.


Miami Herald: Guilt in a pandemic: How people are handling the possibility they spread coronavirus


Miami Herald: From Italy to India, viral videos show people on their balconies singing, dancing and cheering on medical professionals on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Moments after a curfew started Friday, Miami showed that same support for caregivers.


NBC Washington (D.C.): The “Lost” alum apologized for previous controversial remarks about isolation guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic.


NBC Washington (D.C.): The stars of the uncannily prescient thriller “Contagion” have reunited for a series of public service announcements to warn about COVID-19.


AZ Central (Arizona): Taylor Swift sends thousands to fans affected by coronavirus pandemic. Video:


AZ Central (Arizona): The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the entire world. But it has also united the global population in a way few things in history ever have. Video:


AZ Central (Arizona): Making sure her mom knows she is loved hasn't stopped even though Elva Estrada can't hug her with the restrictions put in place with the coronavirus. Video:


WFAA (Dallas): Known for his roles in the films 'Crocodile Dundee' and 'Desperately Seeking Susan,' 69-year-old Mark Blum died from complications from the coronavirus.


Los Angeles Times: The quinceañera is another youthful casualty of the coronavirus


Los Angeles Times: How do you connect with your faith under coronavirus self-quarantine? Take it online


Los Angeles Times: Sick as a dog, Kathy Griffin hit the ER with coronavirus concerns. Here's what happened


Los Angeles Times: A's for all? Pass/fail? Colleges grapple with grading fairness during coronavirus


Los Angeles Times: I wrote about how people are connecting with their faith + their faith communities under coronavirus self-quarantine. They’re meeting online and streaming services: “I think people, when they feel a sense of hardship, it is natural to seek a higher power.”


Los Angeles Times: For my latest, I wrote about quinceañeras that are being postponed across the country due to #coronavirus I spent time with Ashley Soltero, who doesn’t know if her quince is going to happen in May after all.


Los Angeles Times: Bad luck? Lost job? Coronavirus outbreak? Hong Kong's 'villain-hitters' beat all fears away


Los Angeles Times: In coronavirus quarantine, what simple games should I play with my family online?


Los Angeles Times: Here's a coronavirus pro tip: don't be racist


Los Angeles Times: My latest: A rabbi & a cantor confront the "magefa"— the Biblical word for plague, or pestilence, which in modern-day Hebrew means pandemic. #coronavirus


Los Angeles Times: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jeff Fernald, left, and Elise Ballard, right, rented a camper van from Silver Lake-based Texino to practice social distancing while driving home to Seattle. “This van has become such a safe little bunker,” Elise says. : Elise Ballard


Los Angeles Times: Will the coronavirus make permanent our diminishing need for human contact?


Mercury News (San Jose): Roger Waters postpones tour due to COVID-19: ‘If it saves one life, it’s worth it’


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Ivanka Trump shows kids using luxury $39 soap to wash hands


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: ESPN analyst would be ‘shocked’ if NFL, college football games go on


Mercury News (San Jose): Ringo Starr pushes back All Starr Band tour due to coronavirus


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Some bishops give permission to eat meat during Lent


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Hanks, Wilson reportedly return to LA


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Brazil bans foreign air travelers


The Seattle Times: Pope Francis on Friday likened the coronavirus pandemic to a storm laying bare illusions that people can be self-sufficient and instead leaves “all of us fragile and disoriented” and needing each other’s help and comfort.


Environmental-Related News

Business Insider: Coyotes were once regulars in the San Francisco Bay Area until hunting nearly wiped them out. They've made a comeback in recent years, and now they're taking advantage of SF's empty streets as humans stay inside to slow the spread of the #coronavirus .


Axios: How climate change and wildlife influence the coronavirus.


Reuters: Air pollution plunges in European cities amid coronavirus lockdown: satellite data


U.S. - National

Indo-Asian News Service (India): Take a look: How #Covid19 cases scaled up in the #US since Feb 20 #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Overwhelmed by the rapid rise in the number of #coronavirus infected people, the #US government has decided to use its navy ships as hospitals and move non-#Covid19 patients from most-affected cities to the sea. #COVID2019 #CoronaVirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Lou Leon Guerrero, the Governor of #Guam , has confirmed that a group of #AmericanNavy sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt infected with the #novelcoronavirus have been quarantined on the #US island territory. #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #US government was arranging to airlift American citizens stuck in #India because of the #lockdown imposed in the wake of the #coronavirus pandemic, according to a State Department official. #CoronaUpdate #CoronaLockdown


NHK WORLD News (Japan): Trump, Xi discuss coronavirus amid political spat


NHK WORLD News (Japan): US coronavirus cases surpass those in China


The Straits Times (Singapore): Poll finds US men less likely to heed health warnings as coronavirus death toll mounts


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: China dialing back conspiracy claims, says US


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: US Pentagon eyes Chicago, Michigan, Florida, Louisiana as bug spreads


The Straits Times (Singapore): Abbott wins US approval for test that can detect coronavirus in minutes


Business Insider: The 2020 Census is already facing delayed deadlines and suspended operations because of the coronavirus


Business Insider: Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says US unemployment could reach 30% before the coronavirus outbreak wanes — and warns of systemic issues that could make any recovery slow and painful


Business Insider: These cities will be the next hotspots hit hardest by coronavirus cases (via @axios )


Business Insider: Each day we get news of another brother or sister who has fallen': United Auto Workers announce death of fourth Fiat Chrysler employee due to the coronavirus


Business Insider: The 2020 Census is facing delayed deadlines and suspended operations because of the coronavirus. Nonresponse follow-up, early response follow-up, and the mobile assistance program — all of which help ensure an accurate count — will end on Aug. 14.


Business Insider: Shameful!': AOC just delivered a 60-second takedown of Republicans who fought for a corporate bailout in the $2 trillion coronavirus aid bill


Business Insider: Ilhan Omar and Bernie Sanders are demanding that Amazon come up with a safety plan for workers as online orders soar amid coronavirus


Business Insider: Trump and John Kerry came together to dunk on 1 GOP congressman on Twitter over the coronavirus stimulus


Business Insider: While the US Postal Service fights for its life financially, 2,000 of its workers are in quarantine and dozens have tested positive for the coronavirus


Forbes: President Trump’s approval rating ticked up to 48% this month (a 5% bump from February) even though most Americans believe he was too slow to take action in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak


Forbes: Coronavirus by the numbers: the total confirmed cases in the U.S. as of 9:00 a.m. ET today: 85,996—total deaths: 1,300—total recoveries: 753. For more numbers, see here:


Forbes: Here's why Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans could become the next coronavirus “hot spots”:


MarketWatch: EPA stops enforcing environmental laws, citing coronavirus pandemic


MarketWatch: The U.S. now has the most confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world, with roughly half of American cases in New York state. Louisiana is emerging as another hotspot.


MarketWatch: “Louisiana has experienced the fastest rate of increase for confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world,” said its governor.


MarketWatch: Man dies, wife in critical condition after ingesting chloroquine phosphate hoping to stave off coronavirus


MarketWatch: U.S. surpasses 100,000 confirmed cases of new coronavirus


Yahoo Finance: Republican Attorneys General push forward with lawsuit to dismantle Obamacare despite coronavirus


Yahoo Finance: Public health expert: ‘Coronavirus is going to hit every city in America’


Yahoo Finance: Here's 'the problem' with the IRS coronavirus tax filing extension, one expert says


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus relief ship commanding officer: ‘Navy medicine trains for this sort of mission’


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: @Jessicaasmith8 with an update on the voting process for the coronavirus stimulus bill: Video:


Yahoo Finance: What Trump’s doing wrong in the coronavirus battle


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus update: US leads in cases as global outbreak surpasses 550K; historic $2.2T stimulus deal passes House


Yahoo Finance: ‘Not everything I would have wanted’: Democrats still raise questions about oversight in the coronavirus deal


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus update: US leads in cases as global outbreak surpasses 550K; Trump signs $2.2T stimulus bill


Yahoo Finance: President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force brief reporters


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus stimulus package: Aid and stimulus guide for U.S. individuals and businesses by @alexiskweed


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: "Not getting this resolved just speaks to dysfunction in Washington, and it's not a good thing," @BillAckman says about the political wrangling over the coronavirus stimulus package. More: Video:


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: @Austan_Goolsbee on the COVID-19 stimulus package: "I really don't think there's much stimulus in the bill... I think of it more as a relief and let's burn money to keep ourselves warm, hoping that the virus plays itself out... [still] this relief is quite necessary." Video:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Donald Trump demands General Motors 'start making ventilators, now!'


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: How the US is becoming the new epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic


Sky News (UK): President Donald Trump has signed a $2.2tn stimulus bill to provide payments to most Americans and to rescue coronavirus-affected businesses


AFP News Agency (France): The United States now has more COVID-19 infections than any other country, and a record number of newly unemployed people, as the coronavirus crisis deepens around the world


AFP News Agency (France): TwentyTwenty episode #9 : From the empty streets of New York to an unusually quiet San Francisco -- with stops in Miami, Houston and Los Angeles in between -- @afpfr reporters discuss the US coronavirus situation


AFP News Agency (France): President Donald Trump issued a federal order to force auto giant General Motors to manufacture ventilators, as supplies of the crucial hospital equipment grow short and coronavirus infections mount across the country


AFP News Agency (France): US confirmed coronavirus cases cross 100,000, according to tracker


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: Italy's police are using drones to keep an eye on the population and make sure there are no gatherings, as the country continues on lockdown to stem the spread of the coronavirus Video:


AFP News Agency (France): I struggled to breathe:' #Juventus star Paulo Dybala reveals coronavirus nightmare. 'A couple of days ago I was not well, I felt heavy and after five minutes of movement I had to stop because I was struggling to breathe.'


Axios: A second wave of cities, including Boston, Detroit, New Orleans and Philadelphia, are seeing increases in confirmed coronavirus cases, and could become new epicenters for the outbreak.


Axios: Ever since March Madness was canceled, college administrators have been bracing for an economic gut punch. The NCAA delivered the blow yesterday: It will distribute just $225 million to D-I schools and conferences. $600 million was originally budgeted.


Axios: Congress is about to provide $100 billion for hospitals and other health care providers to cope with the fallout from the coronavirus, but small hospitals have no idea how to access those funds — and many need the money immediately.


Axios: Rep. Joe Cunningham has tested positive for coronavirus


Axios: "If they don't treat you right, I don't call," Trump told reporters at the White House coronavirus task force briefing on Friday, referring to U.S. governors battling the spread of COVID-19.


Axios: Joe Biden said that Trump should "stop personalizing everything" in his approach to dealing the coronavirus pandemic.


Axios: Trump on Friday ordered General Motors to make ventilators to help coronavirus patients — something the automaker was already on track to do.


Reuters: U.S. men less likely to heed health warnings as coronavirus death toll mounts: Reuters Poll


Reuters: Aging tech means raises for some Americans who lose jobs in coronavirus crisis


Reuters: Mr. No': Meet the U.S. congressman who might delay the coronavirus bill


Reuters: U.S. doctors, nurses under strain as coronavirus rages on


Reuters: U.S. election officials looking to construct a safe voting system in a worsening coronavirus pandemic are confronting a grim reality: there may not be enough time, money or political will to make it happen by the November election.


Reuters: Parts of U.S. will need longer-term focus on coronavirus containment, Pence says


Reuters: Lockheed Martin speeds up payments to suppliers amid coronavirus slowdown


Reuters: A record 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits because of the coronavirus pandemic. The people behind the numbers tell their stories


Reuters: Factbox: What's in the $2.2 trillion U.S. coronavirus rescue package


Reuters: Amid the coronavirus outbreak, U.S. consumer sentiment plummeted in March, its steepest drop since the height of the financial crisis in October 2008


Reuters: Nearly one in four Americans lost their jobs or have been furloughed because of coronavirus, a


Reuters: U.S. group bombards doctors with coronavirus petition to cut 'red tape'


Reuters: Coronavirus aid deal is no panacea for coming U.S. state budget woes


Reuters: U.S. ventilator makers pull out all stops to fight coronavirus


Reuters: Don't call the governor of Washington. You're wasting your time with him': Trump suggests Vice President Mike Pence not contact governors who aren't 'appreciative' of the federal government. Follow live coronavirus updates here:


Reuters: The debate over the coronavirus bill in the U.S. House of Representatives saw lawmakers practicing social distancing Video:


Reuters: Trump criticizes Washington Governor Jay Inslee as a 'failed presidential candidate' who he feels has not been grateful enough for federal assistance during the coronavirus pandemic. Washington has been among the hardest-hit states. Live updates:


Reuters: U.S. House will have panel overseeing coronavirus aid law expenditures: Pelosi


The Associated Press: The coronavirus is pounding state governments with a financial one-two punch, costing them many millions to try to contain the disease just as businesses are shutting down and tax revenue is collapsing.


The Associated Press: The coronavirus has hit the nation's two largest cities very differently. While LA saw cases first, New York is now the U.S. epicenter of the outbreak. Public transportation, urban density and testing differences may have played roles.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): The coronavirus pandemic could kill more than 81,000 people in the United States in the next four months and may not subside until June, according to a data analysis conducted by University of Washington School of Medicine


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): US President Donald Trump ( @realDonaldTrump ) spoke with #BorisJohnson and wished him a “speedy recovery” on Friday, the White House said #coronavirus #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States reached 81,378 on Thursday, more than any other country, overtaking both Italy and China


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): UPDATE: #US sees 345 #coronavirus deaths, 18,000 new cases in 24 hours


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): LIVE : Commanding general of #US Army Corps of Engineers says he is looking at 3000 rooms at McCormick Place Convention Center in #Chicago to help with #coronavirus patients


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): After days of pleading from the nation’s governors, President Donald Trump took steps Friday to expand the federal government’s role in helping produce critically needed supplies to fight the .


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Doctors and nurses on the front lines of the U.S. #coronavirus crisis pleaded on Friday for more protective gear and equipment to treat waves of patients expected to overwhelm hospitals


Haaretz (Israel): U.S. coronavirus cases now most in world, U.S. capital sees more infections


Haaretz (Israel): Dire data analysis finds the U.S. coronavirus peak will likely be the second week of April


Star Tribune (Minnesota): The United States has become the first country to exceed 100,000 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus.


The Kansas City Star: U.S. reaches 100,000 confirmed coronavirus cases two months after start of outbreak


WGN TV News (Chicago): The United States now leads the world in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases.​


WGN TV News (Chicago): President Donald Trump issued a federal disaster declaration for the State of Illinois Thursday, as health officials say there are now 2,538 cases of COVID-19 across the state.​


WGN TV News (Chicago): Federal prisons struggle to combat growing COVID-19 fears


WGN TV News (Chicago): More than 50,000 Americans are stranded overseas because of the coronavirus pandemic.​


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Trump plans to label regions ‘high risk’ to alert of coronavirus threat


Miami Herald: Social Security recipients to get checks under coronavirus stimulus bill. Here’s how


Miami Herald: Despite a higher total of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S., the death rate is much lower than Italy’s. Here’s why.


Miami Herald: The United States is now the first country in the world to surpass 100,000 confirmed coronavirus cases.


NBC Washington (D.C.): The third coronavirus relief bill treats D.C. in a "discriminatory way," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.


NBC Washington (D.C.): This tool will help you calculate how much money your coronavirus relief payment will be:


NBC Washington (D.C.): Americans who owe past due child support will miss out on direct cash payments from the coronavirus stimulus bill. Back taxes or late student loan payments, however, won't disqualify people.


AZ Central (Arizona): Appeals grow to close US national parks during coronavirus pandemic


Los Angeles Times: Even as U.S. coronavirus deaths top 1,000, Trump claims his early action saved lives


Los Angeles Times: State Department eases coronavirus bottleneck for foreign farmworkers


Los Angeles Times: America's governors': Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom take the lead on coronavirus


Los Angeles Times: The coronavirus stimulus package versus the Recovery Act


Los Angeles Times: Mark Wilson, a history professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, believes World War II can provide a road map for the coronavirus crisis today. Here's how:


Los Angeles Times: During World War II, Detroit automakers were ordered to stop passenger car production and put all their resources into tanks, military trucks, jeeps and other war material. Could lessons from World War II help us fight the coronavirus today?


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Trump invokes the Defense Production Act


The Denver Post: JUST IN: Acting with unity and resolve unseen since the 9/11 attacks, Washington moved urgently to stem an economic free fall caused by widespread restrictions meant to slow the spread of COVID-19


The Seattle Times: Just two months after America’s first confirmed case, the country is grappling with a lethal reality: The coronavirus has killed more than 1,000 people in the United States, a toll that is increasing at an alarming rate.


The Seattle Times: The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday abruptly waived enforcement on a range of legally mandated public health and environmental protections, saying industries could have trouble complying with them during the coronavirus pandemic.


The Seattle Times: Work to make ventilators is advancing with a twist. President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to force work on ventilators. The order came after Bothell's Ventec and GM agreed to make the much needed health equipment for the coronavirus crisis.


The Seattle Times: Trump invokes Defense Production Act forcing GM to make ventilators for #coronavirus patients — hours after the company and Bothell-based Ventec announced they were doing just that on their own.


Los Angeles Times: ⚡️ “We’re at war with COVID-19. What can we learn from World War II?”


Mercury News (San Jose): Watch: White House press briefing on the coronavirus


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A #US Navy hospital ship has docked at the Port of #LosAngeles to aid #California 's #COVID19 response as the number of new confirmed cases continued to surge. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: US navy hospital ship reaches virus-struck Los Angeles


Business Insider: San Francisco is getting 3 new drive-thru sites for coronavirus testing as the city's number of confirmed cases climbs to 279


Business Insider: Los Angeles County said a 17-year-old was the youngest US victim of COVID-19. Then it backtracked on the diagnosis.


Business Insider: All Los Angeles County beaches are closing to the public amid California's statewide stay-at-home order to slow the spread of the coronavirus


Business Insider: California Governor Gavin Newsom has banned all evictions in the state through May for renters impacted by coronavirus


Sky News (UK): USNS Mercy is getting ready to receive patients from Los Angeles hospitals to take pressure off them as they brace for the arrival of #coronavirus cases. Latest on #COVID19 here:


AFP News Agency (France): A giant US naval hospital ship arrived in Los Angeles where it will be used to ease the strain on the city's coronavirus-swamped emergency rooms


The Associated Press: The surge of coronavirus cases in California that health officials have warned was coming has arrived and will worsen, governor says. Los Angeles mayor warns that his city soon could see the kind of crush that has crippled New York.


AZ Central (Arizona): These companies are still hiring in Arizona during coronavirus outbreak


AZ Central (Arizona): How will metro Phoenix care for homeless in the era of coronavirus?


AZ Central (Arizona): These metro Phoenix farmers markets are open during the coronavirus pandemic


AZ Central (Arizona): Arizona border wall construction ramps up as advocates call for freeze due to coronavirus


AZ Central (Arizona): Arizona Cardinals' DeAndre Hopkins donates $150,000 to Arizona Coronavirus Relief Fund


AZ Central (Arizona): Simply the right thing to do': Valley continues acts of kindness as coronavirus spreads


AZ Central (Arizona): Disney World, Disneyland to stay closed indefinitely amid coronavirus pandemic


AZ Central (Arizona): Los Angeles Sparks guard Sydney Wiese of Phoenix tests positive for coronavirus


AZ Central (Arizona): Arizona will get $4.2 billion from federal coronavirus stimulus bill, initial estimate finds


Los Angeles Times: These are not numbers, these are neighbors,' Garcetti says as coronavirus cases spike in L.A.


