Health-Related News

Indo-Asian News Service (India): In the wake of a critical shortage of #N95 face masks that block the #novelcoronavirus , researchers at Duke University in the #US have confirmed a way to use existing vapourised hydrogen peroxide methods to clean the masks so they can be reused. #COVID2019 #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Take a look: How does a #coronavirus test work? #Covid _19 #COVID2019


The Straits Times (Singapore): Have coronavirus and can't smell? Harvard scientists explain why


MarketWatch: Pregnancy care is changing with coronavirus — 9 questions answered


MarketWatch: Alcohol labeled an ‘unhelpful’ coping strategy for coronavirus-era cabin fever by WHO


MarketWatch: This could be an early sign of COVID-19 infection.


Yahoo Finance: Dr. Oz explains why social distancing is important for protecting ourselves from the coronavirus: Video:


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus relief ship commanding officer: ‘Navy medicine trains for this sort of mission’


Yahoo Finance: Dr. Oz explains how to properly disinfect surfaces amid the coronavirus outbreak: Video:


Yahoo Finance: This doctor is breaking down fact from fiction surrounding the coronavirus: Video:


Reuters: It has been three months since coronavirus first emerged, and scientists and public health experts already know more about it and how it works than at the same point in earlier outbreaks


Reuters: Can people be re-infected with coronavirus? Here are some of the biggest unanswered questions about the pandemic

Reuters: What we don’t yet know about the coronavirus


Reuters: As U.S. demand for ventilators skyrockets during the coronavirus pandemic, smaller medical-device makers are simplifying their designs and pushing other work aside to make more of the devices


Reuters: A California-based company is working on delivering a slimmed-down version of a ventilator that it says can meet the needs of about 90% of critical-care patients during the coronavirus outbreak


Ahram Online (Egypt): Q&A: Tests, treatments and vaccines – an immunologist discusses COVID-19


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Mayo Clinic researchers join quest in getting COVID-19 vaccine on fast track.


WGN TV News (Chicago): Important point: Dr. Ezike said early research suggests if you’ve had the virus, your body produces immunity within a week. That’s why testing is so important, even testing to determine whether someone previously had COVID-19. @WGNNews


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 7 one-off areas to clean while you're sanitizing for Coronavirus


AZ Central (Arizona): How long can the new coronavirus live on surfaces? Can you be reinfected? COVID-19: Ask-An-Expert


AZ Central (Arizona): Loss of taste, smell may be coronavirus symptom, doctors say. Video:


Dallas Morning News: I thought I caught the coronavirus. My mind was playing tricks on me. You, too?


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Workplace distancing more effective than school closures, says study


Business Insider: Fauci said he's 'willing to bet anything' that people who recover from the new coronavirus are 'really protected from reinfection'


Business Insider: The FDA approved the emergency use of a new fast-acting COVID-19 test. The test is small and compact enough that it can be used in nearly any healthcare setting, expanding the number of places it can be used to detect the novel virus.


Business Insider: 2 experts share advice for safely shopping for groceries during the coronavirus pandemic


CBC News (Canada): COVID-19 patients with severe breathing complications are being placed on ventilators as a form of life support. There is no direct treatment for the disease.


CBC News (Canada): It's safer for patients to have fewer people coming into hospitals while coronavirus is spreading in community.


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] As more and more people are obliged to remain in home #quarantine or isolation, experts agree that it is important to consider the effects of this #pandemic on the mental health of people. #EUWeekInReview


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: What's it like to be treated for COVID-19 in intensive care? A survivor's story


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Cancer patients missing out on 'vital' treatment due to COVID-19


AFP News Agency (France): As hospitals face an overload of COVID-19 patients struggling to breathe, innovative medical staff are turning to snorkelling masks from sports stores to stop their lungs collapsing


Axios: The other coronavirus test we need: Researchers are racing to develop tests that detect whether someone may have developed immunity to the coronavirus, which could help society return to normal faster.


Axios: • @alisonmsnyder the coronavirus tests you aren't hearing about: "They want to be able to know if someone who didn't have symptoms actually had already been exposed to the virus and therefore has some level of immunity..."


Los Angeles Times: Risks of using malaria drugs off-label to treat COVID-19


Los Angeles Times: What does COVID-19 stand for anyway?


Los Angeles Times: As the number of COVID-19 cases increases exponentially in the U.S., more patients will need ventilators to recover. Fearing a shortage, the government and private companies are rushing to buy, make and refurbish old ventilators. Video:


Los Angeles Times: Aldrich, along with @WHO and a growing number of governments, prefers the phrase "physical distancing" to describe interventions like working from home and maintaining at least 6 feet of space between people to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus.