Los Angeles Times: We're at war with COVID-19. What lessons can we learn from World War II?


Los Angeles Times: For many Indians, the biggest concern isn't coronavirus. It's hunger


Los Angeles Times: All my income is gone': Tenants, landlords voice coronavirus fears as rents come due


Los Angeles Times: Journaling the coronavirus pandemic: 'I'm scared.' 'Can we get a dog?' 'Everything just feels odd'


Los Angeles Times: Essential California: Coronavirus cases surge in California


Los Angeles Times: California facing perilous two weeks as coronavirus cases, deaths surge


Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus spotlight: Long Beach


Los Angeles Times: This is the latest list of L.A. County communities with coronavirus cases


Los Angeles Times: We’re dedicated to providing all readers access to need-to-know coronavirus information. For free, we offer:


Los Angeles Times: The RV business has cratered, so the industry pivoted to fight COVID-19, providing vehicles to governments and hospitals on the front lines. And some are still renting to travelers — one woman told me from the road that she loves her "safe little bunker.”


Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus: A visual look at the pandemic in California


Los Angeles Times: “Dear Journal... My mom and dad say that it’s day 1 of coronavirus." “It feels like there is a hurricane offshore and we’re boarding up windows." “People are wilding lol." I interviewed five people who have started daily coronavirus journals:


Los Angeles Times: This morning's coronavirus digest: • The U.S. is now the country with the most confirmed coronavirus cases • The California DMV will close all field offices • California braces for case numbers similar to New York City


Los Angeles Times: As coronavirus spread, CA businesses were absolved of having to give 60-day notices of layoffs. More than 1 million Californians were laid off in last 2 weeks


Los Angeles Times: A new study has some scary findings about what a coronavirus outbreak could look like in the homeless population. Just in LA if 40% of the pop gets this virus: ~2,600 homeless folks hospitalized ~900 in the ICU ~430 dead


Los Angeles Times: San Bernardino reports third coronavirus death


Los Angeles Times: San Diego County reports third coronavirus death, fifth cluster


Los Angeles Times: The latest on the statewide spread of the virus that causes COVID-19


Los Angeles Times: Crime fell sharply in March due to coronavirus restrictions, LAPD and sheriff report


Los Angeles Times: Have any of your favorite shops, restaurants or other businesses closed for good as a result of COVID-19? If so, we want to hear your memories of the business and what it meant to you.


Los Angeles Times: In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the Chateau Marmont abruptly fired most of its staff without severance pay. But not all businesses are responding the same way.


Los Angeles Times: NEW: Gov. @GavinNewsom now declares a statewide eviction moratorium for renters affected by coronavirus. It also requires tenants to declare in writing to their landlords that they can't pay their rent


Los Angeles Times: L.A. County closes all beaches to deter crowds flouting coronavirus restrictions


Los Angeles Times: A Hollywood poker group, including @HankAzaria and #Friends alum @DavidSchwimmer , has kept the game going on Zoom, even as one player tested positive with coronavirus. A look inside the virtual party:


Los Angeles Times: The recovery of Paradise was already fragile after the Camp fire. Then came coronavirus


Los Angeles Times: The measure prevents the evictions of renters over the nonpayment of rent through May 31. It covers those who have lost work because of the pandemic, have become sick or have had to take care of family members with COVID-19.


Los Angeles Times: Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a temporary ban on evictions in California for those affected by the novel coronavirus.


Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus surges in L.A. with 5 new deaths; mortality rate is higher than New York's


Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus spotlight: Broadway in downtown Los Angeles


Los Angeles Times: If you were wondering how long the coronavirus outbreak will keep the Disneyland closed, you’ll have to keep wondering.


Los Angeles Times: Working from home is the new normal for millions in the coronavirus pandemic. Make a video to show us how you're working from home and what you're doing to stay sane. Share your video to social media with the hashtag: #howiWFH or upload it to this link:


Los Angeles Times: Orange County confirms two new coronavirus deaths, as total number of cases reaches 321


Los Angeles Times: Public health officials are keeping a wary eye and are warning that L.A. could end up being as hard hit by the coronavirus as New York in coming weeks. But there are several reasons that L.A. may never see NYC rates of infection and death.


Los Angeles Times: Students with disabilities and their parent were dealt a particularly harsh blow when the coronavirus emergency shut down California schools. Overnight, the intense hands-on assistance required for education and physical needs was no longer available.


Los Angeles Times: Firearms activists sue California, L.A. County over gun shop closures tied to coronavirus


Los Angeles Times: A coalition of gun owner groups filed a federal lawsuit Friday against the Los Angeles County Sheriff, Gov. Gavin Newsom and state and county health officials seeking to block the closure of gun shops during the coronavirus shutdown.


Los Angeles Times: Is Los Angeles going see a New York-level coronavirus disaster? Here is what we know


Los Angeles Times: Here are the latest figures on coronavirus cases in California and around the world.


Los Angeles Times: Ventura County coronavirus cases reach 61 heading into weekend


Los Angeles Times: Downtown L.A. court is placed on lockdown after confusion over coronavirus quarantine


Los Angeles Times: Who qualifies for the coronavirus stimulus payments?


Los Angeles Times: 25-year-old's coronavirus death in Riverside County a reminder that all are at risk


Los Angeles Times: We’re dedicated to providing all readers access to need-to-know coronavirus coverage. For free, we offer ⬇️


Los Angeles Times: Orange County releases list of all communities with coronavirus cases


Los Angeles Times: As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, some L.A. businesses have made the difficult decision to close permanently. Have any of your favorite shops, restaurants or other businesses closed for good as a result of COVID-19? If so, we want to hear from you:


Los Angeles Times: Antonia Jandres, 87, her daughter Marta Jandres, Dede Oneal, Aubrey Mondragon with her dog and dentist Steve Oliveira, are some of the faces of those who wait to receive a test for COVID-19 at the Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles this week. #latimes #COVID19


Los Angeles Times: Getting into USC this fall just got easier amid coronavirus uncertainty


Los Angeles Times: Tonight's #coronavirus newsletter: 1. Did you get the alert? Beaches are closed 2. The biggest rescue measure in U.S. history was signed 2a. There's some 401k stuff in there 3. State eviction ban + So many lists from entertainment for the weekend.


Los Angeles Times: Has your favorite shop or restaurant gone out of business because of the coronavirus?


Los Angeles Times: Strip club pressured into coronavirus compliance shut downs


Los Angeles Times: El Camino Real wins state Academic Decathlon, with altered format due to coronavirus


Los Angeles Times: L.A. expands sick leave amid coronavirus — but only for employees at big companies


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Why is there still no toilet paper in stores?


Mercury News (San Jose): 48,600 coronavirus test results still pending in California


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: 32 cases in Santa Cruz County, some demographic info released


Mercury News (San Jose): Drone photos show deserted, ‘eerie’ California beaches as crowds cease during coronavirus shutdown


Mercury News (San Jose): Safe from coronavirus? Dozens of homeless move into hotels to ride out pandemic


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Graduating nursing students want to help, but told to stay home instead


Mercury News (San Jose): Who gets a stimulus check? And beware of coronavirus scams


Mercury News (San Jose): Amid coronavirus shutdowns, Bay Area neighbors find help and hope in each other


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus Q & A Part 3: Is hiking OK? Is my newspaper infected? What about sex?


Mercury News (San Jose): Letter: COVID-19 measures remind me: I never clean my keys


Mercury News (San Jose): Pets and nature — giving us hope in this COVID-19 nightmare


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Cal Shakes cancels entire 2020 season


Mercury News (San Jose): Fighting coronavirus fears and isolation with the love of our pets


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: California surges past 4,000 cases of COVID-19, 1,400 in Bay Area


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: San Mateo County reports 44 new cases, 6th death from COVID-19


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus Live Updates: COVID-19 in the Bay Area, Friday March 27


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Court cases in Santa Clara County pushed back 45 days


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Newsom avoids clashing with Trump as he charts state’s coronavirus response


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: San Francisco reports record number of new cases for third straight day


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: #KeepWineAlive California wineries offering virtual tastings


Mercury News (San Jose): Letter: We want a swift end to COVID-19 threat and to lower pollution


Mercury News (San Jose): Navy’s hospital ship Mercy arrives at LA port for non-coronavirus patients


Mercury News (San Jose): Bay Area job market soars in February ahead of coronavirus-spawned layoffs


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Hospital readies for life-and-death choices


Mercury News (San Jose): Stay home, locals tell outdoors enthusiasts seeking coronavirus getaways


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Bay Area grocery stores installing see-through barriers at checkout


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Air National Guard readies convention center for COVID-19 patients


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: An updated list of rescheduled Bay Area concerts, shows, more


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Graduating California nursing students want to help, but told to stay home instead


Mercury News (San Jose): Birth in the time of coronavirus: Bay Area parents, hospitals face new fears, challenges


Mercury News (San Jose): Three days after launch, $11 million coronavirus relief fund runs out of money


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Alameda County surpasses 200 total COVID-19 cases with latest spike


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: California DMV closes all field offices amid COVID-19 outbreak


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Newsom orders ban on evictions


Mercury News (San Jose): Northern California breweries offering beer-to-go during the COVID-19 pandemic


Mercury News (San Jose): Good primer by @3rdERH on coronavirus-related scams looking to take advantage of scared people, and with the $2 trillion federal relief package on the way, authorities are warning citizens to be on high alert @mercnews @EastBayTimes


Mercury News (San Jose): Will my baby get COVID-19. Will we be separated? Why can't my doula be there. Questions and fears for today's pregnant women. Birth in the time of coronavirus: Bay Area parents, hospitals face new fears, challenges


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Santa Anita ends live horse racing because of coronavirus


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Instacart grocery-delivery workers threaten to walk off job Monday


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Contra Costa County cases climb by more than 100 over past week


Mercury News (San Jose): Photos: Coronavirus message tells its on the mountain


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Alameda Health System agrees to pay sick nurses following protest


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: List of California state parks with closed parking lots


Mercury News (San Jose): Newark hires new police chief during coronavirus outbreak, doesn’t tell public


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Santa Clara County shows local COVID-19 curve, one new death reported


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Oakland passes law that bans evictions, freezes rents until May 31


Mercury News (San Jose): Love and coronavirus: Why one Bay Area couple resorted to blowup dinosaur, unicorn costumes


Mercury News (San Jose): Shocking San Jose estimate raises coronavirus question: How many people will die?


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: 49ers GM thanks workers, wants to see your home office


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Newsom offers renters some relief as cases rise


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: If I live in California, do I still have to pay my rent this month?


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: San Mateo County Department of Parks shuts down all 23 parks ‘until further notice’


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Graduating California nursing students want to help, but told to stay home instead


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: See’s Candies suspends operations amid pandemic


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: #KeepWineAlive California wineries offering virtual tastings


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Newsom avoids clashing with Trump as he charts state’s coronavirus response


Mercury News (San Jose): Meghan and Harry secretly move to LA ahead of coronavirus lockdown


The Denver Post: Coronavirus threatens financial health of Colorado’s struggling rural hospitals, @MegWingerter reports


The Denver Post: With more Colorado residents working from home due to coronavirus, some parts of the metro area have seen internet slowdowns, @AldoSvaldi reports


The Denver Post: At least two people experiencing homelessness in Denver have tested positive for the new coronavirus, advocates say


The Denver Post: Are you a Colorado health care professional? Tell us about your experience with coronavirus.


The Denver Post: Police impersonator in Aurora conducts traffic stop, questions woman about violating coronavirus rules


The Denver Post: Michelle Mills, CEO of the Colorado Rural Health Center, said it's difficult to predict how severe the effects of the respiratory disease COVID-19 might be, but 18 of Colorado's rural hospitals already were losing money before the virus hit.


The Denver Post: With no social distancing in one scenario, 33,200 people could die from COVID-19 by June


The Denver Post: A majority of Colorado Senate Republicans sent Gov. Jared Polis a letter Friday denouncing his decision to enact a stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The Denver Post: A pedestrian bridge in Cañon City will be bathed in a rainbow of light at night to lift spirits as part of the community’s battle against coronavirus.


The Denver Post: Two additional staffers with the Colorado Department of Corrections have tested positive for coronavirus.


The Denver Post: Most Denver city and county offices and facilities will be closed Monday in observance of Cesar Chavez Day and because of the coronavirus.


The Denver Post: 18 of the states’s rural hospitals already were losing money before COVID-19 outbreak


The Denver Post: “If an injury or accident were to occur, you would be putting at risk all the resources that are working so hard to fight COVID-19."


The Seattle Times: The coronavirus pandemic in Washington state has hurt workers and businesses alike. Here's a guide on where to find help.


The Seattle Times: “Everything has changed,” said a struggling worker about the loss of work and the coronavirus crisis.


The Seattle Times: The University of Washington and others continue to expand lab capacity for COVID-19 testing, but getting a test - even for patients with symptoms - remains a struggle for some.


The Seattle Times: As the economic impacts of the #coronavirus pandemic begin to unfold, food bank leaders question whether their already-taxed systems will be able to support the influx of need they’re expecting to see.


The Seattle Times: Newlyweds isolated in a room in Colombia, students stuck in Peru, a business traveler who can't get back from Algeria. See the full story about Seattle-area residents stuck abroad due to #coronavirus lockdowns & travel bans:


The Seattle Times: Many child care programs in Washington are closing or operating at a loss because of the coronavirus pandemic. Will they be able to operate even after the crisis is over. And if not, then what happens to the workforce who relies on them?


The Seattle Times: All over the world, Washington residents are among the thousands of travelers stranded far from home as countries close their borders or issue nationwide quarantines to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.


The Seattle Times: The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in lots of bored kids who are out of school with time to kill. Try making this kid-friendly sugar cookie recipe activity that also yields snacks.


The Seattle Times: Photos of the day, March 27: Seattle Times photographers document life during the coronavirus pandemic:


The Seattle Times: Advocates and even prison guards are calling for reforms to head off a potential COVID-19 outbreak in a prison system plagued for years by violence, misconduct and staffing shortages.


The Seattle Times: Kona Kitchen's beloved matriarch, Elizabeth Mar, succumbed to COVID-19 on March 25 after a two-week illness, and now her husband has died of the virus, too.


The Seattle Times: NEW: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is sending 300 soldiers to Seattle to turn the CenturyLink Field Event Center into a 150-bed field hospital, government officials said Friday. Follow our live coronavirus updates:


The Seattle Times: NEW: 493 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Washington, bringing total cases to 3,700, including 175 deaths, the state Department of Health says. Follow our live coronavirus updates:


The Seattle Times: The event center between CenturyLink Field and T-Mobile Park will soon become a field hospital as Seattle's health care system prepares for a continued flood of coronavirus patients.


The Seattle Times: Gov. Jay Inslee's office will let Washington's April 28 special election proceed despite worries among county election officials about safely administering and counting ballots during the coronavirus pandemic.


The Seattle Times: A new analysis from the University of Washington projects that even with strict social distancing from coast to coast, more than 81,000 people in the U.S. — and more than 1,400 in Washington state — could die from COVID-19 by July 1.


The Seattle Times: In an effort to meet hygiene and social-distancing measures, food banks throughout the Puget Sound region have been forced to make significant changes to stay in operation during the #coronavirus crisis. Some have even closed.


The Seattle Times: After a driver died and nine other employees have tested positive or presumptive positive for the novel coronavirus, Community Transit employees fear they're at the center of an outbreak. (from @heidigroover )


The Seattle Times: NEW: An ER physician who publicly decried what he called a lack of protective measures against the novel coronavirus at his workplace, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, has been fired. Follow our live coronavirus updates:


The Seattle Times: Two new reports examine the transmission of the novel coronavirus illness within Seattle-area nursing homes. The disease likely spread from the Life Care Center of Kirkland last month to at least three other nursing homes, according to one of the reports.


The Seattle Times: Despite the coronavirus crisis, some Washington state landlords are steadfastly insisting that rent is still due in full, or even raising rents.


The Seattle Times: A scenic Idaho county known as a ski-vacation haven for celebrities and the wealthy has a new, more dubious distinction: It has one of the highest per-capita rates of confirmed coronavirus infections in America.


The Seattle Times: During the COVID-19 outbreak, WSU's new coach has been endearing himself to Pullman community, buying meals for people at local restaurants, feeding hospital workers and urging people to do the same. (via @shansonSeaTimes )


The Seattle Times: NEW: A King County Metro driver has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the agency said in a statement. The driver has not returned to work since March 16. Follow our live coronavirus updates:


The Seattle Times: The event center between CenturyLink Field and T-Mobile Park will soon become a field hospital as Seattle's health care system prepares for a continued flood of coronavirus patients.


Sky News (UK): A video shot in Chicago shows the city's streets and landmarks empty of people as strict regulations are enforced during the #coronavirus pandemic. The number of #COVID19 cases in US has now overtaken those in both Italy and China. Read more here:


Sky News (UK): A video shot in Chicago shows the city's streets and landmarks empty of people as strict regulations are enforced during the #coronavirus pandemic. The number of #COVID19 cases in US has now overtaken those in both Italy and China. Read more here:


The Associated Press: The coronavirus pandemic has brought water shutoffs in Detroit and communities across the nation into sharp focus as officials stress hand-washing to stop the spread.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): WATCH : @rayhanania in #Chicago shares the lay of the land as the #Coronavirus crisis worsens #CoronavirusUSA #Coronavirus #COVID19 #SocialDistancing Read his latest article about the #G20 's unified response to the crisis:


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Have a question about the coronavirus? Join us on Reddit today from 12-1 p.m. CT and ask our health care reporter @GlennHowatt anything about his coverage of the outbreak in Minnesota.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): JUST IN: Minnesota reports 2 more deaths from COVID-19, documents another 52 cases.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Starting momentarily: An AMA hosted by our health care reporter @glennhowatt . From 12-1 p.m. CT, he’s answering questions live about the coronavirus outbreak in Minnesota. Join in:


Star Tribune (Minnesota): During the coronavirus pandemic, Minneapolis city leaders are meeting privately in an emergency advisory group.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Era of coronavirus tests openness in Minnesota government: In a time of crisis “transparency is often the first thing to go.”


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Health care reporter @GlennHowatt answered more than a dozen reader questions about the coronavirus in Minnesota live today. Read through the completed AMA:


Star Tribune (Minnesota): President Donald Trump issued an order that seeks to force General Motors to produce ventilators for coronavirus patients under the Defense Production Act.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Minnesota nonprofits providing food, child care and other critical services during the COVID-19 outbreak are getting new emergency aid from local foundations and others.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Minnesotans: If you work as a grocery store cashier, we want to hear from you. What has your experience at work been like in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak? Share your story with @ReidForgrave — email reid.forgrave @startribune .com.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Some Asian-Americans in the Twin Cities and across the nation report facing hostility, insults and more as the coronavirus outbreak worsens in the U.S.


The Kansas City Star: Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley wants to investigate coronavirus cover-up? Yes, please


The Kansas City Star: St. Louis County reports another coronavirus-related death


The Kansas City Star: Peeps shuts down factories due to coronavirus. What will happen to Easter candy?


The Kansas City Star: Check out this video and read the story by The Star's Eric Adler on #COVID -19 #coronavirus . @KCStar , #ReadLocal , #pandemic


The Kansas City Star: COVID-19 may trap victims home with their abusers. KC area groups are still helping


The Kansas City Star: From the KC Star's Katie Bernard. COVID-19 may trap victims home with their abusers. KC area groups are still helping


The Kansas City Star: A week after a parade down Grand Boulevard, Patrick Mahomes had returned to Texas, ready to work out. He rented the condo months earlier. The coronavirus shut down his training facility. But the work goes on:


The Kansas City Star: A coronavirus shutdown won’t stop Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes from working to improve


The Kansas City Star: Number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in Johnson, Wyandotte counties


The Kansas City Star: Jackson County legislators cut in half Frank White’s $10 million coronavirus aid plan


The Kansas City Star: Johnson County has more confirmed COVID-19 cases then anywhere else in Kansas. Now all district court hearings will be held remotely.


The Kansas City Star: US House passes coronavirus stimulus bill with money for Americans. What happens next?


The Kansas City Star: Proposed Jackson County coronavirus aid plan cut in half


The Kansas City Star: Eighty people have been released from the Jackson County jail in response to concerns about the introduction of the new coronavirus into the overcrowded facility.


The Kansas City Star: Four residents and two workers at a St. Louis nursing home have tested positive for the coronavirus. This is the third virus outbreak for Life Care Centers of America which owns the St. Louis facility and ones in Washington and Kansas City, Kansas.


The Kansas City Star: Coronavirus hits MO nursing home run by company linked to deaths in Kansas, Washington


The Kansas City Star: Moms with coronavirus should be separated from newborns for 2 weeks, CDC recommends


The Kansas City Star: SportsBeat KC: College football and COVID-19. Can they avoid each other?


The Kansas City Star: Coronavirus update: Health officials say the pandemic could peak in Kansas in April


The Kansas City Star: Restaurants denied ‘act of God’ insurance for coronavirus, turn to Trump and Congress


The Kansas City Star: Coronavirus update: Health officials say the pandemic could peak in Kansas in April


The Kansas City Star: Missouri reports 670 coronavirus cases, a 25% increase in one day, and ninth death


The Kansas City Star: Criminal citations and fines: Johnson County prepares to enforce coronavirus orders


The Kansas City Star: Death of fourth resident of Springfield assisted living facility linked to COVID-19


The Kansas City Star: Two months out, Boys State Kansas cancels over coronavirus concerns


The Kansas City Star: Is KC too small? City may not make the cut for coronavirus aid in stimulus bill


The Kansas City Star: Kansas City adds 19 coronavirus cases for total of 77, health department announces


The Kansas City Star: What’s a pangolin? Scaly mammal may be missing link in coronavirus outbreak, study says


WGN TV News (Chicago): With cases of COVID-19 expected to rise at the Cook County Jail, some employees said they're getting little information from the sheriff's office or their union.​


WGN TV News (Chicago): The sister of a retired Chicago nurse who died from COVID-19 has also died from the virus.​


WGN TV News (Chicago): R. Kelly seeks release from jail, cites COVID-19 risk


WGN TV News (Chicago): HAPPY FRIDAY! Have any fun questions for the @WGNMorningNews crew? We're taking a brief break from COVID-19 coverage during Anchor Chat today at 5:20 a.m. ASK AWAY!! :)


WGN TV News (Chicago): 3/27/20 @ 8:35am - The @Walmart Joliet (2424 W Jefferson St) COVID-19 testing site for First Responders & Healthcare Professionals is currently full, and there are no more openings today according to HSS.


WGN TV News (Chicago): COVID-19 Pandemic March 27 updates: Nearly 1,000 confirmed cases in Indiana


WGN TV News (Chicago): WATCH Toni Preckwinkle, Sheriff Dart provide update on COVID-19 concerns at Cook County Jail


WGN TV News (Chicago): Officials try to stop COVID-19 spread at Cook County Jail as 38 detainees have tested positive


WGN TV News (Chicago): WATCH Indiana Gov. Holcomb holds COVID-19 news conference


WGN TV News (Chicago): Illinois health officials: 488 new cases of COVID-19, bringing total to 3,026 across the state Total COVID-19 related deaths: 34


WGN TV News (Chicago): WATCH Gov. JB Pritzker holds daily update on COVID-19 in Illinois:


WGN TV News (Chicago): Here’s where you can get a COVID-19 test in Chicago area


WGN TV News (Chicago): Aurora mayor and police chief have both tested positive for COVID-19, officials say


WGN TV News (Chicago): WATCH Trump, COVID-19 task force hold daily update:


WGN TV News (Chicago): 10 additional members of the Chicago Police Department have tested positive for COVID-19. There are now 21 cases total.


WGN TV News (Chicago): Live Now: Facts not Fear: A special report on the COVID-19 outbreak from Nexstar Media Group stations across the country.


WGN TV News (Chicago): Clusters of COVID-19 cases are spreading at a number of long term care facilities in Lake County.​


WGN TV News (Chicago): The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared a new rapid test from Abbott Laboratories, which the company says can detect the coronavirus in about 5 minutes.​


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Michigan gov. says supply orders are being cancelled


Business Insider: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez told BI he's convinced thousands in Miami have the coronavirus, thinks the governor should lockdown Florida, and warns its impact "can become apocalyptic." The mayor shuttered all non-essential businesses in the city.


Forbes: Washington, D.C. is losing out on $750 million in the coronavirus relief compared to states


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: New Orleans, the Louisiana city known as the "Big Easy" famed for its jazz and nightlife, has become an epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic gripping the United States. Bourbon Street is eerily quiet, its music silenced and its bars and restaurants shuttered Video:


The Associated Press: Good-tuity: The owner of a Florida restaurant is trying to figure out who left a $10,000 tip just before the state's restaurants were ordered to close their dining rooms due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The Kansas City Star: ‘Today’ host Hoda Cotb sheds a tear after Drew Brees interview about COVID-19 donation


WGN TV News (Chicago): Texas Roadhouse's CEO gives up salary, bonus to pay front-line workers during coronavirus pandemic


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Drew Brees, wife pledge $5M for coronavirus relief in Louisiana


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 13 things you can do right now to help yourself and community amid coronavirus


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Latest coronavirus updates: Bob Dylan releases new song, Trump has ‘good’ talk with Chinese president


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “I’m having to govern the whole state,” Gov. Brian Kemp said, adding that even as more hot spots arise, broad sections of the state have hardly been touched by coronavirus.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Latest Atlanta coronavirus news: 1,643 confirmed cases and 56 deaths in Georgia


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: City under siege: Coronavirus exacts heavy toll in Albany.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: While other sporting events and leagues have canceled or postponed games out of concern for the spread of COVID-19, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race continues to be scheduled for the Fourth of July.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The AJC is looking to speak with people who are still going to work daily, but have concerns about their workplace safety regarding coronavirus. Please reach out to reporter Ernie Suggs at esuggs @ajc .com or leave a message at 404-526-5672


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Four TSA screeners at Hartsfield-Jackson test positive for coronavirus


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: After town hall, Georgia lawmakers have follow-up coronavirus concerns #gapol


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Your money: Resources during the coronavirus pandemic


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: On Friday, a virtual food drive will be held to help Atlantans in need amid coronavirus


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia struggles over whether to restrict congregations amid a growing coronavirus pandemic #gapol


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Deputy at Cobb Detention Center contracts COVID-19


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Can you escape to the North Georgia mountains to avoid COVID-19? It depends


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: ‘Today’ show anchor breaks down in tears after Saints’ Drew Brees donates $5M to coronavirus relief


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Ga. inmate dies from COVID-19 as virus hits more prisons


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The day the music died': Coronavirus tests New Orleans


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Acclaimed Georgia Tech professor Lee still barred from COVID-19 work


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, VW encourage social distancing amid coronavirus in logo redesigns


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: How to support and celebrate nurses on the coronavirus front lines


Miami Herald: Despite widely recognized community spread of the novel coronavirus in South Florida, tests continue to come back positive at a higher-than-average rate in Miami-Dade County, a reflection of testing that remains narrowly focused.


Miami Herald: Miami co-working spaces are open despite coronavirus. But its not business as usual


Miami Herald: How to send investigative tips to the Miami Herald. We need your help on coronavirus


Miami Herald: A 48 y/o woman in #PuertoRico has become the island's 3rd death due to the #coronavirus as total cases hit 79. She's also the first resident to have died. PR has extended its lockdown through April 12.


Miami Herald: NEW: Puerto Rico reported its third COVID-19 death on Friday. She was 48 years old.


Miami Herald: Elli Miriam Hernandez-Montero bought an inflatable water slide to keep her son entertained while he's home from pre-school. She's been filling it everyday. It’s one of the small but many demands on Miami-Dade's water supply during the coronavirus crisis.


Miami Herald: NEW: Law enforcement began manning two checkpoints into the Florida Keys on Friday morning as part of Monroe County’s effort to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Miami Herald: We’re keeping track of the latest news regarding the coronavirus in South Florida and around the state. Check back for updates throughout the day.


Miami Herald: Hundreds of Waffle Houses across the country, including the Key Largo location, have temporarily closed because of the coronavirus and for the first time have activated the Waffle House Index for something other than a hurricane.


Miami Herald: New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was on the “Today” show to talk about his $5M donation to help with coronavirus relief in Louisiana. When the talk was over, host Hoda Kotb was overwhelmed with emotion.


Miami Herald: Florida Panthers owner Vincent Viola will continue to pay full-time employees throughout the coronavirus shutdown.


Miami Herald: BREAKING UPDATE: Florida hit 2,765 COVID-19 cases early Friday, a rise of 281 positives in the state since Thursday night. Miami-Dade notched its first death from the novel coronavirus.


Miami Herald: Florida spring breaker who made light of coronavirus apologizes: ‘Don’t be arrogant’


Miami Herald: NEW: Miami-Dade businesses allowed to remain open during the coronavirus emergency must make “reasonable efforts” to make sure customers and workers maintain social distance as recommended by the CDC.


Miami Herald: Four Inter Miami players to compete in video tournament for coronavirus fundraiser


Miami Herald: NEW: Another way the Heat is helping South Florida during the coronavirus crisis


Miami Herald: The death toll has doubled at a Fort Lauderdale elder care center that has become a hotspot for coronavirus infection.


Miami Herald: NEW: 4 BSO employees have tested positive for COVID-19. 103 other workers at the agency are in self-isolation as they either await test results or because they may have come in contact with the virus, BSO said Friday.


Miami Herald: Miami-Dade's first death from the #coronavirus . #Florida 's total hits 2,900 as totals rise.


Miami Herald: NEW: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called on the state attorney general Friday to investigate a South Florida hospital charging $150 per test for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus spreading rapidly across the state.


Miami Herald: Remember the famous Hurricane Irma mural in Miami Beach? Local street artist Beau Bradbury has another message in the age of the coronavirus.


Miami Herald: Doral Councilwoman Claudia Mariaca has tested negative for COVID-19, the city announced on Friday, following a two-week self-isolation after she had contact with officials from Brazil who visited South Florida in early March.


Miami Herald: NEW: Warning that New Orleans may now be the closest coronavirus hotspot to Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis expanded his travel restrictions on visitors to now include anyone who is coming from Louisiansa to self-quarantine for 14 days.


Miami Herald: Thomas Andrews knew something wasn’t right when he received a $3,000 coronavirus relief check in the mail Thursday.


Miami Herald: NEW: Health officials confirm 3,198 cases of COVID-19 and 12 new deaths in Florida, with Miami-Dade reporting its second death from the coronavirus. The death toll is now 46 as of Friday evening.


Miami Herald: NEW: As Miami Beach clinic rolls out $125 coronavirus tests, DeSantis calls out price gouging @MiamiHerald


Miami Herald: Sanitation workers are part of the nation’s “essential” workers who will continue to show up for work during the coronavirus pandemic. But many feel as though their safety has been disregarded.


Miami Herald: NEW: Miami Beach announced its first drive-thru coronavirus testing center, charging up to $125 per test for the uninsured. Hours later, Gov. Ron DeSantis called for a “price gouging” investigation into another South Florida center charging $150 per test.


Miami Herald: I’ve been seeing a lot of rumors tweeted and spread about the picture below. A manager at the store and a Publix spokesperson said the below post is a hoax and not true. I’m looking into other rumors spreading around about Publix and COVID-19 cases. @MiamiHerald


Miami Herald: In the coming days, dozens of Florida national guardsmen will join healthcare workers and local government officials to open a new, drive-thru coronavirus testing site in Palm Beach County, where nearly one in four are older than 65.


Miami Herald: Nine children under the age of 4 have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, according to the Florida Department of Health.


Miami Herald: Naval Air Station Key West has its first case of COVID-19 at a local military command located in Key West, the Navy’s Florida Keys commanding officer said Friday.


Miami Herald: Israel Carrera, 40, was Miami-Dade County's first reported coronavirus death when he died on Thursday. “Israel died this Thursday at Mount Sinai. He fought to the end. He was a very good and helpful man, ” said his husband, Christian López.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Some D.C. community organizers are collecting supplies for the inmates inside one of the nation’s largest halfway houses amid growing calls for action to protect the men inside from contracting the coronavirus and spreading it once they leave.


NBC Washington (D.C.): The first person to die from COVID-19 in Loudoun Co., VA is a public school teacher. Generations of students are remembering Susan Rokus for her dedication and love for teaching.


NBC Washington (D.C.): The first coronavirus-related death reported in Loudoun County was a teacher who educated children into her 70s.


NBC Washington (D.C.): A "concerning trend": COVID-19 appears to be more deadly for men than women. Here's what we know.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Some D.C. community organizers are collecting supplies for the inmates inside one of the nation’s largest halfway houses amid growing calls for action to protect the men inside from contracting the coronavirus and spreading it once they leave.


NBC Washington (D.C.): A "concerning trend": COVID-19 appears to be more deadly for men than women. Here's what we know.


NBC Washington (D.C.): The first coronavirus-related death reported in Loudoun County was a teacher who educated children into her 70s.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Maryland received a federal disaster declaration in response to the coronavirus, Gov. Larry Hogan announced Thursday night.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Here is a quick behind the scenes look at how we are doing our job in the age of COVID-19 and social distancing. @nbcwashington VIDEO. #coronavirus #BehindTheScenes #SocialDistancing Video:


NBC Washington (D.C.): Watch: Prince George's County is erecting a coronavirus testing site outside FedEx Field, aiming to help 50,000 uninsured residents there.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Coronavirus has touched every aspect of life in America. We asked how it affected you, and here's what you said:


NBC Washington (D.C.): Significant increase in Virginia coronavirus cases with a jump of 86 cases in NoVa. Statewide total now stands at 604 with Fairfax County at 124 cases, Arlington 63, Loudoun 43, Prince William 45.


NBC Washington (D.C.): NEW: Virginia coronavirus cases jump to 604, compared to 460 on Thursday. 83 people are hospitalized and there have been at least 14 deaths.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Watch The mayor of Washington, D.C., and top District officials are giving an update now on the coronavirus response. A city employee has died of the virus, the mayor said


NBC Washington (D.C.): A California pulmonary and critical care specialist is sleeping in a tent in his garage, hoping to protect his family from coronavirus.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Just In: A member of the D.C. mayor’s staff has died of coronavirus. Additionally, the District is asking all residents to vote by mail in the June primaries


NBC Washington (D.C.): Inspired by groups of Italians who sang to each other from their balconies while isolated due to the threat of COVID-19, leaders at a senior living facility in San Diego's Bankers Hill neighborhood decided to do something similar.


NBC Washington (D.C.): There is a call for a federal coronavirus testing site to serve the DMV, says @GovernorVA . Northam says he, Gov. Hogan & Mayor Bowser asked for that on yesterday’s call with the President. They say essential fed workers need quick test results.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Watch Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam provides updates on coronavirus as number of confirmed cases surpasses 600.


NBC Washington (D.C.): The letter to the judge claims Kelly "is within the group of people the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has categorized as most-at-risk for contracting COVID-19."


NBC Washington (D.C.): The first death of a person who tested positive for coronavirus in Prince William County is being reported by the health department there. The victim was a man in his 70s with chronic health conditions.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Per Source: A Maryland National Guardsman stationed at the Fed-Ex Field coronavirus screening site tested positive for COVID-19. About 20 additional soldiers from the soldier’s unit are quarantined as a precaution. The site is scheduled to open to patients Monday. Video:


NBC Washington (D.C.): Fairfax County is reporting it’s 2nd coronavirus death. The victim is a man in his 60s who recently tested positive. A Prince William County man also died today.


NBC Washington (D.C.): The number of coronavirus-related domains has grown to more than 68,000 this year, many of which are tied to spammers and cybercriminals, according to a cyber-intelligence company.


NBC Washington (D.C.): As we all clamor for information about the COVID-19 virus, our leaders are listening to advice from scientists and medical professionals who've spent their careers preparing for a pandemic.


NBC Washington (D.C.): D.C. reported 37 news cases of the coronavirus Friday, bringing its total to 304.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Two students at Oakton High School in Vienna, Virginia, began delivering the morning announcements on Instagram after their school closed because of the coronavirus.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Employees at two Prince George’s County high schools tested positive for COVID-19, according to a statement released by the district.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Two students at Oakton High School in Vienna, Virginia, began delivering the morning announcements on Instagram after their school closed because of the coronavirus.


AZ Central (Arizona): This TSA officer has coronavirus symptoms. He can't get tested


Dallas Morning News: Skeptics, rebels defy orders aimed at stopping spread of coronavirus in Dallas, elsewhere.


Dallas Morning News: 3 SMU students positive for new coronavirus


Dallas Morning News: TWU offers $1M in grants to small, women-owned businesses suffering amid coronavirus.


Dallas Morning News: Lauren Cox reacts to WNBA holding a virtual draft on April 17, possibility of season starting late because of coronavirus


Dallas Morning News: No surprise: COVID-19 will sicken the D-FW office market


Dallas Morning News: Minnie’s Food Pantry extends service days, partners with Plano ISD to help with coronavirus demand


Dallas Morning News: I wrote about how a shortage of nurses and respiratory therapists in Texas has experts concerned that COVID-19 will stretch staff thinner. Unlike supplies, we can't make more people. Though some offer ways to get more qualified persons in the pipeline.


Dallas Morning News: Richardson ISD finalizing home-learning program, adding counseling hotline amid coronavirus


Dallas Morning News: Two North Texas postal workers test positive for coronavirus


Dallas Morning News: Here's what two local nurses who are on the front line with COVID-19 patients in Parkland ICU have asked me to tell all of you:


Dallas Morning News: COVID-19 pandemic highlights shortage of nurses and respiratory therapists looming over Texas


Dallas Morning News: the latest edition of the @dallasnews ’ #theIGroundup is out! this week, find out... ☀️ how texas’ warm temps could slow the spread of #coronavirus why dallas could see fewer scooters moving forward the last time gas was *this* cheap ...and more:


Dallas Morning News: Finding community in quarantine: How North Texans are connecting in creative ways in spite of coronavirus


Dallas Morning News: COVID-19 is ‘catastrophic’ for Dallas restaurants and bars


Dallas Morning News: ESPN broadcaster Doris Burke tests positive for coronavirus after feeling symptoms at Mavericks-Nuggets game @CallieCaplan


Dallas Morning News: Your stories: Resilience during the coronavirus outbreak in North Texas


Dallas Morning News: Trump’s coronavirus testing czar spent decades in Texas preparing for a pandemic


Dallas Morning News: Officials: Two residents at senior living facility in Arlington test positive for the coronavirus


Dallas Morning News: Texas QB Sam Ehlinger announces GoFundMe page for COVID-19 relief


Dallas Morning News: 7/ You can read all of our latest coverage here:


Dallas Morning News: 4/ On that note, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the shortage of nurses and respiratory therapists that workforce experts have warned about.