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: How to pump gas and not get infected


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Hospital workers turn to viral message to flatten curve


The Seattle Times: In the time of the hunkering down at home for the novel coronavirus, everything you knew about good eating, portion control and feeding your child's brain might have escaped from your head. But there are a few things you can do.


The Seattle Times: With its beneficiaries among the most at risk for Covid-19, Medicare is relaxing some rules. Here's what you need to know.


Business, Economic, Tech-Related News

Indo-Asian News Service (India): COVID19 : Cyber security risk increases amid 'work from home' trend #Cybersecurity #COVID2019 #Coronaviruslockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Tesla has announced that it is reducing the number of on-site workers at its Nevada gigafactory by 75 per cent in response to the growing spread of #coronavirus . #CoronaVirusUpdates


Indo-Asian News Service (India): As the world reels under the new #coronavirus pandemic, ride hailing company #Lyft is now referring drivers to jobs at #Amazon in a partnership between the two companies designed to alleviate financial hardships from a massive drop in ride-hailing services. #CoronaLockdown


MarketWatch: One of my coworkers was diagnosed with coronavirus, but the office was not cleaned. Can I be fired for refusing to go in?


MarketWatch: Want to know which stock market warning signs to watch? Looking to make sense of the coronavirus' effect on the stock market? We designed interactive charts for that.


MarketWatch: What the Family First coronavirus relief bill means for small-business owners and self-employed people


MarketWatch: These indicators suggest a stock-market bottom, but coronavirus fears could send the S&P 500 swooning again


MarketWatch: $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill includes tax break for buying tampons


MarketWatch: Coronavirus stimulus-package tax relief: Withdraw $100K from your IRA — and repay in 3 years with zero tax liability


MarketWatch: People need loans as coronavirus spreads but lenders are making them tougher to get


MarketWatch: Here are the answers to some emerging questions about the coronavirus in the workplace.


MarketWatch: Looking to make sense of the coronavirus' effect on the stock market? We designed interactive charts for that.


MarketWatch: Are construction projects “essential” during the coronavirus health crisis? It depends on who you ask.


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: "Let's be very clear: The best way to buttress the economy is to get this health pandemic behind us," @AlexPadilla4CA about the coronavirus response. "The longer we drag our feet... the longer the health risks and the economic impacts are going to last." More: Video:


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus is changing consumer behavior and our fast-food brands are ready: Yum! Brands CEO


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: @MDuppler on how the COVID-19 stimulus package affects your personal finances: Video:


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus pandemic spurs brisk sales of HP PCs and printers as the nation works from home: CEO


Yahoo Finance: over the last month the Federal Reserve unleashed a bunch of tools to fight COVID-19. some old, some new, some old w/ new tricks what are these tools? and what do any of these things mean for Main St? a glossary, which I’ll be regularly updating:


Yahoo Finance: Under Armour, Fanatics and other sports retailers are making coronavirus masks


Yahoo Finance: A seamstress is selling profanity-themed face masks for coronavirus: Video:


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus: Car industry pivot to ventilators isn't the miracle solution to global shortfall


Yahoo Finance: How 3D-printing is playing a role in coronavirus testing


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus 'good scenario' could be 20% of small businesses fail


Yahoo Finance: The coronavirus just doubled the risk of mass bankruptcies


Yahoo Finance: Highlight: “With the capabilities that we have with 3D printing, we can help doctors and other medical professionals to really assist to this situation,” HP CEO @EnriqueJLores says about creating coronavirus health related products. Video:


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus stimulus package: What Congress unleashing fiscal firehose means for U.S. economy


Yahoo Finance: Former U.S. official: The coronavirus financial crisis has to be handled differently


Yahoo Finance: Wine store sales surge amid US coronavirus outbreak


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus job losses hit these states the hardest, according to record unemployment claims


Reuters: When will the economy return to normal?': Here are questions about coronavirus that economists, doctors, policymakers and more are trying to answer


Reuters: Clothing rental service Rent the Runway lays off workers amid coronavirus outbreak


Reuters: World’s largest glove maker sees shortage as coronavirus fight spikes


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Criminals have been exploiting fears over the coronavirus disease (#COVID19) pandemic to launch an “unprecedented wave” of cyberattacks around the world, experts have revealed


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): OPINION : Information technology is not our #coronavirus savior, but it makes dealing with the outbreak more bearable, writes @YMekelberg


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): INTERVIEW: Because of the ‘now is the wrong time to be selling,’ says @jpmorgan Middle East MD Steven Rees


WGN TV News (Chicago): Instacart shoppers are planning to strike, demanding additional protection against the looming health and financial threat of COVID-19 The grocery delivery service has become a vital re…​


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: These companies are hiring thousands during the coronavirus pandemic


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: ‘Hey, Siri, do I have coronavirus?’


NBC Washington (D.C.): As the coronavirus outbreak shutters restaurants and stores across the United States, several companies have decided to offer discounts and deals


AZ Central (Arizona): Coronavirus: Delta flying medical volunteers to 'significantly impacted' areas of US for free


AZ Central (Arizona): American, Delta plan additional flight cuts for May amid coronavirus pandemic


Dallas Morning News: Scott Burns: Putting your personal finances in perspective amid our coronavirus climate


Dallas Morning News: Putting your personal finances in perspective amid our coronavirus climate


Business Insider: Andreessen Horowitz-backed startup Arweave says its decentralized 'permaweb' is fighting coronavirus misinformation in China


Business Insider: Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has the cash to buy Tesla, Starbucks, or McDonald's after the coronavirus sell-off


Business Insider: The $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package is more than double the size of Obama's stimulus plan — but it may only salvage the economy for a few months


Business Insider: The 'Dr.Doom' economist lays out 3 reasons why the coronavirus-induced US recession could become a 'Greater Depression'


Business Insider: A notorious market bear says stocks are still historically expensive after tumbling on coronavirus — and warns a plunge 'of about 50% from here' is still coming


Business Insider: Shareholders come last': Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban says CEOs should take care of employees and their families first in coronavirus crisis


Business Insider: ICYMI: Amazon and Microsoft aim to accelerate coronavirus research and testing with new initiatives


Forbes: Here are the top 5 leadership challenges during the coronavirus pandemic:


Forbes: While many stores are closed, some retailers are winning big with high demand from the coronavirus


Forbes: If you can’t work or have had your hours cut due to COVID-19, here’s what you need to know about unemployment insurance:


Forbes: COVID-19 has suddenly eviscerated the glamour of cruising. Does the cruise industry merit or need a bailout?


Forbes: The coronavirus will cost U.S. sports leagues at least $5 billion


Forbes: Tech companies are offering services and upgrades at no cost to help organizations cope with COVID-19’s impact. Here’s a list of what companies are offering:


Forbes: Patience, kindness, and understanding—how companies and customers can weather COVID-19 together


Forbes: Here's a list of companies offering free at-home services available to consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic:


CBC News (Canada): Flight crews and their unions are becoming increasingly vocal in demanding better protective equipment, including protective suits or gowns, and mandatory testing for COVID-19.


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Airbnb offers 'heroic' NHS workers free accommodation


AFP News Agency (France): Digital surveillance and smartphone technology may prove helpful in containing the #coronavirus pandemic -- but some activists fear this could mean lasting harm to privacy and digital rights


Los Angeles Times: WarnerMedia commits $100 million in coronavirus relief for production crews


Los Angeles Times: DoorDash, Instacart, Postmates and Uber have agreed to provide up to 2 weeks of sick leave to drivers diagnosed with COVID-19 or directed to self-quarantine by a physician. But several workers say the companies are not offering sufficient protections.


Los Angeles Times: Two days after notifying the company of his illness, he was informed he’d been deactivated until he could prove he had “been cleared of COVID-19" — even though his sick pay claim was denied on the basis that his doctor’s note didn’t mention COVID-19.


Los Angeles Times: Hard-hit cruise lines don't get U.S. coronavirus stimulus money


Los Angeles Times: ViacomCBS was facing a rough year. How the coronavirus made it even worse


Los Angeles Times: Bird cuts 30% of workforce as coronavirus pushes scooters out of cities


Los Angeles Times: A grinding halt': Record stores struggle to stay afloat amid coronavirus crisis


The Seattle Times: Behind shortages of masks and ventilators is a staggering disruption of the global system of making, assembling and delivering critical products. Columnist Jon Talton takes a closer look at the economy side of the coronavirus crisis.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Do you think many companies will switch to staff working from home after the coronavirus crisis?