Dallas Morning News: Restaurants in McKinney that will deliver food or offer curbside pickup during coronavirus outbreak


Dallas Morning News: We’ve updated our #coronavirus map to include Ennis County cities amongst the North Texas cities we’re tracking. In addition, as of March 27, the City of Dallas alone has more positive cases (223) than any other county in Texas.


Dallas Morning News: Frisco coronavirus cases, stay-at home order, plus other updates


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Dallas Morning News: 6/ Worldwide there are 576,859 confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins University data. 128,377 people have recovered from the virus and 26,455 cases have resulted in deaths so far.


Dallas Morning News: 5/ There are currently 94,238 positive cases of the novel virus in the U.S., making it the country with the highest number of COVID-19 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University data.


Dallas Morning News: 4/ Collin County to date has 88 reported coronavirus cases and Denton County has a total of 83.


Dallas Morning News: 3/ Tarrant County reported 14 additional cases of COVID-19 Friday, bringing the county’s total to 114. The county has had one death related to the disease, and three people have recovered.


Dallas Morning News: 2/ The number of Dallas County patients hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19 is increasing, county health officials said Friday. They announced 64 new cases of the disease. Also, 111 of the 367 residents who have now tested positive have been hospitalized.


Dallas Morning News: 1/ Each day we’ll be bringing you the latest number of #coronavirus cases in North Texas by county in a daily roundup. So far, there have been 1,664 cases of COVID-19 infections across Texas. We’ve been tracking new cases in this interactive map.


Dallas Morning News: Chalk Talk: Don’t Let the Coronavirus Get You Down


Dallas Morning News: Two residents at an assisted living facility in Arlington have tested positive for coronavirus, officials reported


Dallas Morning News: Texas takes more steps to keep day care centers open, create slots for kids of coronavirus ‘front line workers’ #COVID2019 ⁦ @GovAbbott ⁩ ⁦ @TXWorkforce ⁩


WFAA (Dallas): The policy is meant to help guide local leaders' decisions on social distancing and other measures put in place to mitigate the spread of the new coronavirus.


WFAA (Dallas): MedStar is averaging almost 80 potentially positive COVID-19 calls a day. They’re running short on equipment to protect themselves.


WFAA (Dallas): DPS troopers will be tasked with visiting quarantine locations to make sure people are abiding by the Governor's latest order to stem the spread of COVID-19.


WFAA (Dallas): Dallas County is reporting 64 new #COVID19 cases bringing the total to 367. More concerning: "hospitalizations from COVID-19 are increasing, with 36% of all hospitalized patients requiring ICU." ( @wfaa )


WFAA (Dallas): Heartwarming : Tim Luke is scheduled to start yet another round of chemotherapy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. He received $5,000 worth of gift cards and lawn care.


WFAA (Dallas): Over two weeks, Dallas County reported 7 death related to COVID-19. Over the past six months, the county has had 19 flu-related deaths.


WFAA (Dallas): City council unanimously approved to move the May 2 general election to Nov. 3, after concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. Also, the City has amended it's stay-at-home order.


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Rep. Cunningham, D-SC, says he has tested positive


US - Northeast (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont)

Business Insider: The coronavirus has caused shortages of essential supplies like hand sanitizer. One distillery in Pennsylvania is making sanitizer instead of spirits and donating it to the local community See how it's making up to 2,000 bottles of hand sanitizer a day:


Business Insider: Medical schools in New York are turning students into doctors ahead of schedule to help fight the coronavirus pandemic


Business Insider: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo thanked Rihanna for donating equipment to fight COVID-19


Business Insider: New York just had its deadliest day since the coronavirus outbreak began


Business Insider: Over the past 24 hours, 134 people died of the coronavirus infection in New York —the largest single-day increase since the outbreak began. New York City has emerged as the epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic.


Business Insider: New York City hospitals are 11 days from running out of beds as the number of new coronavirus cases explodes


Business Insider: New York had its deadliest day since the coronavirus outbreak began in early March. Over the past 24 hours, 134 people in the state have died from the virus, bringing the death toll up to 519, @NYGovCuomo said on Friday.


Business Insider: Coronavirus swamped NYC hospitals this past week, with no signs of letting up. As supplies and space dwindle, admin+staff are bracing for what next week will bring as we head toward the peak of the outbreak:


Forbes: New York now has almost half of all the coronavirus cases in the U.S.


MarketWatch: ‘Most photographed man on Wall Street’ shares update on his coronavirus battle: ‘You do not want to get this’


MarketWatch: Nearly 54% of hospitalized coronavirus patients in New York state were between 18 and 49, said Gov. Andrew Cuomo.


MarketWatch: Grocery shopping in a gas mask. NYC streets standing completely deserted. These are some of the snapshots of America's new normal during the coronavirus pandemic.


Yahoo Finance: NY Governor Cuomo provides update on coronavirus spread and response


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: @PAAttorneyGen Josh Shapiro on what Pennsylvania is doing to combat price gouging amid coronavirus: Video:


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: Connecticut's @GovNedLamont on U.S. coronavirus response: Federal officials "didn't take it seriously early on. They sent mixed messages. Hoax, business as usual. ... I think they're taking it very seriously now.” Video:


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus is more tragic because ‘we had an opportunity to see it coming’: Connecticut governor


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: The New York Stock Exchange goes fully electronic amid the coronavirus outbreak. @NYSE 's @jrtuttle on how that affects the IPO market: Video:


CBC News (Canada): Dr. Tanzib Hossain is working on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak in New York City. He is seeing first-hand the devastating impact it's having on patients and the monumental challenges facing the health-care system.


Sky News (UK): "Hell. Biblical. I kid you not. People come in, they get intubated they die, the cycle repeats." Dr Steve Kasspidis says the New York hospital he works at is experiencing something "biblical" in scale as they try to tackle the #coronavirus . More:


Sky News (UK): The rate of the increase in #coronavirus cases in New York is slowing down but the number of cases is still going up, says Governor Andrew Cuomo. Get live updates on the #coronavirus here:


Sky News (UK): Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo says he is "looking for all the space we can possibly find" to be converted into hospital overflow capacity - including hotels, college dormitories, and nursing homes. Get live updates on the #coronavirus here:


Sky News (UK): Deaths are going to continue to go up and that is the worst news I could possibly tell the people of New York.' Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo says 519 people have now died in New York after testing positive for #coronavirus . Latest:


AFP News Agency (France): In New York hospitals, staff are working extra shifts and searching desperately for more bed space as they battle a surging toll of dead and infected at the US epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic


Axios: With much of America ground to a halt, the state of New York is trying to nearly triple its hospital capacity in less than a month as it braces for a peak in coronavirus hospitalizations.


BNO Newsroom: UPDATE: New York City reports 1,124 new cases of coronavirus and 84 new deaths, raising state total to 45,934 cases and 603 dead


Reuters: New York veterans hospital, struggling with coronavirus outbreak, asked to help civilians


Reuters: New York veterans hospital, struggling with coronavirus outbreak, asked to help civilians


Reuters: You are living a moment in history': New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told the Army Corps of Engineers during his news briefing on coronavirus. Follow live updates here:


Reuters: In trenches of New York's coronavirus crisis, nurses beg, borrow and steal precious masks


Reuters: ‘I operate on facts,’ said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo when asked about President Trump's claim that New York was exaggerating its needs for resources to fight the coronavirus outbreak


Reuters: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took an apparent swipe at President Trump’s claim that New York did not really need the 30,000 ventilators it has sought from the federal government to fight the coronavirus outbreak


Reuters: ‘We’re trying to keep our head above water without drowning’: New York doctors describe what it’s like at the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic. Follow latest updates here:


The Associated Press: A walker in the city: @shelleya shows what it feels like to walk around New York City these days in this latest @AP Virus Diary. This occasional feature will showcase the coronavirus saga through the eyes of Associated Press journalists around the world.


The Associated Press: “This is one of the most horrific things." A NYC emergency room doctor says patients hit the hardest by the coronavirus are dying alone because of strict protocols to prevent its spread.


Haaretz (Israel): Coronavirus puts New Jersey’s Orthodox community in an unwelcome spotlight


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Rhode Island State Police pull over drivers with New York license plates in the most dramatic measure aimed at travelers from the epicenter of the country's coronavirus outbreak.


WGN TV News (Chicago): NYC nurse with Chicago ties dies of COVID-19


CBS New York: Coronavirus Update: Mayor Bill De Blasio Still Hopes To Open NYC Schools In April


CBS New York: Coronavirus Update: As You Live And Play Virtually, Be Careful Not To Tax Your Internet Service


CBS New York: Coronavirus Update: NYC 8-Year-Old Doing What She Can To Help Others In Her Building


CBS New York: The coronavirus crisis is bringing communities together in ways that are truly inspiring. @ChrisWragge highlights some uplifting stories from around our area.


CBS New York: Two more #coronavirus testing sites are opening today in New Jersey. @johnbdias has the details:


CBS New York: Doctors and nurses are inundated at Elmhurst Hospital, which has become the epicenter of the #coronavirus outbreak in New York City. @reenaroy has the latest:


CBS New York: The streets of Brooklyn are emptier than ever as people shelter indoors amid the coronavirus outbreak — but now children are creating rainbow masterpieces to hang in their windows, to let the community know that everything will be OK Video:


CBS New York: The MTA is mourning two employees who died of complications from the #coronavirus .


CBS New York: Governor Cuomo says the apex of #coronavirus could hit New York in 21 days. Watch him speak now:


CBS New York: New York is using an all hands on deck approach when it comes to securing supplies and ventilators to deal with the outbreak of #coronavirus .


CBS New York: WATCH LIVE NOW: @NYGovCuomo gives daily #coronavirus briefing from @JavitsCenter :


CBS New York: "This is one of those moments that is going to change this nation. This is a moment that forges character and changes people." Governor Cuomo is live discussing the #CoronavirusOutbreak in New York


CBS New York: Governor Cuomo on COVID-19: "This is a different beast that we're dealing with. It's an invisible beast and an insidious beast. This is going to be weeks and weeks and weeks."


CBS New York: Governor Cuomo reports that over 6,400 people have been hospitalized across New York because of #coronavirus :


CBS New York: Governor Cuomo reports that over 44,000 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in New York. Watch:


CBS New York: Governor Andrew Cuomo says deaths are up from 385 to 519 in New York because of #coronavirus


CBS New York: "They are in the battle zone." @tarajakewaytv hears from a Jersey City doctor about the toll the #coronavirus pandemic is taking on hospital supplies and staff.


CBS New York: NY SCHOOL CLOSED TO APRIL 15: @NYGovCuomo said he plans to extend all New York State schools to remain closed due to the #coronavirus #COVID -19 outbreak:


CBS New York: Governor Phil Murphy: "Continue practicing social distancing and stay home as much as possible. Even if you're doing healthy activities, you can spread coronavirus."


CBS New York: "Who are we testing is the most important variable here." Governor Phil Murphy discusses the #coronavirus outbreak in New Jersey. Watch here:


CBS New York: Here is a breakdown of how COVID-19 has impacted the state of New Jersey. Total cases: 8,825 New cases since Thursday: 1,982 Total Deaths: 108 New Deaths since Thursday: 27 Watch Governor Murphy RIGHT NOW:


CBS New York: Governor Phil Murphy says since Thursday, another 1,982 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in NJ. 8,825 people have now tested positive for #coronvirus in NJ. Watch Governor Murphy speak now


CBS New York: NYC VS. #CORONAVIRUS : Here's where @NYGovCuomo wants to build four new locations for #COVID -19 field hospitals:


CBS New York: Governor Phil Murphy announces that another 27 people died from COVID-19 in New Jersey. 108 people have now passed away in NJ due to coronavirus


CBS New York: WATCH LIVE NOW: Gov. Phil Murphy gives latest on #coronavirus in New Jersey.


CBS New York: Nassau County officials said Friday the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is yet to come.


CBS New York: Watch Governor Murphy speak about the impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey. :


CBS New York: Governor Murphy announces that there are over 1500 cases of COVID-19 in Bergen County, the most of any county in NJ.


CBS New York: NJ Department of Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli "We now have 55 long term care facilities with at least one COVID-19 positive case."


CBS New York: "We have to stick together and we can't ever turn on each other. We will get through this." Watch Governor Phil Murphy discuss the outbreak of #coronavirus in NJ.


CBS New York: Governor Murphy says NJ is working with Google to reach more people about the state's approach to dealing with COVID-19.


CBS New York: Governor Murphy said there is no evidence of anyone making ventilators in New Jersey. Watch him speak now about COVID-19


CBS New York: "We are going to do everything we can to save every life we can." Listen to Governor Murphy discuss New Jersey's plans to deal with the outbreak of #coronavirus


CBS New York: Governor Murphy: 8,825 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in NJ 1,080 people are in hospital beds as of Thursday afternoon


CBS New York: Governor Phil Murphy: "We break the back of the coronavirus together. I wish it was tomorrow or next week. I don't see any scenario that this doesn't bleed into May.


CBS New York: WATCH LIVE NOW: Mayor Bill de Blasio discusses coronavirus pandemic in New York City. Watch


CBS New York: Mayor Bill de Blasio says that he will be working with the state to enact a rent freeze amid the coronavirus pandemic.


CBS New York: For many New Yorkers, social distancing is of the utmost importance during this #coronavirus crisis. But that doesn’t mean it’s been easy.


CBS New York: Mayor Bill de Blasio is under fire for not releasing key information about the capacity of the city’s health care system to withstand the coronavirus crisis, despite a promise of transparency. @MKramerTV reports.


CBS New York: The latest coronavirus numbers are staggering and we have not seen the worst of this, so how much more can the hospitals handle? @GainerTV reports.


CBS New York: With hospitals over-taxed with coronavirus patients, what are the options for people with other serious health concerns? @JLaytonTV reports.


CBS New York: Coronavirus Update: Mayor Bill De Blasio Vows To Work With State On Rent Freeze In NYC


CBS New York: Coronavirus Update: Photos & Videos Taken Inside Area Hospitals Show What Health Care Workers Are Up Against


CBS New York: Coronavirus Update: Amid Pandemic, Treatment Must Continue For Patients With Underlying Illnesses


CBS New York: Coronavirus Update: Yankees Uniform Material Being Used To Make Masks, Hospital Gowns


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Lost promise: One Cranberry hotel struggles to survive amid COVID-19


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Over half of all confirmed Pa. coronavirus patients are younger than 50, new data show


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Airport $1.1 billion modernization hits turbulence — COVID-19


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Thousands of businesses in Pennsylvania have closed under Gov. Tom Wolf’s statewide shutdown to help slow COVID-19 — but not the company that the Democratic governor once owned, or the business now owned by the Senate’s most powerful member. Until now.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: COVID-19 cases continue to increase in Allegheny County


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Allegheny County now has 158 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Friday morning – up from just 28 cases one week ago. 100 new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed across Allegheny County in the previous three days. Read more:


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: PPG is donating 80,000 medical masks to hospitals in Pittsburgh and elsewhere to assist those treating patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 20,000 masks already distributed to UPMC and Allegheny Health Network hospitals.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Just as Pittsburgh artist Cody Sabol was worrying about COVID-19's impact on his livelihood, he received a call from Devin Bush. The Steelers linebacker had a project for him — and the results speak for themselves.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "[M]any other items that are delivered to your home during the stay-at-home order, such as groceries, also pose a low risk of spreading the coronavirus." Welcome news, as I've been wiping groceries that I'm delivering to family with Clorox wipes...


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Homeland Security delays REAL ID requirement over COVID-19 emergency


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Port Authority won't say if others are in quarantine after driver tests positive for COVID-19


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Businesses and workers agree, however temporarily, that COVID-19 requires more paid leave benefits


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Chico Harlan covered Penn State for the Post-Gazette before moving to the Washington Post where he covered the Fukushima nuclear-reactor meltdowns. Now, he's the Post's bureau chief in Rome — and even he hasn't seen anything like this coronavirus.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly tests positive for COVID-19


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania is now streaming its daily coronavirus briefings with Spanish captions


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Where to find help as COVID-19 derails businesses and jobs


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Giant Eagle reports an employee tested positive for COVID-19


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Sheetz temporarily closes Verona location after employee tests positive for COVID-19


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Cases of COVID-19 bubble up in more of U.S.


Dallas Morning News: American Airlines flight attendant based in Philadelphia dies of COVID-19


Middle East

Business Insider: Dancing has been a release for many in Iran, which has one of the deadliest outbreaks of the coronavirus. People are dancing indoors with masks for anonymity since dancing in public is against the law See how people are using dancing to cope:


Sky News (UK): This 2,000 capacity hospital has been set up by the army in Tehran for coronavirus patients. The plan is to create more in Iran depending on need. For the latest on #COVID19 around the world, head here:


AFP News Agency (France): Coronavirus #COVID19 #Syria At standstill over virus, Damascus dreads new silent foe #AFP


AFP News Agency (France): Iran has announced 144 new deaths from the novel coronavirus, bringing the official number of fatalities to 2,378 in one of the world's worst-hit countries


AFP News Agency (France): Iran on Friday announced 144 new deaths from the #coronavirus , bringing the official number of fatalities to 2,378 in one of the world's worst-hit countries


AFP News Agency (France): Worshippers crowded into mosques in Pakistan Friday, defying warnings about the fast-spreading coronavirus. But in many parts of the Muslim world, countries are taking action


AFP News Agency (France): Coronavirus #COVID19 #Syria At standstill over virus, Damascus dreads new silent foe #AFP


BNO Newsroom: NEW: Iran reports 2,926 new cases of coronavirus and 144 new deaths, raising total to 32,332 cases and 2,378 dead


Reuters: Israel to use military to help enforce coronavirus lockdown


Reuters: Dubai braces for financial hit as coronavirus batters vital tourism


Reuters: Turkey's Erdogan calls for 'voluntary quarantine' against coronavirus


Reuters: In Iraq, coronavirus terrifies even doctors hardened by conflict


The Associated Press: Some political leaders hail a potential breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19: simple pin-prick blood tests or nasal swabs that can determine within minutes if someone has, or previously had, the virus. But some scientists challenge their accuracy.


The Associated Press: Iranian state TV says the military has set up a 2,000-bed hospital in an exhibition center in the capital to shore up the local health care system as it battles the worst coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East.


Ahram Online (Egypt): WHO praises #Egypt ’s ‘strong’ #coronavirus surveillance system


Ahram Online (Egypt): COVID -19: #Egyptian doctors in the line of fire


Ahram Online (Egypt): AbuDhabi crown prince, #Syrian president discuss #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Iran's health ministry says the number of #coronavirus cases in the country has reached 32,322 and 2,378 deaths


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Number of #coronavirus recoveries in #Iran has reached 11,133


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Iran's health ministry says the number of #coronavirus cases in the country has reached 32,332 and 2,378 deaths


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Kuwait health ministry reports 17 #coronavirus cases, bringing total to 225


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): The @EG_Red_Crescent has sent medical supplies to the #Gaza Strip, which has so far reported 11 cases of #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): A significant proportion of the Turkish population fears losing employment as the new #coronavirus disease (#COVID19) spreads, according to a new survey. Read more:


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): WATCH : A round-the-clock curfew helped Jordan to contain the #coronavirus outbreak, one of the top countries to have successfully done so. Video from Twitter user @eyad_saif #StayHome


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): The UAE Armed Forces have started a three-day joint military drill on Friday morning, as the country ramps up efforts against the #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Oman has reported 22 new #coronavirus cases.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): 14 new #coronavirus cases in Palestine, bringing total to 91: Government spokesperson


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): With some regional governments announcing the closure of spas amid the ongoing #coronavirus pandemic, we’ve rounded up the #spa rituals you can enjoy in the comfort of your home


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Bahrain reports 17 new #coronavirus recoveries, bringing total to 227


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Egypt ’s health ministry has reported 39 new #coronavirus cases and 3 deaths, bringing the total number of infected patients to 495, #UAE ’s state news agency WAM reported on Friday


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): WATCH : Up to 44 road-cleaning trucks were deployed in #Riyadh to clean and to sterilize streets as part of the Kingdom’s precautionary efforts to combat the spread of #coronavirus Twitter video by @Amanatalriyadh


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Saudi Arabian retailer BinDawood Holding has seen a 200 percent increase in its online sales since the escalation of the #coronavirus crisis.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Lebanon confirms one new #coronavirus death, bringing total to 7


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Lebanon health ministry reports 23 new #coronavirus cases, bringing total to 391


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): The #UAE Central Bank has required banks to replenish ATMs with new banknotes of all denominations and to ensure its availability during the salaries payment cycle for March. #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Lebanon has extended nation lockdown to April 12 and the closure of institutions and supermarkets from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. with some exceptions due to the #coronavirus outbreak, local press reported on Thursday


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Tightening curfews imposed on Sadr City due to the #coronavirus outbreak in the country: Baghdad Operations Command


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Iraq reports 20 new #coronavirus cases in #Najaf


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): WATCH : #Morocco undertakes sterilization measures as part of the country’s effort to combat the spread of #coronavirus Video posted by @RTwittoma on Twitter


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Iraq health ministry reports 76 new #coronavirus cases


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Number of #coronavirus deaths in #Israel reaches 11


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): About 500 #Israeli troops will join police squadrons from Sunday to help “in patrolling, isolating and securing certain areas, blocking routes and additional similar assignments” amid #coronavirus outbreak


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Quarantine has been imposed on one city and 4 Turkish villages due to #coronavirus spread


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Saudi education ministry says the country’s decision to suspend studies is continuing


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Our priority is the completion of the students’ academic year: #Saudi education ministry


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Saudi education ministry says it was able in 10 days to move 6 million students to remote learning. #COVID19 #coronavirus #socialdistancing


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): We cannot really know how #coronavirus will behave in summer: Saudi health ministry spokesperson


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Two #coronavirus patients have recovered, bringing total number of recoveries to 35: Saudi health ministry


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Saudi health ministry says the total number of #coronavirus cases has reached 1,104, of which 6 are in critical condition


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Saudi health ministry says the Kingdom reported 92 new #coronavirus cases , 10 arrived from outside the country and the remaining 83 were in contact with coronavirus cases


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Hand washing and hand sanitizer are two strongly recommended measures to avoid transmission of the #Coronavirus disease. One company in #Dubai sold more than 100,000 bottles of sanitizer in one week as demand for hand-hygiene products spiked


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): SaudiArabia ’s King Salman stressed on the importance of learning from #China ’s experience of fighting #coronavirus during the call


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): SaudiArabia ’s King Salman discussed efforts to fight #coronavirus with the #Chinese President Xi Jinping during a telephone call


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Jordan 's health minister Saad Jaber says country has 23 new cases of #Coronavirus , 16 people have recovered, and the total number of infected is 235


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): SaudiArabia 's King Salman holds phone call with #Italy 's PM, during which he confirmed the Kingdom is following with concern the latest developments in Italy and affirmed solidarity with the country #Coronavirus #CoronavirusItaly


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): 72 new cases of #coronavirus have been reported in the #UAE


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Dubai Municipality is carrying out a three day campaign to disinfect the emirate as part of a nationwide program to sanitize the #UAE and prevent the spread of #coronavirus #StayHome (Photos: @DXBMediaOffice )


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Turkey stops all flights to foreign countries as part of measures to fight #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Dubai 's Sheikh Zayed Road is almost empty as citizens and residents #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe as the #UAE carries out a nationwide disinfection program over the weekend to help contain #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Sheikh Mohammed said #Syria and the #UAE need to place humanitarian solidarity over political issues during this common challenge “we are all facing” #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): British -Pakistani boxer @amirkingkhan on Friday offered his boxing academy in Islamabad to the government of #Pakistan to be utilized as a makeshift #COVID _19 hospital amid #CoronavirusOutbreak


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): ICYMI : #SaudiArabia announced 92 new cases of #Coronavirus on Friday, meaning the total number in the Kingdom has reached 1,104 #COVID19 Full story:


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Saudi Ministry of Education ( @moe_gov_sa ) has been working relentlessly to ensure students have access to their education as the world battles the #coronavirus pandemic.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Coronavirus Antidote: Here is a wonderful story from Jordan to give us all a bit of cheer during these testing times


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): The outbreak of #coronavirus disease across much of the world has forced many governments to act, with most ordering restrictions on daily life. Construction workers in Qatar complain of lack of safety precautions amid #COVID -19 outbreak


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): According to the @SaudiMOH , 176,000 citizens and residents have so far used the “Mawid” application to check whether or not they may have contracted the #coronavirus disease.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Saudi authorities have implemented a wide range of precautionary measures to limit the spread of the #coronavirus disease. However, their effectiveness will be reduced if the public fails to follow social-distancing rules


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): A group of Saudi banks have announced their support for the Health Endowment Fund to combat the spread of the coronavirus disease with a total of SR155.1 million ($41.3 million).


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): When the first cases of coronavirus appeared in the Gaza Strip, three young artists wanted to contribute to curbing the spread of the pandemic.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): A doctor at Beirut’s Rafik Hariri University Hospital has described the situation faced by medical staff dealing with #coronavirus cases as “a horror movie as long as we are on the front line and we do not know when it will end.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): For MENA countries with struggling economies and weak health systems, the challenge to contain a #COVID -19 outbreak in refugee camps would be “immense.” Find out how vulnerable refugees and migrants are as the #coronavirus storm hits


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Kuwait health ministry says seven new cases recovered from #coronavirus , raising total recoveries to 64


Haaretz (Israel): Coronavirus in Israel: Shin Bet says they have identified over 500 patients


Haaretz (Israel): What it's like to be hospitalized with COVID-19, according to 6 Israelis


Haaretz (Israel): Israeli officials warn of full lockdown if coronavirus infection rate doesn't slow


Haaretz (Israel): Explained: New coronavirus guidelines edge Israel closer to total lockdown


Haaretz (Israel): How Pakistan became a coronavirus super-spreader to the entire Muslim world


Haaretz (Israel): How #coronavirus conspiracy theories went viral, and the Israeli connection


Haaretz (Israel): Coronavirus delivers tough blow to Lebanon's dying economy


Haaretz (Israel): U.S. imposes fresh Iran-related sanctions despite coronavirus


Haaretz (Israel): Coronavirus could kill 81,000 in U.S., subside in June, Washington University analysis


Haaretz (Israel): Despite the harm it’s caused, the coronavirus disaster presents a silver lining for tourism


Haaretz (Israel): As his list of coronavirus failures grows, Netanyahu returns to his element: fear


Haaretz (Israel): As armies reassess risk, coronavirus is making peace in the Middle East


Haaretz (Israel): Israeli health minister's cure for COVID-19? The Messiah


Haaretz (Israel): Why the coronavirus crisis is not Netanyahu's Churchill moment


Haaretz (Israel): In Iran, false belief a poison fights coronavirus kills hundreds


Haaretz (Israel): In Iran, false belief a poison fights coronavirus kills hundreds


Haaretz (Israel): On the brink of its own coronavirus crisis, Gaza appeals to Israel and the world for help


Haaretz (Israel): Spain's coronavirus death toll rises to 4,858 from 4,089 previous day


Haaretz (Israel): What it’s like to find out you have the coronavirus, and what happens next, according to six Israelis


Haaretz (Israel): Netnayhau has monopolized the leading role in a horror movie, one without a script. @AnshelPfeffer watched his every public briefing since the #coronavirus crisis began, and came back with amazing insight


Haaretz (Israel): Fear, bragging, reassurance: The anatomy of Netanyahu's coronavirus briefings


Haaretz (Israel): How the coronavirus pandemic resurrected the nation-state


Haaretz (Israel): Who needs Iran when you have the coronavirus?


Haaretz (Israel): Coronavirus could kill 81,000 in U.S., subside in June, says Washington University analysis


Haaretz (Israel): Netanyahu has succeeded in making himself the face of Israel’s fight against coronavirus, but that could very soon come back to haunt him


Haaretz (Israel): Coronavirus puts New Jersey’s Orthodox community in unwelcome spotlight


Haaretz (Israel): El Al halts all passenger flights amid coronavirus restrictions


Haaretz (Israel): Unlike his fellow Kahol Lavan leaders, the former general doesn't hate Netanyahu enough to stand against the premier's endless electioneering in the time of the coronavirus


Haaretz (Israel): Live Updates


Haaretz (Israel): The coronavirus pandemic has put the Schengen Agreement to the test, and it failed


Haaretz (Israel): Coronavirus quarantine reading list: 15 best apocalyptic books to read now


Haaretz (Israel): Israel preparing to use unapproved medication to treat coronavirus


Haaretz (Israel): Like a zombie movie': My nightmare trip home across Italy amid the coronavirus pandemic


Haaretz (Israel): With coronavirus emergency rules still ill-defined, police moves to enforcement


Haaretz (Israel): Meet the man hunting down the gear Israel needs to fight the coronavirus


Haaretz (Israel): Israel has just 1,437 ventilators in reserve for coronavirus patients, lawmakers told


Haaretz (Israel): Coronavirus quarantine reading list: 15 best apocalyptic books to read now


Haaretz (Israel): How the coronavirus pandemic resurrected the nation-state


Haaretz (Israel): Remembering Holocaust survivors and Jewish community leaders claimed by the coronavirus


Haaretz (Israel): It seems that every culture is in need of an apocalyptic story centered around a pandemic, especially now, with the eruption of the coronavirus


Haaretz (Israel): El Al halted passenger flights on Thursday due to the coronavirus following an “assessment of the current and future situation"


Haaretz (Israel): One casualty of the coronavirus crisis in Israel is political. On Thursday, the alternative to Benjamin Netanyahu’s rule died, Yossi Verter writes.


Haaretz (Israel): Jordan reports first death from coronavirus, a woman in her 80s, state news agency announces


Haaretz (Israel): The streets are absolutely empty, and a sign on the road flashes “Coronavirus: Limit your movements.”


Los Angeles Times: In Iran, hundreds die ingesting a poison they wrongly believe can fight coronavirus


North America (Canada, Mexico, Central America)

Indo-Asian News Service (India): Canadian researchers are developing a DNA vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, the #coronavirus that causes #COVID19 and has currently infected nearly 5,00,000 people worldwide and crippled the global economy. #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Canadian Prime Minister #JustinTrudeau announced an increase, from 10 per cent to 75 per cent, in the wage subsidy for small and medium-sized businesses that have been impacted by the #coronavirus pandemic. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Canada to cover 75% of small business wages, central bank cuts interest rates


Business Insider: Panama Canal blocks Holland America cruise ship with 138 ill crew members and passengers, and 2 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on board


Yahoo Finance: Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau delivers remarks on coronavirus


CBC News (Canada): "It's a tinderbox," says a seniors' advocate of COVID-19 and long-term care homes.


CBC News (Canada): Second World War veteran Zaima Rozenberg, 100, died on Tuesday of COVID-19. His family said he was thoughtful, sharp and humble.


CBC News (Canada): The Conservative party is suspending its leadership race in the face of the ongoing crisis caused by COVID-19.


CBC News (Canada): Nine workers are sequestered inside the water treatment plant in Brandon, Man., to safeguard the city’s water supply during the COVID-19 pandemic.


CBC News (Canada): Service Canada centres are closing over COVID-19 concerns. The minister in charge says officials will make alternative arrangements for those who still need personalized services.


CBC News (Canada): Canada is only now seeing the tip of the iceberg known as COVID-19, but it's already clear that its economic impact will set records.


CBC News (Canada): The Bank of Canada has made a second unscheduled cut to its benchmark interest rate, lowering it to 0.25 per cent amid the COVID-19 crisis.


CBC News (Canada): When Sunwing pilot Derek Butcher recovers from COVID-19, which he believes he picked up on the job, he won't be returning to work.


CBC News (Canada): Federal government to increase wage subsidies for small businesses to 75%, an increase from last week's announcement of a 10% subsidy. #coronavirus


CBC News (Canada): “One of the first things that people should do is put the risk in perspective." @CaulfieldTim breaks down how we can make responsible choices to mitigate risk without succumbing to the stress and anxiety brought on by COVID-19. Listen here:


CBC News (Canada): COVID-19 update: Trudeau addresses Canadians


CBC News (Canada): PM Trudeau says feds will suspend duties, GST payments owed by businesses until June in order to provide companies more cash liquidity as they cope with economic impact of coronavirus. Also says additional $12.5B available through Canada's business and export development banks.


CBC News (Canada): Feds says banks to offer loans of up to $40,000 for qualifying small business owners, which will be guaranteed by the Government of Canada. Loans will be interest-free for 1 year; for businesses meeting certain conditions, the first $10,000 will be forgiveable. #coronavirus


CBC News (Canada): Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced more help for small and medium-sized businesses to keep employees on the payroll during the COVID-19 crisis.


CBC News (Canada): Some in the construction industry in Ontario are upset that work continues while it has been shut down in Quebec because of the COVID-19 health crisis.


CBC News (Canada): According to recent polls, about two-thirds of Canadians approve of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's management of the coronavirus pandemic.


CBC News (Canada): An 18-year-old Hamilton woman is facing four charges after police say she faked having coronavirus to get out of work at McDonald's.


CBC News (Canada): The COVID-19 pandemic represents a risk to social order and could further inflame already intractable wars across the globe, says a stark assessment released this week by the International Crisis Group.


CBC News (Canada): Tonight on #AskCBCNews : Answers to your coronavirus questions with an infectious diseases specialist. @swsmith72 will join me to take YOUR questions. What do you want to know about the coronavirus? Tweet me or email askcbc @cbc .ca and we'll discuss LIVE at 8pm ET on #CBCNN .


CBC News (Canada): PEI confirms 2 more coronavirus cases, bringing the province's total to 11. Across Canada, the total is 4,624. The death toll is 53.


CBC News (Canada): A Toronto man is facing fraud charges after allegedly shipping "25 individual prohibited COVID-19 testing kits" to the United States, police say. Police said "there are no kits that have been approved for personal use in Canada."


CBC News (Canada): PHOTOS: Deserted cities and empty streets and parks are the new norm as millions adapt to life amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


CBC News (Canada): More than half of Saskatchewan's COVID-19 cases — 49 people — are aged anywhere up to and including 44 years of age. Out of those, four are 19 or younger.


CBC News (Canada): Losing their grandfather to COVID-19 was made harder by not being allowed to be by his side in hospital when he died. Video:


CBC News (Canada): City of Montreal declares state of emergency. Mayor Valérie Plante says city needs declaration in order to make quick decisions in face of coronavirus outbreak. Plante stresses need to care for Montreal's homeless population.


CBC News (Canada): This cancer patient's urgent surgery was postponed indefinitely because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Mary Swark-Hougaard of Pickering, Ont., says she's worried the cancer spreads with each passing day. Video:


CBC News (Canada): CBCTheNational LIVE for Friday, March 27 — Government boost for businesses hurt by COVID-19


CBC News (Canada): The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has waived enforcement on a range of legally mandated public health and environmental protections, saying industries could have trouble complying with them during the coronavirus pandemic.


CBC News (Canada): Opposition leader Benny Gantz cited the coronavirus epidemic as the reason for his decision. Israel, with 3,000 cases of the COVID-19 disease and 10 deaths, is under partial lockdown.


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: Large queues form outside a supermarket in Caracas, as people stock up on essentials amid a countrywide lockdown. Venezuela on Thursday recorded its first death from the coronavirus, and has reported 107 cases Video:


Reuters: The rare birth of a baby Bengal tiger called ‘Covid’ has brought hope to a private zoo in eastern Mexico, even as normal life seizes up in the country to contain the deadly coronavirus that inspired his name


Reuters: Mexico registers 717 coronavirus cases, and 12 total deaths


EL UNIVERSAL English: Say no to mass hysteria! Now that #Mexico announced the country was officially entering phase 2 of the contingency plan launched to handle the #COVID19 outbreak, there are things everyone can do to protect themselves & others from #coronavirus !


EL UNIVERSAL English: Fase2 : On Tuesday, #Mexico announced the country was officially entering phase 2 of the contingency plan launched to handle the #COVID19 outbreak, even when only 1% of cases are not linked to imported #coronavirus cases


EL UNIVERSAL English: CoronavirusOutbreak : It is common for difficult times to cause distress in the population, therefore, here are some recommendations to protect your #mentalhealth during the #COVID19 pandemic


EL UNIVERSAL English: Say no to #FakeNews ! Misinformation is an obstacle in the fight against #COVID19 . Make sure to only share fact-checked information from reliable sources so that everyone can learn about the new #coronavirus


EL UNIVERSAL English: Amid the #COVID19 pandemic, people have taken measures such as self-#quarantine and #PhysicalDistancing . So while you #StayAtHome , you'll be able to watch the #opera for free!


EL UNIVERSAL English: S&P downgraded #Mexico ’s credit rating as the #coronavirus pandemic and a hit to state #oil firm #Pemex from plunging crude prices battered the growth outlook and piled pressure on the #government to lift the struggling #economy (via @Univ_Cartera )


EL UNIVERSAL English: PhysicalDistancing can help slow down the spread of #COVID19 . If you have the chance to #WorkFromHome , check out these tips to make the most out of your #HomeOffice !


EL UNIVERSAL English: COVID19 : In an ominous milestone for the #UnitedStates , at least 82,153 people were infected as of Thursday, according to a tally from local public health agencies. #China had the second highest number of cases, 81,285, followed by #Italy with 80,539


EL UNIVERSAL English: So far, #Mexico has repatriated 580 #Mexicans from #Asia -Pacific, 540 from #Africa and the #MiddleEast , 2,152 from #LatinAmerica and the #Caribbean , and 2,920 from #Europe , who were stranded due to the #COVID19 pandemic (via @Univ_Justicia )


EL UNIVERSAL English: ☣️⚡️ “EU supera los 100 mil casos de coronavirus” de @El_Universal_Mx


EL UNIVERSAL English: CoronavirusOutbreak : #MexicoCity is following three strategies in the fight against #COVID19 that include reconverting #hospitals and installing hospital wards to attend patients during the #coronavirus pandemic (via @Univ_Metropoli )


EL UNIVERSAL English: CoronavirusMx : As of March 27, the #Health Ministry reported 717 confirmed #COVID19 cases in #Mexico , as well as 2475 suspected cases and 12 deaths


EL UNIVERSAL English: CoronavirusOutbreak : On March 27, #Health authorities reported that 12 #COVID19 -related deaths have been registered in #Mexico


Miami Herald: Latin American and Caribbean nations are unveiling financial aid packages to help stave off the economic crisis created by the coronavirus. But the bailouts come at a cost, and no one can say if they will be enough.