Sky News (UK): #Coronavirus : NHS workers offered free cars and bikes to keep them safe while travelling to work during outbreak


World / Environmental News

Indo-Asian News Service (India): The total number of global #coronavirus cases has increased to 601,478, while the death toll stood at 27,862, the latest update by the #Washington -based Johns Hopkins University revealed on Saturday. #COVID2019 #CoronaOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The number of #coronavirus cases across the world rose to 618,043 as on Saturday evening, with the #US leading with 104,865 cases, while the global death toll touched 28,823, according to data from the #JohnsHopkins University's Coronavirus Resource Centre. #CoronaUpdate #COVID


NHK WORLD News (Japan): WHO: Coronavirus infections top 570,000


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Europe's death toll surges as China's Wuhan cautiously reopens


Yahoo Finance: What will everything look like after the coronavirus


Reuters: Help us': After deaths on coronavirus-hit ship, guests clamor to leave


Reuters: Factbox: Latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world


Reuters: Just one case': fears coronavirus may spread like wildfire in world's refugee camps


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): OPINION : This year’s #G20Summit could be especially important given the rapid spread of #coronavirus , which requires key countries, especially the US and China, to work much more in concert, writes Andrew Hammond


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): OPINION: Our Editor-in-Chief @FaisalJAbbas says healthcare heroes worldwide deserve thanks for the efforts and an apology for any lack of support as they sacrifice the most in the fight against #coronavirus


The Kansas City Star: He caught COVID-19 on a cruise ship. His family had to say goodbye over speakerphone


The Straits Times (Singapore): Living in a pandemic: How the world is coping with the coronavirus


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Chronic global shortage of personal protective gear, says World Health Organisation


Business Insider: Help us': Passengers stranded on a coronavirus stricken cruise ship where 4 people have died say they're 'sitting ducks' and living a 'nightmare'


Forbes: This is what the coronavirus pandemic looks like from space:


CBC News (Canada): Analysis The coronavirus pandemic is an object lesson in interconnectedness: what started as a problem in one city in China now threatens lives in every country on Earth. @AaronWherry


EUobserver (Belgium): [Opinion] Some 25 countries have decided to postpone their upcoming #elections due to #coronavirus , with the last few - mostly regional or in tiny states - being held in early March. #EUWeekInReview


AFP News Agency (France): More than 600,000 coronavirus cases recorded globally: AFP tally


AFP News Agency (France): Coronavirus #COVID19 24H around the world at the time of the coronavirus #AFP


AFP News Agency (France): More than 600,000 cases of the new coronavirus have been officially recorded around the world since the outbreak of the epidemic, according to an AFP tally at 1045 GMT on Saturday


AFP News Agency (France): Worldwide coronavirus toll passes 30,000, two thirds in Europe: AFP tally

AFP News Agency (France): Globally, the coronavirus death toll has surged past 30,000 -- two-thirds of those in Europe -- and officials in some countries say the worst still lies ahead


BNO Newsroom (Netherlands): Coronavirus timeline: - January 19: 100 cases - January 24: 1,000 cases - February 12: 50,000 cases - March 6: 100,000 cases - March 18: 200,000 cases - March 21: 300,000 cases - March 24: 400,000 cases - March 26: 500,000 cases - March 28: 600,000 cases


The Associated Press: The United Nations says the 191 parties to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty have decided to postpone a conference to review its implementation because of the coronavirus pandemic.


The Associated Press: Four passengers have died aboard a cruise ship now anchored off the coast of Panama and two people aboard the ship have tested positive for the novel coronavirus.


The Associated Press: As the world locks down to prevent spread of coronavirus, there's general agreement on what's essential and should stay open, with some unusual exceptions, including golf, pastries and pot.


The Associated Press: The week that was: A sampling of @AP ’s best in-depth coverage of the coronavirus saga.


The Straits Times (Singapore): Covid-19 crisis not a solution to climate change, but a learning opportunity: Earth Hour 2020 organiser


MarketWatch: The EPA on Thursday abruptly waived enforcement on a range of legally mandated public health and environmental protections, saying industries could have trouble complying with them during the coronavirus pandemic.


Los Angeles Times: Citing coronavirus, EPA suspends enforcement of environmental laws


Los Angeles Times: Whales are dying, but numbers are unknown. Coronavirus has stalled scientific fieldwork


The Seattle Times: The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday abruptly waived enforcement on a range of legally mandated public health and environmental protections, saying industries could have trouble complying with them during the coronavirus pandemic.


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: ���� As France continues its #coronavirus confinement, wildlife is claiming back some of the public space. Ducks are no longer content to stay near the Seine river, they now wander the quiet streets of Paris as on Friday evening near the Comédie Française theatre Video:


Social Issues, Religion, Sports, Education

The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Pope Francis and closest aides do not have bug, says Vatican


MarketWatch: Nobel Prize winner shares some good news about the coronavirus pandemic


MarketWatch: Social scientists say a crisis like COVID-19 is a “focusing event,” one that recalibrates public policy and cultural norms. So why is it so hard to focus right now?


MarketWatch: As coronavirus ravages the U.S., media mogul David Geffen observes a sunset from his $400 million superyacht: ‘I’m hoping everybody is staying safe’


Yahoo Finance: The top 5 video chat apps to get you through coronavirus lockdowns


Reuters: Honeymoon on lockdown: newlyweds' cruise goes awry over coronavirus


Reuters: Pope and closest aides do not have coronavirus: Vatican


Reuters: Tennis stars rally in fight against coronavirus


Reuters: New York Knicks owner Jim Dolan tests positive for coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): There are more than 70.8 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, with a high concentration in the #MiddleEast . Aid organizations are trying to shield the world’s most vulnerable people from the #coronavirus crisis


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Apocalyptic sci-fi films dealing with disease and #pandemic have seen a spike in streaming amid the global #coronavirus crisis. All have fear at their core and explore the human need to cope with it #COVID -19


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): “The Mass is ended, all go in peace.” The Rev. Vincenzo Latino finishes the service in his convent in the center of Rome, kisses the altar and bows to a 15th-century crucifix before leaving the chapel #coronavirus


Star Tribune (Minnesota): In some U.S. states, golf, guns and ganja have been ruled essential during the coronavirus pandemic, raising eyebrows and — in the case of guns — a good deal of ire.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): The stars of "Contagion" — Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Ehle — have reunited for a series of public service announcements to warn about COVID-19.


WGN TV News (Chicago): Pets and people — we're leaning on one another more than ever, but are our constant companions at risk for COVID-19?​


WGN TV News (Chicago): Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are back in the U.S. after COVID-19 quarantine


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 9 ways to keep your kids occupied during the coronavirus pandemic


Miami Herald: The latest in opinion: "My faith has helped me find peace amid coronavirus pandemic. It can help you, too."


AZ Central (Arizona): How are NBA players stepping up to fight COVID-19? Video:


AZ Central (Arizona): Coronavirus: Disney is closed, but you can still experience your favorite rides virtually


AZ Central (Arizona): COVID-19: Sports fans can be really, really bad at handling the unknown


AZ Central (Arizona): Former MLB All-Star Jim Edmonds hospitalized, being tested for coronavirus


AZ Central (Arizona): USA TODAY Sports' Mark Medina discusses NBA star Stephen Curry's interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Video:


AZ Central (Arizona): Travis and Kenna Grenier canceled their original wedding because of the growing health concerns surrounding COVID-19. Instead, they tied the knot in their own backyard with just the two of them, their dog and Facebook live. Video:


Dallas Morning News: International students find themselves in a coronavirus limbo with uncertain futures.


Dallas Morning News: Sex trafficking poses the risk of spreading COVID-19 to thousands of people


WFAA (Dallas): "American Idol" judge Lionel Richie says that given the current coronavirus pandemic, the world may be in need of a remake of the 1985 pop collaboration hit "We Are The World."


WFAA (Dallas): The COVID-19 pandemic flattened the sports world as we know it. But Envy Gaming, Inc. CEO Mike Rufail says, "This is a great opportunity for more eyeballs to be attracted to eSports."


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: When will it end?


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Isolation in the comfort of a hotel


The Straits Times (Singapore): This too shall pass? My piece on #coronavirus fear and grief


Business Insider: Dramatic photos show the pope delivering an 'extraordinary' prayer of hope to a hauntingly empty St. Peter's Square during Italy's coronavirus lockdown


Business Insider: My husband and I started couples counseling just before the coronavirus caused everyone to shelter at home — here's why therapy is now more necessary than ever if you're quarantined with your partner (by @MelissaPetro )


Business Insider: My big fear is being carried off this ship in a box instead of walking off': An elderly veteran couple trapped aboard coronavirus-stricken cruise says US should help


Forbes: With deep gratitude and respect for the many people who have worked to create, pool, and share these resources, this is the United State of Women’s COVID-19 Care Package


Forbes: This religion faces a special challenge in the coronavirus age—over whether it'll allow virtual prayer


Forbes: Billionaire David Geffen posted a dreamy set of pictures from his yacht in the Caribbean on his Instagram today, which didn't sit well with the millions of people in their cramped, lonely coronavirus isolation


Forbes: Here are 3 ways Millennials and Gen-Z can make a difference amid the coronavirus:


Forbes: Here are some superyacht concept designs that are the perfect coronavirus quarantine distraction:


Forbes: Coronavirus scams are on the rise. Here's how to protect yourself:


Ansa English News (Italy): Relive #PopeFrancis ' special Urbi et Orbi blessing to pray for an end to the Covid-19 #coronavirus pandemic.