AZ Central (Arizona): Mexico will receive cruise ships amid coronavirus pandemic, but will 'individually fumigate' passengers


Los Angeles Times: Masks from Mexico: On coronavirus front lines, a midnight dash across the border



Reuters: Haiti hospital chief kidnapped amid coronavirus emergency


Miami Herald: Jacky Lumarque just asked how many ventilators in #Haiti . @radiomagik9 reporters said the govt told them 100. @ralphonse76 can you please tell us where these 100 are bc we’ve been told there are less than 50. Two of the biggest hospitals have 24 among them. #Haiti #coronavirus


Miami Herald: Haiti and Venezuela are among 51 countries the United Nations is seeking to help through a $2 billion global humanitarian plan launched this week to respond to the coronavirus.


Miami Herald: Haiti’s government has requested financial assistance from the @IMFNews for #coronavirus response. It’s considering it. In the meantime #Haiti , Venezuela among countries in $2 billion U.N. humanitarian response plan


Asia, Eurasia

Indo-Asian News Service (India): Speaking about city's preparation to fight #coronavirus outbreak, #Delhi Chief Minister #ArvindKejriwal ( @ArvindKejriwal ) on Friday said the government was ready to deal with 100 cases per day, while currently, the patient rate is four to five cases a day. #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): In #MadhyaPradesh 's #Chitrakoot , a woman walked 30 km carrying her one-year-old sick child to a hospital after she could not find any transport due to the nationwide #lockdown . #Lockdown21 #CoronavirusLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): As many as 121 government laboratories have been approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research to conduct tests for deadly #novelcoronavirus , the #ICMR said on Friday. In addition, there are 35 private labs across the country for conducting the tests. #COVID2019 #COVID


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #Gujarat government on Friday said that no new #coronavirus positive case have been reported in the state during last 24 hours. #COVID2019 #CoronaIndia


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Prime Minister #NarendraModi on Friday enquired with #TamilNadu Chief Minister #KPalaniswami on the steps taken to prevent the spread of #coronavirus in the state. #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Today @RBI has taken giant steps to safeguard our #economy from the impact of the #Coronavirus . The announcements will improve #liquidity , reduce cost of funds, help middle class and businesses: PM #NarendraModi ( @narendramodi )


Indo-Asian News Service (India): JustIn : The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ( @theicai ) has postponed the #CA exam scheduled to be held in May.The exams will be now be held in June-July. #COVID2019 #coronavirusindia #Lockdown21


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Chinese President #XiJinping on Friday called on the #US to take concrete steps to push forward cooperation to contain the #coronavirus pandemic, and said he was concerned about the outbreak in America, pledging #Beijing 's support. #CoronavirusOutbreak #Corona


Indo-Asian News Service (India): J&K administration on Friday directed all district magistrates and district police chiefs to caution religious leaders not to call any public gathering across the #unionterritory today. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Odisha Assembly Speaker Surya Narayan Patro on Friday said all the employees of the Assembly need to remain in home quarantine after it came to light that an official came in contact with a #Covid19 patient. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Authorities in #Dubai taking steps to help stranded passengers, including 22 #Indians , who were in transit at the airport when their home countries suddenly stopped inbound flights due to the #coronavirus pandemic, it was reported on Friday. #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #Philippines has cancelled its biggest annual joint military exercise with the #US this year due to the #coronavirus pandemic, a high-ranking official said on Friday. #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #Haryana government will now supply ration and other essential commodities under the #PDS at the doorsteps of people during the #lockdown in the wake of #coronavirus scare. #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronavirusLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing #lockdown is set to severely impair the #Indianeconomy as the Moody's Investor Service ( @MoodysInvSvc ) has further lowered its growth estimate for #India to 2.5 per cent for the current fiscal.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The total number of #coronavirus positive cases went up to 35 with six new cases being reported in #TamilNadu , said National Health Mission- Tamil Nadu. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Amid the suspension of passenger, mail and express trains during a 21-day nationwide #lockdown to prevent the spread of #novelcoronavirus , the #IndianRailways ( @RailMinIndia ) has ferried essential items in over one lakh wagons in the last four days. #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): AirIndia ( @airindiain ) would operate special cargo flights to the northeastern region of #India to ferry the commodities required to deal with the #novelcoronavirus treatment and other public emergency, top AAI official ( @AAI_Official ) said on Friday.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A 60-year-old man from #Tumkur district succumbed to #COVID19 , taking the number of deaths due to #coronavirus to three in #Karnataka , an official said on Friday. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): TamilNadu Chief Minister #KPalaniswami on Friday ordered filling up of vacancies by appointing 530 doctors, 1,000 nurses and 1,508 lab technicians and also press into service 200 new ambulance vans. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Congress President Smt #SoniaGandhi has offered all her #MPLADS fund to #Raebareli Administration to fight #Coronavirus outbreak. #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Fearing infection by the #coronavirus in jail, #YesBank founder #RanaKapoor on Friday applied for bail in the money-laundering case in which he is lodged in Taloja Prison, Raigad, by the Enforcement Directorate (#ED).


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A total of 157 laboratories are gearing up to conduct testing for #COVID19 . This includes both government and private labs, the official website of the #ICMR showed on Friday. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Take a look: #COVID19 cases and deaths #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019 #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): China on Friday announced a temporary ban on all foreign visitors, even if they have visas or residence permits due to an increase in the number of imported #coronavirus cases in the country, the #epicentre of the pandemic. #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Urging his men to remain safe from #coronavirus , #IndianArmy Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane on Friday assured all the personnel and officers posted at the border that the force is taking special care of their families and they will achieve victory in 'Operation Namaste'.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): An "undeclared ceasefire" between #Maoist rebels and #securityforces seems to be in place in #Jharkhand in the wake of #coronavirus spread, police sources said on Friday. #COVID2019 #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): As #coronavirus outbreak intensifies across the globe as well as in #India , a #Gurugram -based clinical laboratory, CORE Diagnostics, on Friday received approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research (#ICMR) to start testing #COVID19 samples. #COVID2019 #CoronaOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Friday #congregations were not held in most mosques across the #Kashmir Valley in the wake of #coronavirus threat. There were no congregations in Jama Masjid, Naqashband Sahib and Dastgeer Sahib shrines in #Srinagar . #COVID2019 #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): District authorities have sealed two residential societies till March 29 in #Noida and #GreaterNoida areas after three new suspected #coronavirus came to light. #coronavirusindia #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): In a huge health concern, the #Covid19 positive cases count in #Maharashtra shot up by 22 in the past 24 hours to stand at 147 now, a health official said on Friday. #coronavirusindia #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Various polls to the autonomous and local bodies in several northeastern region have been postponed indefinitely due to the situation arising out of the nationwide #lockdown to check the spread of #novelcoronavirus , officials said on Friday. #COVID2019 #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): In its efforts to help the people during #lockdown , the #IndianArmy ( @adgpi ) said on Friday that it has distributed rations among daily wagers, migrant workers and the needy in #Kashmir . #coronavirusindia #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #Chinese city of #Wuhan , where the #coronavirus pandemic originated last December, has had its #COVID19 risk evaluation downgraded from "high risk" to "medium risk", a local health official said on Friday. #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Aviation regulator #DGCA has extended the suspension of domestic flights by a fortnight till April 14 in view of the ongoing 21-day nationwide #lockdown due to the #coronavirus crisis. #CoronavirusLockdown #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Ten fresh cases of #Covid19 were reported in #Telangana on Friday, taking the state's total number to 59. Chief Minister #KChandrashekharRao told reporters that 10 persons had tested positive in a single day. #coronavirusIndia #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Punjab Public Works Minister Vijay Inder Singla on Friday said the state has suspended collection of #toll at all 23 toll plazas in the northern state till the end of the nationwide #lockdown imposed to control the spread of #coronavirus . #COVID2019 #coronavirusindia


Indo-Asian News Service (India): At least 1,500 people have been shifted to quarantine centres in J&K to ensure #socialdistancing in the #unionterritory , police said on Friday. #COVID2019 #coronavirusindia


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Coronavirus : The #AndhraPradesh government has decided to issue an ordinance for vote on account for the three month period ending June 30. The AP cabinet headed by chief minister #JaganmohanReddy met on Friday and also reviewed the situation after #lockdown in the state.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Five more tested positive for #coronavirus in #Punjab on Friday, taking the total number to 38 people which comprise 27 close-knit family members and friends of a 70-year-old man who died last week, health officials said. #COVID2019 #coronavirusindia


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The government on Friday issued a "comprehensive disability inclusive guidelines" to all the #states and #UnionTerritories (UTs) for protection and safety of persons with disabilities in the wake of the #Covid19 outbreak. #coronavirusindia #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Facebook on Friday launched #Messenger Chatbot with #HealthMinistry and #MyGov in India to raise awareness around CIDIC-19 disease. The Corona Helpdesk Chatbot on Messenger will help provide authentic and accurate information and bust fake news about new #coronavirus .


Indo-Asian News Service (India): In a three-hour long video conference, the #President said that Medical Universities, Red Cross Society, NGOs working in the field of relief and #medical care should be roped in for their vital contribution in this hour of crisis. #coronavirusindia #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Three more corona patients were reported from #Rajasthan on Friday taking the total tally to 46 in the state, said state health officials. The new positive cases have been reported from #Jodhpur . #COVID19 #coronavirusindia


Indo-Asian News Service (India): WestBengal Chief Minister #MamataBanerjee lost her cool when asked about the shortage of bread in the market due to the #coronavirus induced #lockdown , and said that people should instead make handmade rotis as there is "bound to be some sufferings during calamities".


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #SupremeCourt on Friday allowed the sale of BS-IV compliant vehicles for 10 days, barring #NCR -#Delhi, after the lifting of the 21-day nationwide #lockdown announced by the Prime Minister from Tuesday midnight due to the outbreak of #coronavirus . #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, #Shirdi (Ahmednagar) announced a donation of Rs. 51 crore to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund (#CMRF), its CEO #ArunDongre said. #coronavirusindia #Covid _19india


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Jharkhand Chief Minister #HemantSoren ( @HemantSorenJMM ), #Ranchi BJP MP #SanjaySeth and others have donated for measures taken to deal and curb #coronavirus in the state. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): While previous studies had suggested that bats or snakes may have been responsible for the SARS-CoV-2 or #coronavirus transmission, a new study indicates another animal may be the missing link -- #pangolins , also called anteaters. #COVID2019 #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Kerala Chief Minister #PinarayiVijayan on Friday said that the state has a large population of stray dogs and now with a total #lockdown on account of #Covid19 , they are in dire straits and the local bodies should ensure that they get food. #COVID2019 #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): No evidence countries with #malaria immune against #COVID19 #COVID2019 #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #IndianNavy ( @indiannavy ) on Friday pressed its reconnaissance aircraft to contribute to the fight against #coronavirus , ferrying 60,000 face masks for health workers in #Goa .


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #railways on Thursday provided its land for a vegetable market in #UttarPradesh 's #Varanasi as people, ignoring calls for social distancing for combating #coronavirus , throng vegetable markets. #CoronaLockdown #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #SupremeCourt Friday began conducting hearings through video conferencing after Prime Minister #NarendraModi announced a three-week nationwide #lockdown to contain the outbreak of #coronavirus . #CoronaLockdown #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Keeping in view the #novelcoronavirus crisis across the country, the #Railways urged its 13.5 lakh employees to voluntarily donate one-day salary to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund (#PMNRF) to help combat the disease. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Karnataka recorded third #Covid19 death and seven new positive cases, which have taken the state's total to 62, an official said on Friday. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Ride-hailing platform #Ola on Friday launched ‘Drive the Driver Fund under Ola Foundation with Rs 20 crore donation from Ola group and its employees that will support auto-rickshaw, cab, kaali-peeli and taxi drivers globally during the tough #COVID19 times. #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A junior #IAS officer, Anupam Mishra, who was recommended self-isolation in the wake of his recent foreign travel, avoided his quarantine and was later traced to his home in #UttarPradesh 's #Sultanpur city. He has been suspended from service. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Researchers have found that three newborns with the #coronavirus , may have got the disease from their mother during pregnancy or childbirth in #China . #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): With the shortage in hand #sanitisers , masks, aprons and even cots in the market due to the spread of #coronavirus pandemic, the various production units under Southern Railway have started making the same for captive use. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Amid the ongoing nationwide #lockdown to contain the outbreak of #coronavirus , the #SupremeCourt on Friday directed a Delhi-based family to pay Rs 4 lakh interim payment to a woman rendered homeless after being thrown out of a guest house. #COVID2019 #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): JustIn : Global death toll crosses 25,000 #COVID2019 #CoronaUpdate #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare ( @MoHFW_INDIA ) on Friday said that it has given orders to Public Sector Undertakings to provide ventilators in order to handle the surge in #novelcoronavirus cases in the country. #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The Indian Council for Medical Research said on Friday that #India is likely to participate in the solidarity trial of #coronavirus vaccine to be conducted by the World Health Organization. #coronavirusindia #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #WestBengal government removed seven-eight police personnel from duty for committing excesses on the people during the ongoing #lockdown to prevent the spread of the #coronavirus , Chief Minister #MamataBanerjee ( @MamataOfficial ) announced on Friday. #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A total of seven new #Covid19 positive cases were registered in #Rajasthan on Friday taking the state's tally to 50, health officials said. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A total of 17 people tested negative against #Covid19 in #HimachalPradesh , Additional Chief Secretary (Health) R.D. Dhiman said on Friday. #COVID2019 #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): While PM #NarendraModi has announced a #21daylockdown in the country to combat the deadly coronavirus outbreak, #WestBengal Chief Minister #MamataBanerjee said on Friday that her government would hold a review on March 31 and "take a decision if the situation does not change".


Indo-Asian News Service (India): There are at least 748 active #COVID19 cases in #India at present, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare ( @MoHFW_INDIA ) said on Saturday, taking the total number of confirmed #coronavirus cases in the country to 834. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The central government has sent 10,000 testing kits for detecting #coronavirus infection to #WestBengal , an official said. #COVID2019 #CoronaUpdate


Indo-Asian News Service (India): In the ongoing #COVID19 saga, #Goa may have found its own equivalent of #SouthKorea 's patient number 31, an infamous title conferred upon he country's 31st patient, who is believed to have spread the deadly virus to numerous people in #Seoul . #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Another six months in #lockdown should be expected in order to prevent a second outbreak of the #coronavirus in the #UK , warned the country's deputy chief medical officer. #COVID2019 #CoronaUpdate #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Amid rising #coronavirus cases in #Pakistan , Prime Minister #ImranKhan has lifted the ban on the nationwide movement of goods and decided to allow opening of food-related industries to ensure adequate supply of essential items.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Accusing #WestBengal Chief Minister #MamataBanerjee of violating the ongoing #coronavirus induced #lockdown by hitting the streets regularly, state #BJP President #DilipGhosh has wondered why people would abide by the law when she's herself was breaking it.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A 48-year-old policeman, who was on duty to implement the curfew to prevent spread of #coronavirus , died of a heart attack in #Patiala district on Saturday, official said. ASI Mian Singh was on a patrol duty at Khari Fatan village in #Samana town when he had the heart attack.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Besides 775 active cases, the country has reported 19 casualties so far while 78 persons have recovered. The virus has so far spread to 27 states and UTs. A total of 103 districts have been affected by the highly contagious #coronavirus . #COVID19 #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): CoronaUpdate : There are at least 775 active #Covid19 cases in #India at present, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare ( @MoHFW_INDIA ) said on Saturday, taking the total number of confirmed #coronavirus cases in the country to 873. #COVID19


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Domestic passenger flights will resume operations in #China 's #Hubei province, the epicentre of the #coronavirus pandemic, except in the Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, according to country's civil aviation regulator. #COVID2019


NHK WORLD News (Japan): The mayor of a Japanese city plans to help South Sudanese athletes continue their training there after the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.


NHK WORLD News (Japan): Indians adjust to coronavirus lockdown


NHK WORLD News (Japan): Chinese researchers say they've found a virus in pangolins that closely resembles the new coronavirus. And they're calling for the trade in wild animals to be strictly prohibited.


NHK WORLD News (Japan): Japan finalizing guidelines to fight coronavirus


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Philippine armed forces chief of staff tests positive


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Boom time for digital services and e-commerce in Hong Kong as people stay home


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Those on 5 days' sick leave must avoid contact with elderly family members at all cost, says NCID head


The Straits Times (Singapore): Malaysia announces RM250 billion stimulus package to deal with coronavirus fallout


The Straits Times (Singapore): K-pop group BTS postpone US, Canada tour over coronavirus


The Straits Times (Singapore): Uzbekistan reports first coronavirus death as it widens lockdowns


The Straits Times (Singapore): Support for Hong Kong protesters' demands rises even as coronavirus halts rallies


The Straits Times (Singapore): Govt will do whatever it takes to help Singaporeans through Covid-19 outbreak: PM Lee


The Straits Times (Singapore): THE BIG STORY: Coronavirus: Singapore’s new rules for safe distancing


The Straits Times (Singapore): Green Pulse Podcast: How the coronavirus has magnified the importance of keeping Singapore clean


The Straits Times (Singapore): THE BIG STORY: Coronavirus: All Singapore schools to have home-based learning once a week


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Each month of lockdown in major economies to shave 2 percentage points off growth, says OECD


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Students to do home-based learning once a week from April as schools step up safe-distancing measures


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Emergency flights for tens of thousands of travellers stranded in South Asia


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: At least 3 private dining spaces suspend operations while others adapt to new guidelines


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Infections in Indonesia surge past 1,000, fatalities climb to nearly 90


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Sport Singapore adopts stricter measures at ActiveSG facilities, asks users to be socially responsible


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Lower- to middle-income Singaporeans suffering income loss can apply for aid from April 1


The Straits Times (Singapore): Condom shortage looms after coronavirus lockdown shuts world's top producer


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Can domestic travel alone buoy Chinese aviation?


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: 88,000 eligible self-employed to receive $9,000 cash payout this year


The Straits Times (Singapore): Philippine doctors overwhelmed by coronavirus deluge


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Sport Singapore adopts stricter measures at ActiveSG facilities, asks users to be socially responsible


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: 10,000 jobs created through new initiative could come from ICT, logistics, cleaning


The Straits Times (Singapore): 49 new coronavirus cases in Singapore; 3 cases form new cluster at SingPost Centre


The Straits Times (Singapore): International tourism to plunge up to 30% due to coronavirus: UN


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Thailand closes more public facilities as cases top 1,100


The Straits Times (Singapore): 19th Shangri-La Dialogue, scheduled for June, called off due to coronavirus outbreak


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Pakistan struggles to limit Islamic prayers to stem spread


The Straits Times (Singapore): China reports no local coronavirus transmissions as foreigners barred


The Straits Times (Singapore): South Korea reports 146 new coronavirus cases


The Straits Times (Singapore): Stranded by coronavirus lockdown, India migrant workers walk home


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Temperature checks at Kuala Lumpur roadblocks, those with fever may be held for screening


The Straits Times (Singapore): Should schools close to fight coronavirus? These places say no


The Straits Times (Singapore): Tokyo restricts movement to combat coronavirus, some carry on as usual


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Govt advises public to stay home, avoid going to malls to curb local transmission


The Straits Times (Singapore): Fears of domestic violence rise as millions confined over coronavirus


The Straits Times (Singapore): In case you’d missed this, our news reports and analyses on the #coronavirus @stcom are freely available. Stay safe!


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Long-term and student's pass holders to require approval to enter Singapore


The Straits Times (Singapore): India's chaotic cities turn eerily silent as coronavirus fears grow


The Straits Times (Singapore): Thailand reports 109 new coronavirus cases and one death


The Straits Times (Singapore): Brunei reports first coronavirus death


Yonhap News Agency (South Korea): S. Korea voices regret over coronavirus racist attack on Korean in Australia


Yonhap News Agency (South Korea): (2nd LD) Moon stresses patriotism in fighting coronavirus in honor of fallen heroes in Yellow Sea


Yonhap News Agency (South Korea): (4th LD) USFK reports 2 more coronavirus cases, Camp Humphreys under partial lockdown


Business Insider: I spoke to education startup @LingumiLabs about its spike in demand from Chinese families under lockdown and how the same is happening elsewhere. Check it out on @businessinsider (£/$).


Business Insider: China has ordered all its movie theaters to close again after more than 600 had reopened


Sky News (UK): After more than 80,000 cases and more than 3,200 deaths, China has successfully reduced the number of new #coronavirus cases it is recording each day. But it is not the only country starting to get the outbreak under control


AFP News Agency (France): Video shows a shaman curing COVID-19 in Malaysia? FALSE: This video has circulated online more than one year before COVID-19 was first detected


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: Drone images show cars circulating in Wuhan as the Chinese government eases virus lockdown measures in the city where the coronavirus first emerged Video:


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: A supermarket in Tokyo is packed with shoppers Friday morning and many shelves are emptied as Tokyo's governor urges people to stay home this weekend, warning of a possible "explosion" of the coronavirus after scores of new cases were discovered this week Video:


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: Indonesian officials and activists use drones to spray disinfectant in densely populated areas to combat the COVID-19 pandemic Video:


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: As the lockdown of India's 1.3 billion people continues as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, once-bustling markets and streets in the commercial capital Mumbai are now quiet Video:


AFP News Agency (France): With India locked down over the #Coronavirus and no way to earn money, millions of migrant workers are left jobless and penniless and face walking long distances back to their home villages after all transport is stopped


AFP News Agency (France): Indonesia's coronavirus crisis is far worse than being officially reported and the government's response is "in tatters", the country's doctors association warned Friday as the death toll climbed to 87


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: Aerial images show deserted streets at night in the Chinese city of Wuhan where the coronavirus was first detected. The lockdown in the city brought the COVID-19 epidemic to a halt, giving health systems breathing room to deal with serious cases, new research has showed Video:


AFP News Agency (France): China "lifts ban" on Korans during COVID-19 pandemic? This video has circulated online since at least 2013 and shows people receiving Bibles


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: Virtually blind and penniless, Leung Ping-kuen usually spends his nights dozing in one of Hong Kong's many 24-hour McDonald's but now finds himself back on the streets because of the coronavirus. He is one of the city's so-called "McRefugees"


AFP News Agency (France): False claim circulates online that certain countries in Asia are using helicopters to spray 'COVID-19 disinfectant' Details:


Axios: China's travel ban could slow the U.S. tech product pipeline


Reuters: India cuts rates as distress mounts across South Asia over coronavirus


Reuters: E-commerce companies in India are hamstrung by delivery hurdles on the ground despite government assurances on allowing essential supplies during the coronavirus lockdown. Most of Amazon’s 60 plus warehouses are shut


Reuters: Residents in Japan's Fukushima are saddened by the cancellation of the Olympic torch relay, which was scrapped following the Tokyo Games' postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic


Reuters: Too close? Anyone caught breaking Singapore’s social distancing rules can be fined up to S$10,000, jailed for up to six months, or both after the city-state made it an offence as part of its coronavirus defense


Reuters: EXCLUSIVE: Support for Hong Kong protesters' demands rises even as coronavirus halts rallies: poll


Reuters: Vietnam bans big gatherings, cuts flights in coronavirus battle


Reuters: Red lights out: Singapore's sex industry shuts due to coronavirus


Reuters: Malaysia announces $58-billion stimulus package to cushion impact of coronavirus


Reuters: Red lights out: Singapore's sex industry shuts due to coronavirus


Reuters: Japan plans huge stimulus package to cushion blow from coronavirus


Reuters: Singapore says ready for more support to economy in coronavirus fight


Reuters: In China's Hubei, uncertainty, pessimism and hope as life resumes


Reuters: Small bars and breweries in Tokyo are taking a hit as coronavirus keeps tourists away Video:


Reuters: Cherry blossoms must wait, Tokyo governor says, amid supply queues in coronavirus battle


Reuters: An Indonesian doctor is voluntarily patrolling neighborhoods on the outskirts of Jakarta with a residents' taskforce to raise awareness about coronavirus. Follow for live updates:


Reuters: State investor Temasek Holdings and others will inject as much as $13 billion of liquidity into Singapore Airlines in the single biggest rescue for an airline slammed by the coronavirus pandemic


Reuters: Foreigners face suspicion in China as coronavirus worsens overseas


Reuters: A fatal miscalculation by Japanese and IOC officials of public sentiment at a time of heightened fears over the coronavirus. Read the inside story of Tokyo's decision to delay the #Olympics :


Reuters: An Indonesian doctor is voluntarily patrolling streets on the outskirts of Jakarta asking people to stay indoors during the coronavirus outbreak. Follow for live updates:


Reuters: Normal life slowly resumed for some residents in China’s Hubei province after a lockdown that started in late January was lifted as the number of new coronavirus cases fell


Reuters: Toyota to make face masks in U.S. to aid coronavirus battle


Reuters: South Korea reports 146 new coronavirus cases


Reuters: Thailand reports 109 new coronavirus cases and one death


The Associated Press: From the sun-soaked beaches of Thailand to the foothills of Mount Everest, tourists across Asia find their dream vacations have turned into travel nightmares as airlines cancel flights and countries close their borders in the fight against the coronavirus.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): No one believes that #India has 649 #coronavirus infections, not even its conservative government, which insists, contrary to the WHO, that there is no community transmission of the disease.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): India ’s central bank and major lenders are working on a plan to close most branches during the country’s lockdown, aiming to protect tens of thousands of employees from #coronavirus .


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan ( @iamsrk ) urges #Indian expats living in #Dubai to stay in their homes and protect society against the threat of #coronavirus #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe (Video: @DXBMediaOffice )


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): As the lockdown of India's 1.3 billion people continues as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, once-bustling markets and streets in the commercial capital Mumbai are now quiet Video:


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Philippine health ministry reports 9 new #coronavirus deaths, 96 cases


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): HongKong confirms 65 new #coronavirus cases, biggest daily rise: Health official


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Malaysia reports 130 new #coronavirus cases; 2,161 cases now in total.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Indonesia has confirmed 153 new #coronavirus cases, the biggest daily rise so far and taking the Southeast Asian country's total to 1,046.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): State investor Temasek Holdings and others put together a funding package of up to $13.27 billion for @SingaporeAir in the single biggest rescue for an airline slammed by the #coronavirus pandemic.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed his appreciation of #SaudiArabia ’s efforts to help his country fight #coronavirus , thanks King Salman for hosting the #G20VirtualSummit that took place on Thursday


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Indonesian companies are switching production to manufacture medical equipment and protective wear for those on the frontline of the country’s fight against the #coronavirus #Indonesia


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Drone images show cars circulating in Wuhan as the Chinese government eases virus lockdown measures in the city where the coronavirus first emerged Video:


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): As the #coronavirus pandemic that originated in #Wuhan went global, thousands of factories in China nimbly turned to a new and very profitable market — #facemasks for export


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Malaysia’s king and queen went into self-imposed quarantine in their palace on Thursday after nine of their palace staff tested positive for the #coronavirus disease #COVID -19.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Armed Forces of the Philippines chief, Gen. Felimon Santos Jr., has tested positive for the #coronavirus disease.


AZ Central (Arizona): 180+ tourists stranded on Nepal's high-altitude trails due to coronavirus lockdown


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] Russia's top #coronavirus #fakenews stories were about Western plots - a theme also popular in Chinese #disinformation .


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] "Scientists: #coronavirus is weapon of #biologicalwarfare " on Russian website


AFP News Agency (France): "No one knows the real picture" Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin flatly tells the president official figures on #coronavirus cases are far from reality as people are staying home sick and because there has not been enough testing


AFP News Agency (France): With families across Europe confined to their homes to curb the spread of the #coronavirus , fears are rising of a surge in domestic violence


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: Stay home to avoid #coronavirus : simple advice but impossible for those who live on the streets. In Brussels, local support group Samusocial is trying to help them and has set up a crisis centre for those test positive with COVID-19 Video:


Reuters: Russia shuts state hotels, resorts as coronavirus cases rise past 1,000


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Russia reports 196 new #coronavirus cases, bringing total to 1,036


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Kremlin says there is one #coronavirus case in Russian presidential administration


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Russia ’s unique policy response to the #coronavirus pandemic will put pressure on the credit ratings of its banks, Moody’s forecast on Friday.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Malaysia announced a stimulus package worth 250-billion ringgit ($58.28 billion) on Friday, its second in a month, to help cushion the economic blow from the #coronavirus pandemic.

Europe (including UK)

Indo-Asian News Service (India): Thousands of people across the #UK opened their doors and windows to applaud #medical workers of the country's National Health Services (#NHS) dealing with the #coronavirus pandemic, a media report said on Friday. #COVID2019 #COVID19


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Mass testing has been carried out in the #Vatican after a priest living at the #Pope 's residence tested positive for the #novelcoronavirus . #COVID2019 #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #UK 's #PrinceHarry and his wife #MeghanMarkle have left #Canada amid the #coronavirus pandemic and moved permanently to California, according to a media report. #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The French government has decided to extend the nationwide #lockdown by two weeks until April 15 to combat the spread of the #coronavirus , Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced. #CoronaUpdate #CoronaLockdown


NHK WORLD News (Japan): Italy surpasses China in coronavirus cases


The Straits Times (Singapore): Britain should delay defence review due to coronavirus: Study


The Straits Times (Singapore): France to urge state-backed firms to scrap dividends amid coronavirus crisis


The Straits Times (Singapore): We are not crashing the economy over coronavirus, says Britain's Business Minister


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: German Upper House approves $1.7 trillion rescue package


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Samaritans offer help and hope across virus-stricken Europe


The Straits Times (Singapore): Spain's coronavirus death toll hits 4,858 as 769 die in 24 hours


The Straits Times (Singapore): UK Health Minister Hancock tests positive for coronavirus, after PM Boris Johnson found infected


The Straits Times (Singapore): Britain's delayed coronavirus response leaves it vulnerable, Lancet editor says


The Straits Times (Singapore): Dutch coronavirus cases rise by 16 per cent, 112 new deaths


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Death of teenager, who had 'just a cough', shakes France


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Death toll rises to 759 in Britain, up 31% in one day


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: After British PM Johnson tests positive, top adviser runs from Downing Street


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Britain's Gatwick airport to shut one of its two terminals as virus hits demand


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Infected cat found in Belgium


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: France extends virus lockdown as 'difficult days' loom


Business Insider: British people took to the streets in massive numbers to applaud National Health Service workers during the coronavirus crisis.


Business Insider: The UK has gone into coronavirus lockdown. Here's what you can and cannot do


Business Insider: UK police officers are using drones to 'lockdown shame' people for walking their dogs during the coronavirus outbreak.


Business Insider: Amazon, Microsoft, and Palantir will help the UK health service map its coronavirus response, raising privacy worries


Business Insider: Firefighters given the powers to "deliver food and medicines, drive ambulances, and retrieve dead bodies" during the coronavirus outbreak.


Business Insider: A further 181 people in the UK have died after catching the coronavirus, taking the death toll to 759


Business Insider: The UK government claims it failed to take part in an EU scheme for coronavirus ventilators because it didn't see the email asking it to take part


Business Insider: Boris Johnson urged to close construction sites and call centres to stop the spread of the coronavirus


Business Insider: The UK government's chief medical officer Sir Chris Whitty is self-isolating after developing coronavirus symptoms


Business Insider: Who is Dominic Raab? The controversial politician who could replace Boris Johnson after the prime minister caught the coronavirus


Business Insider: A major UK airport is being converted into a morgue for thousands as the country prepares for COVID-19-related deaths to rise


Business Insider: A 101-year-old Italian man with COVID-19 was released from the hospital in an "extraordinary" recovery. The man, identified only as "Mr. P.," was admitted to the hospital last week.


Business Insider: Italy again reported the highest single-day death toll since the coronavirus outbreak began: 919 deaths. Its cases have surpassed China's.


Forbes: Germany’s agriculture minister wants asylum seekers to help with coronavirus labor shortages


Forbes: The coronavirus lockdown has provided a rare opportunity to repaint the world's most famous crosswalk, as immortalized by The Beatles on the cover of Abbey Road


Forbes: Italy had its worst day of the coronavirus pandemic with 919 deaths today


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: "My jaw really did drop when I saw Britain's prime minister is now in self-isolation after testing positive [for coronavirus]," @tom_belger says. "Parliament should have begun social distancing sooner — that's the message from some MPs." Video:


Yahoo Finance: UK government officials hold daily briefing on coronavirus outbreak in the United Kingdom


CBC News (Canada): Spain continues to suffer a high number of COVID-19 deaths, with the toll up 769 in the last 24 hours to 4,858. Iran's Health Ministry confirms 144 new deaths, taking total deaths to 2,378. More developments from around the world, including Canada:


CBC News (Canada): Almost 1,000 have died of coronavirus in Italy in the last 24 hours, officials say. 969 new deaths have been reported, pushing the total to 9,134. The number of new cases is 5,959, for a total of 86,498. Italy has now surpassed China and trails only the US in the number of cases.


Ansa English News (Italy): Video : Asylum seeker from Gambia is now sewing face masks in #Italy for the #coronavirus emergency. He wants to have his own tailoring business when the #Covid19 crisis is over.


Ansa English News (Italy): Coronavirus : doctor dies in Bergamo, taking death toll among medics in #Italy up to 44.


Ansa English News (Italy): Coronavirus : Flags to fly at half-mast across #Italy March 31 to mourn #COVID19 victims.


Ansa English News (Italy): Coronavirus : #Italy registers record rise of 969 deaths. #COVID -19 death toll now 9,134. Rise of #4 ,401 in #COVID -19 positives to 66,414 (4,492 Thurs). Recovered up 589 to 10,950. Total (infected+dead+recovered) is 86,498.


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] "A successful European response can only be coordinated if our #internalmarket and our #Schengen area work the way it should," says EU Commission president @vonderLeyen .


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] During a six-hour #videoconference , #Eurobonds leaders debated how they should pool resources to fight the #coronavirus , as Germany and the Netherlands rejected the idea of issuing of joint debt bonds.


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] The #coronavirus crisis and the restrictive measures that many countries are taking to contain the outbreak can have a negative impact on people's #mentalhealth and well-being, warns #WHO .


EUobserver (Belgium): [Ticker] Belgian cat 'affected with coronavirus'


EUobserver (Belgium): [Ticker] Orban: coronavirus exposes #EU 'weaknesses'


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] #Eurozone finance ministers have already discussed using an #EUfund , the European Stability Mechanism, to deal with the economic consequences of the #coronavirus .


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] "#Isolation, #PhysicalDistancing , the closure of schools and workplaces are challenges that affect us, and it is natural to feel stress, anxiety, fear and loneliness at this time," says director of the European #WHO branch.


Sky News (UK): "Don't think for one moment that this is just a wee cold and cough." #Coronavirus patient Mark McClurg has issued a warning from his hospital bed, asking people to listen to government advice and stay at home amid the #COVID19 pandemic. Latest here:


Sky News (UK): KayBurley will be joined by @MattWrack , General Secretary of @fbunational , at 8.15am to discuss an unprecedented agreement which will see firefighters carry out services to help the UK get through the #coronavirus pandemic. Channel 501 Watch


Sky News (UK): "No one has immunity from this virus" Dr Gilles Poumerol tells #KayBurley a second wave of #coronavirus is "certainly a possibility", and the virus could continue to spread "in the next few months, couple of years." Latest on #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): "Someone's blundered somewhere." Shadow Chancellor @johnmcdonnellMP says he is "at a complete loss" to explain how Britain was apparently left out of an EU scheme to bulk buy ventilators. #KayBurley To read more about #coronavirus , click here:


Sky News (UK): The housing ministry aims to house all rough sleepers in hostels and in night shelters by the weekend, in a bid to protect people during the #coronavirus outbreak. #KayBurley More on #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): "There's a huge challenge for all public services." @MattWrack of the Fire Brigades Union talks to #KayBurley about the extra responsibilities firefighters are set to take on to help fight the #coronavirus outbreak in the UK. Read more about #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): Whatever you do this weekend, you must do it indoors - the UK's lockdown remains in place. Here's the latest on the #coronavirus pandemic. Stay up to date on #COVID19 by visiting:


Sky News (UK): The government has written to local authorities in England asking them to house all people sleeping rough by the weekend in an attempt to help stop the spread of #COVID19 . Sky's @inzyrashid reports. For the latest on #coronavirus , click here:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Councils in England asked to house all rough sleepers by the weekend


Sky News (UK): Cheers rang out over the London skyline last night to show appreciation for #NHS workers battling the #coronavirus pandemic. The same sound could be heard at 8pm from windows and balconies across much of the UK - read more here:


Sky News (UK): "Today has been rough. But there's still so much goodness out there. Please, stay home. Check in on each other." Dr Maria Tadros says she has been evicted from her home due to her landlady's fears about the #coronavirus outbreak


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Spain death count rises 769 in one day to 4,858


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Met Police chief asks recently retired officers to re-join force


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Ex-Interserve chief to oversee COVID-19 testing network


Sky News (UK): Boris Johnson has released a video message announcing that he has tested positive for #COVID19 . The PM says he is experiencing "mild symptoms" and will continue to "lead the national fight back" against #coronavirus whilst self-isolating. Read more here:


Sky News (UK): There is now some speculation that Rishi Sunak will have to self isolate, following news that Boris Johnson has tested positive for #coronavirus . Live updates:


Sky News (UK): Watch Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus


Sky News (UK): Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for #coronavirus . The PM is reportedly self-isolating in Downing Street but is continuing to lead the government's response to #COVID19 . More on this story:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Gatwick to close north terminal as flights dwindle


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus : Number of deaths in Spain rises to 769 in one day, taking total in country to 4,858


Sky News (UK): "Anybody can get it, and anybody does get it." @dr_simon says Boris Johnson and Price Charles testing positive for #COVID19 proves "there is no bar against getting #coronavirus " and should be a lesson to those ignoring social distancing advice. Latest:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Tesco steps up measures to avert virus stockpiling


Sky News (UK): While Boris Johnson says he is only experiencing mild #coronavirus symptoms and will continue to lead the country, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will stand in if he becomes unwell. Live updates:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Grandfather, 87, beats COVID-19 as his family thank NHS


Sky News (UK): "We are so grateful to you for your strong leadership at this time of crisis." Politicians including @Jeremy_Hunt and @SadiqKhan have posted messages of support to @BorisJohnson after he announced that he has tested positive for #coronavirus . Read more:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Evangeline Lilly apologises for 'arrogant' comments over COVID-19


Sky News (UK): Buckingham Palace have issued a statement saying The Queen remains in good health, and is following all the appropriate advice with regards to her welfare. The Palace is yet to confirm if the monarch has been tested for #coronavirus . Latest:


Sky News (UK): Dominic Cummings seen running out of the back gate from Downing Street. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for #coronavirus . Follow live updates here:


Sky News (UK): Health Secretary Matt Hancock has tested positive for #coronavirus . He is now self isolating at home with mild symptoms. Live updates:


Sky News (UK): Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith says Boris Johnson's #COVID19 diagnosis proves that it is "absolutely vital" for people to follow the PM's advice about social distancing. To read more about #coronavirus , click here:


Sky News (UK): First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirms eight more people have died in Scotland after contracting #coronavirus , taking the total to 33. There are now 1,059 positive #COVID19 cases confirmed, after an increase of 165. Live updates:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Who did Boris Johnson meet before testing postitive for COVID-19?