Sky News (UK): There are fears remote indigenous communities could be decimated by the #coronavirus after a doctor working with an Amazon tribe was confirmed to have the disease


Sky News (UK): As schools and nurseries around the world shut down due to #coronavirus , Hollywood actresses are doing their bit to help children in need


Sky News (UK): Pope Francis has prayed and delivered an "Urbi et Orbi" blessing - normally given only at Christmas and Easter - from an empty St Peter's Square amid the #coronavirus pandemic. Get the latest on #COVID19 here


Sky News (UK): "In the war they had this, but they were allowed out. They were never locked down." @SherrieHewson has created a social media chat show, 'Wonderbirds' to connect with people and help them cope with isolation amid the #coronavirus pandemic. #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): "I really hope people have something that will help them, comfort them through these times" Since schools closed their gates to fight #coronavirus , pianist @AlexisFfrench has released a series of tutorials to help young people learn at home. #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): Killing Eve series three to be released early due to coronavirus


Sky News (UK): Series three of #KillingEve is set to be released early due to the #coronavirus pandemic


AFP News Agency (France): Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers used a private jet to escape Peru with just 15 minutes to spare before the airport was locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic


AFP News Agency (France): Rudy Gobert, the first #NBA player to test positive for #coronavirus , and all @utahjazz players and staff have now been cleared of the virus + Frenchman Gobert's positive test on March 11 prompted the league to shut down


AFP News Agency (France): ⚠️ Seen these pictures being shared on Facebook and Twitter apparently showing coronavirus victims' coffins? Don't be fooled. They're old photos taken years before the pandemic #CoronaVirusFacts


Axios: Americans are looking for an exit ramp away from the extreme social distancing brought on by the coronavirus, but that will require steps we're not yet prepared for.


Axios: News about the coronavirus is so big and coming so fast that it's hard to remember what happened just last week, let alone last month.


Axios: Fox Business announced Friday that the cable news network "parted ways" with anchor Trish Regan, after she called the novel coronavirus a "scam" on air March 9.


Axios: NEW: Actor Tom Hanks and his wife, actress and producer Rita Wilson, have returned to the U.S. after being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus in Australia on March 11.


Axios: To get our coronavirus Deep Dives each Saturday, sign up for Axios AM:


Axios: One way to spend your time: With businesses closed, the streets quiet and neighborhood walks becoming a national pastime, it's a great time to get into birding.


Axios: ⁉ Our Q&A tackles questions that might have come up for you, like how the outbreak is affecting rural areas and whether you can get a haircut


The Associated Press: The closings and quarantines prompted by the coronavirus outbreak have given some families more time together. In communities around the country, parents and children who find themselves stuck at home together are walking, biking and playing outside.


Los Angeles Times: Emmy voting schedule and some eligibility rules shift due to COVID-19


Los Angeles Times: Column: Nikki Haley attacks coronavirus stimulus money for the arts, but culture is sick too


Los Angeles Times: Op-Ed: Dispatches from the pandemic: coronavirus togetherness, a nightly ritual, keeping focus in the ER


Los Angeles Times: Column: 'It's not real to some of them': A doctor's efforts to warn homeless patients about the coronavirus


Los Angeles Times: How do you help a couple celebrate their 70th anniversary during coronavirus crisis? Happily and carefully


Los Angeles Times: For dancers, coronavirus wipes out stage, TV and video work. Life is 'grief and fear'


Los Angeles Times: Editorial: Coronavirus whack-a-mole isn't working. It's time for a nationwide shutdown


Los Angeles Times: dancers often say they're at the bottom of the totem pole in the entertainment industry. with coronavirus shut downs, they've been hit particularly hard. read more:


Los Angeles Times: Garden Calendar: What you can still do during this coronavirus crisis


Los Angeles Times: Is the phrase “social distancing” sending the wrong message to Americans who are struggling to get by during the COVID-19 pandemic? Some experts think so.