Sky News (UK): I can continue with #coronavirus ' - Boris Johnson has confirmed he has tested positive for #COVID19 after experiencing mild symptoms. Follow live updates here:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Has Boris Johnson been taking 'unnecessary risks'?


Sky News (UK): Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has sent her "best wishes for a very speedy recovery" to Boris Johnson following news he has tested positive for #coronavirus . The latest on #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): "It's a reflection that nobody in the country can exempt themselves from the challenge of the #coronavirus ." @Tobias_Ellwood reacts to the PM and the health secretary testing positive for #COVID19 , saying there will be "contingency plans in place".


Sky News (UK): An emotional NHS worker has thanked the public after he and his team heard people cheering from their windows and balconies to show their support during the #coronavirus pandemic. To read more about #COVID19 , click here:


Sky News (UK): George, Charlotte and Louis joined the nation in clapping for the NHS workers who are helping #coronavirus victims. For the latest videos, head here:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: EU governments bicker over 'Corona bond' to help pay for crisis


Sky News (UK): "Fortunately for me the symptoms so far have been very mild, so I've been able to carry on with the work driving forward with the UK's response." Health Secretary Matt Hancock announces he has tested positive for #coronavirus . More on this story here:


Sky News (UK): Three more people who tested positive for covid-19 in Northern Ireland have died bringing the UK total 769


Sky News (UK): Tesco is limiting new online shopping orders to 80 items following a surge in order sizes as households fill their fridges, freezers and cupboards amid the #coronavirus lockdown


Sky News (UK): An 87-year-old grandfather has left hospital after coming through a two-week battle against the #coronavirus


Sky News (UK): Both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock have tested positive for #COVID19 . Do you have a question about the #coronavirus ? We’re hosting a Q&A on Sky News tonight from 6.30pm Email: news @sky .com WhatsApp: +447583000853 Tweet: #AskSkyNews


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: UK deaths rise by 182 to 766


Sky News (UK): As the prime minister announces he has #coronavirus , concern will turn to the number of people he has come into contact with


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Lib Dems push back leadership contest to 2021


Sky News (UK): Public Health Wales says that six further people have died in Wales after testing positive for covid-19 bringing total to 34


Sky News (UK): A total of 769 people have now died after testing positive for #coronavirus in the UK - a rise of 185. For live updates on #COVID19 head here:


Sky News (UK): Sky News understands a temporary mortuary site has been announced at Birmingham Airport to cope with a possible rise in deaths following the #coronavirus pandemic. For the latest breaking news on #COVID19 , head here:


Sky News (UK): 27 prisoners have tested positive for #coronavirus in 14 prisons, the Ministry of Justice says. For the latest breaking news on #COVID19 , head here:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus lockdown: Police defend using drone footage to catch hikers


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Temporary mortuary being built at Birmingham Airport


Sky News (UK): "We need to be completely confident that the protective equipment that we're being provided with is adequate." GP Dr @vanmellaerts says they've been forced to source some of their own protective equipment during the #coronavirus pandemic. #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): The government's chief medical officer Chris Whitty is self-isolating after experiencing symptoms of #coronavirus . It comes after the PM and health secretary tested positive for #COVID19 . Latest here:


Sky News (UK): Watch Michael Gove holds today's Downing Street news conference on the #coronavirus


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Italy reports 919 virus deaths in one day - highest number so far


Sky News (UK): The number of #coronavirus related deaths in Italy has risen by 919, taking the country's total to 9,134. Get live updates here:


Sky News (UK): Police defend use of drones to deter people from flouting #coronavirus lockdown rules by walking in the Peak District


Sky News (UK): "People are tested if they are symptomatic." Michael Gove is asked whether there are any plans to test all cabinet ministers after both the prime minister and health secretary tested positive for #COVID19 . Get the latest on #coronavirus here:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: NHS staff first to receive 'antigen testing' for COVID-19


Sky News (UK): Why wasn't the prime minister and health secretary better protected from #coronavirus ?" - Sky's @BethRigby . Michael Gove says the virus is "no respecter of individuals, whoever they are" and that's why we need "strict social distancing". Live updates:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: How will government work with the prime minister in isolation?


Sky News (UK): "We are all at risk." Michael Gove says the fact that both the prime minster and health secretary have contracted #COVID19 "is a reminder that the virus does not discriminate". Get the latest on #coronavirus here:


Sky News (UK): "We have reconfigured hospital services so that 33,000 hospital beds are available to treat further #coronavirus patients." NHS England chief executive says two further temporary hospitals will be built in Birmingham and Manchester. Live updates:


Sky News (UK): Cabinet Office Minister @michaelgove says #COVID19 tests will be carried out by the end of the weekend on hundreds of front-line health staff, with a "dramatic scaling up" next week. Get the latest on #coronavirus here:


Sky News (UK): Watch #Coronavirus special programme and Q&A with a panel of experts as the PM tests positive for #COVID19


Sky News (UK): The Liberal Democrats have postponed the election of their new leader so the party can focus on the "fallout" from the #007 coronavirus crisis


Sky News (UK): Another 185 people have died after testing positive for #coronavirus in the UK, taking the total to 769


Sky News (UK): Hundreds of frontline NHS staff will be tested to find out if they have #coronavirus by the end of the weekend, as the government moves to ramp up testing for the disease among healthcare workers


Sky News (UK): Three stories this evening: NHS staff first to receive 'antigen testing' for #coronavirus


Sky News (UK): The government will have to adapt to get through the #coronavirus crisis now that the prime minister and his health secretary are self-isolating


Sky News (UK): Ireland's national public health emergency team has announced a further three people with COVID-19 have died in Ireland taking the country's total deaths to 22


Sky News (UK): As the prime minister announces he has #coronavirus , concern will turn to the number of people he has come into contact with


Sky News (UK): A temporary mortuary site is being built at Birmingham Airport in preparation for an expected rise in #coronavirus deaths, West Midlands Police have said


Sky News (UK): You can now view Sky News videos en Español / Ahora puedes ver los videos de Sky News en español: #Coronavirus : En Bérgamo Las Sirenas No Paran De Sonar


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Ban funerals during COVID-19 pandemic, says funeral adviser


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus lockdown: Anyone exercising outside their home should "stay local" and "not travel unnecessarily", updated government guidance says


Sky News (UK): "This is going to go on for sometime" - England’s chief medical officer. As #coronavirus continues to spread around the world, Sky News will bring you all the latest #COVID19 developments on TV, mobile and podcast. Channel 501 Watch


Sky News (UK): According to Johns Hopkins University, the UK remains sixth on the list of countries ranked by how many people have died after testing positive for the #coronavirus


Sky News (UK): Donald Trump has wished Boris Johnson a "speedy recovery" after the prime minister tested positive for #coronavirus


Sky News (UK): Police Scotland officers were seen confronting a man who was refusing to self-isolate, despite claiming to have #COVID19 . Get the latest on the #coronavirus here:


Sky News (UK): This is the moment volunteer police cadets in east London sang to seven-year-old Matilda, after she had to cancel her birthday celebration with friends due to the #coronavirus outbreak. Latest videos here:


Sky News (UK): "The fact that both the prime minister and the health secretary have contracted the virus is a reminder that the virus does not discriminate - we are all at risk" - Cabinet office minister Michael Gove. Latest on #coronavirus here:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Woman jailed for claiming she had COVID-19 and coughing in policeman's face


Sky News (UK): Irish PM says everybody must stay at home from midnight tonight until 12 April - except where work is essential, for health or social care, to shop for food, for brief physical exercise or essential family visits. #Coronavirus :


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: 'Third of UK harvest may go to waste' due to COVID-19 travel ban


Sky News (UK): Derbyshire Police have used drones to deter people from breaking the #coronavirus lockdown rules by travelling to remote areas for their daily exercise. Get the latest on the #coronavirus here:


Sky News (UK): Could more have been done to protect the PM and the health secretary from #coronavirus ? On today's #Daily podcast @jonathansamuels chats about #COVID19 hitting #DowningStreet with @SkyKatieSpencer & @Ella_M_Whelan . Listen here


Sky News (UK): Hundreds of frontline NHS staff will be tested to find out if they have #coronavirus by the end of the weekend, as the government moves to ramp up testing for the disease among healthcare workers


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Ireland put in lockdown as COVID-19 spreads


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus has now entered Downing Street with Boris Johnson and the health secretary testing positive for the virus. But who has the PM been in contact with recently? For the latest on #COVID19 head here:


Sky News (UK): "I don't think it's fair to leave younger nurses to cope with this on their own." On today's #Daily podcast @jonathansamuels chats to former nurse @maxwele2 about returning to help the #NHS during the #coronavirus pandemic. Listen here


Sky News (UK): Ireland has been placed under similar lockdown measures to the ones imposed in the UK following three more #coronavirus -related deaths


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus lockdown: Anyone exercising outside their home should "stay local" and "not travel unnecessarily", updated government guidance says


Sky News (UK): Sarah-Jane Mee shares her fears and concerns as an expectant mother in the time of coronavirus


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Hundreds of British passengers stranded on cruise ship where four people have died


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus lockdown: The streets may be silent but the fun isn't over


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: Czech carmaker Skoda Auto switches to printing respirator masks of the highest class amid the virus spread. Shuttered over the coronavirus infection, the unit of Germany's Volkswagen now produces 60 sophisticated face masks a day Video:


AFP News Agency (France): French PM raises alarm over #coronavirus surge, warns of 'difficult' days ahead


AFP News Agency (France): Can dogs sniff out COVID-19? A British charity has teamed up with scientists to see whether dogs can help detect COVID-19 through their keen sense of smell


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: As many factories fall silent during the coronavirus crisis, the din of production continues at O'Neills sportswear factory in the Northern Ireland town of Strabane, where staff have shifted to making scrubs and facemasks for Britain's under-pressure healthcare workers Video:


AFP News Agency (France): British PM Boris Johnson became the first major world leader to test positive for the #coronavirus on Friday as Spain reported 769 more deaths, its highest one-day figure for fatalities from the pandemic that threatens millions around the world


AFP News Agency (France): As Europeans hunker down at the epicentre of the #coronavirus epidemic, an army of volunteers has emerged to bring help and hope to many, with food deliveries for the elderly, free taxi rides, accommodation for health workers, and even home-sewn face masks


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: Madrid's streets lie empty after the death toll from #coronavirus in Spain soared over 4,800 with 769 people dying in 24 hours, a record one-day figure for fatalities in the country, the government said Video:


AFP News Agency (France): Manchester United to refund supporters if their remaining home games this season are behind closed doors or scrapped due to #coronavirus


AFP News Agency (France): Meet Sara, Regina, Sonia and Irene, healthcare workers on the front line of the battle against the #coronavirus epidemic that has brought Spain’s hospitals to the brink of collapse.


AFP News Agency (France): Over 300,000 coronavirus cases recorded in Europe, according to an AFP tally


AFP News Agency (France): Italy recorded the most daily deaths of any country since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and Spain had its deadliest day. AFP tallies showed a total of 300,000 cases now recorded in Europe with more than 25,000 deaths worldwide


AFP News Agency (France): The European Central Bank asked eurozone banks to freeze dividend payments "until at least October 2020" to preserve liquidity that can be used to help households and companies through the coronavirus crisis


Axios: "Europe's last dictator" won't let sports stop during coronavirus


Axios: Italy today reported 969 deaths linked to the coronavirus over a 24-hour period, marking the deadliest single-day tally in the country since the global outbreak began.


BNO Newsroom: Italy confirms a record 919 new deaths due to coronavirus and 5,959 new cases, raising total to 9,134 dead and 86,498 cases


BNO Newsroom: Ireland announces nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus, effective at midnight


Reuters: Has British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who tested positive for coronavirus, been social distancing?


Reuters: Hungary PM imposes lockdown, sees coronavirus peak by July


Reuters: We are not crashing the economy over coronavirus, Britain says


Reuters: The UK’s efforts to keep its economy afloat through the coronavirus crisis are likely to cause its budget deficit to more than triple to over £175 billion over the coming year, a think tank said


Reuters: The government has urged people to avoid moving house during the coronavirus outbreak, as the pandemic brings the country’s property market to a near standstill


Reuters: Sports Direct's Ashley 'deeply apologetic' over coronavirus blunders


Reuters: The British government will pay grants to self-employed people who have lost their livelihoods because of the coronavirus lockdown, extending an unprecedented package of measures to prevent the economy from collapsing


Reuters: In an emotional show of solidarity, locked-down Britons all over the country took to their balconies and doorsteps on Thursday evening to applaud health workers who are battling the spread of coronavirus


Reuters: Paris hospitals will be swamped within 48 hours after coronavirus spike: official


Reuters: Britain's Tesco limits online shop to 80 items during coronavirus crisis


Reuters: Germany looks at tracking patients to rein in coronavirus - reports


Reuters: Spain reports 769 new coronavirus deaths but says daily rise stabilizing


Reuters: Italy has not reached coronavirus contagion peak: national health chief


Reuters: A look at coronavirus cases across Europe. @ReutersGraphics monitors the spread


Reuters: The owner of a popular north London cafe is among more than 500,000 people who signed up to help Britain's National Health Service cope with the coronavirus crisis within 24 hours of a government appeal for volunteers


Reuters: Reaction to news UK's Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus


Reuters: We need to act, ECB's Lagarde tells feuding EU on coronavirus rescue: sources


Reuters: Paris hospitals near coronavirus breaking point


Reuters: UK government daily briefing on the coronavirus outbreak


Reuters: UK top scientist working closely with Johnson says has no coronavirus symptoms


Reuters: Europe continues to struggle with coronavirus cases across the continent as hospitals in Paris reach breaking point. Follow for live updates:


Reuters: Milan hospital coronavirus squad battles the odds to save a life


Reuters: The last drink in Europe? Swedish bars stay open despite coronavirus


Reuters: I was not afraid': Swiss woman, 95, back home after surviving coronavirus


Reuters: France extends lockdown to April 15 as coronavirus wave swamps Paris


Reuters: France warned that hospitals in and around Paris are reaching breaking point and could become saturated with patients within 48 hours, as Europe struggles to limit coronavirus cases. Follow for live updates:


Reuters: France reports new spike in coronavirus deaths, bringing total to almost 2,000


Reuters: Stay home,' Irish PM tells nation in coronavirus battle


Reuters: Spain acts to prevent layoffs as rising coronavirus death toll stabilises


Reuters: Finland blocks roads to Helsinki to curb coronavirus spread


Reuters: FTSE 100 skids after PM Johnson gets coronavirus


The Associated Press: While Italy hopes for a little respite from the new coronavirus, doctors fear the impact as the virus moves toward the country's poorer and less-prepared south


The Associated Press: VIDEO: Shoppers and tourists are gone. Drone footage shows empty Paris streets during the coronavirus lockdown.


The Associated Press: VIDEO: As northern Italy is overwhelmed caring for patients, there are fears the coronavirus is quietly infecting people elsewhere in the country despite a nationwide shutdown. More at:


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : The #UK ’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to a number of #British suppliers and manufacturers on Thursday about rapidly scaling up ventilator production #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): 69 new #coronavirus deaths in #Belgium : Al-Arabiya correspondent


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Belgium says number of #coronavirus cases has reached 7,284 after reporting 1,049 new cases


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): French PM Édouard Philippe raises alarm over #coronavirus surge, warns of 'difficult' days ahead


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Spain reports 769 #coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing total to 4,858


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Spain 's Health Emergency Chief says 9,444 health workers tested positive to #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): France’s prime minister raised the alarm Friday over an “extremely high” surge in coronavirus cases in the country and warned that the situation would be “difficult in the days to come.”


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Switzerland says number of #coronavirus cases has reached 12,161, 197 deaths


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Dutch coronavirus cases rise by 1,172 to 8,603 with 112 new deaths


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Coronavirus death toll rises to 759 in United Kingdom, up 31% in one day


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Coronavirus infections in #Italy yet to reach their peak, south's toll could increase dramatically, head of the country's national health institute said on Friday. Officials say lockdown restrictions would have to be extended beyond April 3


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): London 's second-busiest airport, @Gatwick_Airport , said on Friday it would shut one of its two terminals next week following a collapse in flight numbers and government restrictions on unnecessary trips #Coronavirus #CoronavirusUK


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : England's chief medical officer says after experiencing symptoms compatible with #COVID19 , last night, will be following government guidance and self-isolating for 7 days #Coronavirus #CoronavirusUK


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): LIVE : UK Cabinet office minister Michael Gove says latest death figures are "powerful reminder" for everyone to act #Coronavirus #CoronavirusUK


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): London - Downing street daily Coronavirus briefing


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : A pet cat has been infected with #coronavirus in #Belgium after being infected by its owner, Belgian health authorities said Friday


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Italy records almost 1,000 #coronavirus deaths in one-day record


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Italian President Sergio Mattarella says #Europe needs new initiatives, hopes everyone realises the threat facing the continent before it is too late #coronavirus #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): A few runners and vehicles pass by the foot of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris as France begins its tenth day of containment related to the coronavirus epidemic Video:


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Ireland 's health department said on Friday 2,121 confirmed cases of #Coronavirus in the country, as opposed to 1,819 on Tuesday. 22 deaths. Of those hospitalized, 59 in ICU #CoronavirusIreland


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): WATCH : Francesco Bongarrà in #Rome , talking about the #Coronavirus situation in #Italy #CoronavirusItaly Read his article here:


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Turkey ’s economic outlook has been revised downwards by the international rating agency #Moodys amid warnings that the country faces a major shock from the #coronavirus pandemic


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): EiffelTower says "merci" (thank you) to health workers fighting #coronavirus #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Ireland to impose #coronavirus travel lockdown #StayHome


Haaretz (Israel): Spain's coronavirus death toll rose overnight by 769 cases, a new record in the number of fatalities recorded in 24 hours


Haaretz (Israel): European victims of the COVID-19 pandemic include prominent Jews from Britain, Italy and France


Haaretz (Israel): Italy recorded 919 deaths from coronavirus on Friday, the highest daily toll anywhere in the world, while the number of confirmed cases eclipsed the total in China


AZ Central (Arizona): Matterhorn illuminated with messages of support and hope in fight against coronavirus


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Berlin restaurant pivots to feeding essential workers