Los Angeles Times: If you looking to connect, @LindziScharf has 10 ways to help your neighbors and friends during the coronavirus crisis ❤️


Los Angeles Times: They survived World War II. Now coronavirus threatens their lives


Los Angeles Times: Expert tips on decluttering your home during the coronavirus pandemic


Haaretz (Israel): Like a zombie movie': My nightmare trip home across Italy amid the coronavirus pandemic


The Straits Times (Singapore): The coronavirus pandemic is defining for the globe what's “essential” and what things we really can't do without, even though we might not need them for survival.


U.S. - National

Reuters: At home with coronavirus, UK's Johnson writes to the nation


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] Spain plans to extend its #coronavirus #StateOfEmergency for another 15 days. #EUWeekInReview


EUobserver (Belgium): [Interview] Lack of #quorum meant EU states could only adopt things via "written procedure" - a mechanism by which capitals sent electronic documents to Brussels on a secure #ITsystem . #EUWeekInReview


EUobserver (Belgium): [Feature] According to Italian #virologists , the 'Vo' model' shows that combining a strict #quarantine with swabs, so as to identify healthy carriers, is the winning way to stop the spread of the virus. #EUWeekInReview


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #US #coronavirus caseload over the next 10 days will not reflect the impact of mitigation strategies & #socialdistancing guidelines in place since the last two weeks, the #WhiteHouse warned as the country surged past the 100,000 mark for confirmed cases & deaths topped 1,500.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Amid the #coronavirus pandemic, #Indian workers across #America have sought extensions of their #US #visas over concerns of losing work status due to soon-to-expire visas or delayed extensions, a media report said.


The Straits Times (Singapore): Some US cities could have coronavirus outbreaks worse than Wuhan's


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Trump may quarantine New York, New Jersey and Connecticut


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Trump struggles with tone in virus crisis, aides urge more empathy


MarketWatch: Trump wants his signature to appear on coronavirus stimulus checks


MarketWatch: Grocery shopping in a gas mask. NYC streets standing completely deserted. These are some of the snapshots of America's new normal during the coronavirus pandemic.


MarketWatch: More U.S. cities, including Detroit and Chicago, are becoming COVID-19 hot spots


Yahoo Finance: Biden backs Democrats' student debt cancellation push amid coronavirus outbreak


Yahoo Finance: Coronavirus: U.S. health care workers 'taking it one minute at a time' as deaths rise


Yahoo Finance: Bill Gates on coronavirus: U.S. testing needs to increase ‘quite dramatically’


Yahoo Finance: WATCH: Trump makes comments at coronavirus relief ship USNS Comfort send off


Yahoo Finance: I'm deeply concerned': Public health experts warn of coronavirus spread in more U.S. cities


Yahoo Finance: FDA greenlights COVID-19 point-of-care test


CBC News (Canada): Analysis It's becoming clearer which Americans will shoulder an unequal share of the suffering from start to finish of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the United States becomes the new epicentre of it. @Alex_Panetta


Reuters: U.S. House will have panel overseeing coronavirus aid law expenditures: Pelosi


Reuters: State and county by the numbers: How to track the tally of coronavirus in your county from a trusted source as @Reuters journalists update details twice a day based on the latest from state and local government sources


Reuters: U.S. coronavirus cases surpass 100,000 as doctors cope with medical shortages


Reuters: There is a possibility that sometime today we'll do a quarantine' on New York, New Jersey and certain parts of Connecticut, President Trump said, in an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus


Reuters: Abbott said it won U.S. marketing approval for a coronavirus test that can deliver results to patients within minutes


Reuters: Coronavirus deaths keep climbing in France


Reuters: Abbott wins U.S. approval for a test that can detect coronavirus in minutes. The company plans to begin distributing the test next week and will ramp up manufacturing to 50,000 tests per day


The Associated Press: “It’s like we are expendable.” Some inmates in America's crowded jails say they lack basic protective measures against the coronavirus, with scant face masks, disposable gloves or even hand sanitizer to go around.


The Associated Press: Increasing numbers of police officers and civilian law enforcement staff are getting sick as the number of coronavirus cases explodes across the U.S. The growing tally raises questions about how laws can and should be enforced during the pandemic.


The Associated Press: : President Trump says CDC to issue "strong Travel Advisory" for parts of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey to slow coronavirus spread, in place of quarantine. Find updates here:


The Associated Press: 3 more of America’s most popular national parks have closed their gates as pressure mounts on superintendents to prevent crowded trails that could lead to more spread of the coronavirus


The Associated Press: California lawmakers plead with cooped-up residents to spend a second weekend at home to slow the spread of coronavirus infection as the state's death toll from the virus surpasses 100.


The Associated Press: An analysis by @AP shows that as the coronavirus rages across the United States, more than a third of U.S. counties have yet to report a single positive test result for COVID-19 infections. Most of the counties are in rural areas.


The Kansas City Star: What areas of the US are considered the next coronavirus hot spots?


The Kansas City Star: Amid coronavirus pandemic, large Kansas City area hotels, B&Bs are shuttering doors


Miami Herald: Immigration groups sue President Trump to close courts during coronavirus pandemic


Miami Herald: Thirty-nine TSA officers at airports throughout the country have tested positive for coronavirus in the last two weeks.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Republicans who have spent the past decade howling about the danger of ballooning deficits embraced the coronavirus rescue package.


NBC Washington (D.C.): More than 690 officers and civilian employees at police departments and sheriff’s offices around the country have tested positive for COVID-19.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Across the U.S., the coronavirus has waylaid efforts to get as many people as possible to participate in the count, which determines how much federal money goes to communities.


NBC Washington (D.C.): When President Trump announced the medication hydroxychloroquine was a game-changer in treating COVID-19 patients, demand for the drug skyrocketed. Now a California woman who uses the medication to treat her lupus can’t get her prescription refilled.


Business Insider: Senators called on the FDA to lift restrictions that keep gay and bisexual men from donating blood amid 'severe' shortage during coronavirus outbreak


Business Insider: She's a US senator. He's one of the most powerful men in finance. Meet the $500 million power couple getting slammed for stock trades placed as the coronavirus tanked markets.


Forbes: Here's what the US could learn from Nigeria’s response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak:


CBC News (Canada): Lowery led a civil rights organization for two decades and delivered the benediction at Barack Obama's inauguration. He died at 98, from natural causes unrelated to the coronavirus outbreak.


Axios: A second wave of cities, including Boston, Detroit, New Orleans and Philadelphia, is seeing increases in confirmed coronavirus cases, and could become epicenters for the outbreak if they're not able to bring those cases under control soon.


Axios: The U.S. missed a number of chances to mimic how Singapore and South Korea contained their coronavirus outbreaks.


Axios: Joe Biden said that President Trump should "stop personalizing everything" in his approach to dealing the novel coronavirus pandemic, at a CNN town hall on Friday.


Axios: One-third of Americans say they or someone in their household has either lost a job or taken a pay cut since the novel coronavirus outbreak began, according to a study from Pew Research.


Axios: ‍ The U.S. is scouring the globe and leaning on non-medical manufacturers to help overcome shortages of ventilators, masks, gloves and gowns.


Axios: DEEP DIVE - It’s too late for the U.S. to simply do what worked in places like South Korea and Taiwan. We’ve already made too many mistakes. But there are lessons to be learned for future outbreaks — and hopefully some strategies to be adopted now.


Axios: Pro Rata Podcast: Inside Trump's coronavirus timeline, with @jonathanvswan


Axios: Joe Biden has said if the Supreme Court upholds President Trump's termination of DACA amid the coronavirus outbreak it would leave a "gaping hole in our health care system that is liable to cost American lives"


The Associated Press: Health experts say prisons and jails are a potential epicenter for America’s coronavirus pandemic. They are little cities where many people share cells, sit elbow-to-elbow at dining areas and are herded through halls to the yard or jobs.


The Associated Press: The push-pull system of federalism, which shaped the founding of the United States so many years ago, is still pushing and pulling today, as the government’s battle with coronavirus demonstrates. An analysis by @tackettdc .


Los Angeles Times: Angry Trump blasts GM’s coronavirus ventilator effort but won't use defense act


Los Angeles Times: Joe Biden calls for a national lockdown to contain the coronavirus


Mercury News (San Jose): Immigration groups sue Trump to close courts during coronavirus pandemic


The Seattle Times: A gun rights group is cheering the Trump administration’s designation of the firearms industry, including retailers, as part of the nation’s critical infrastructure during the coronavirus emergency.


The Seattle Times: President Donald Trump has been a rosy outlier on the science of the coronavirus pandemic. Here's a fact check of some of his statements on the outbreak this past week.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry secretly move to Los Angeles ahead of coronavirus lockdown, reports say


AZ Central (Arizona): Some police officers, firefighters and EMTs need more masks, coronavirus supplies


AZ Central (Arizona): Arizona could land more than $20 billion after 2020 Census. Cities are work to get that message out amid coronavirus outbreak


AZ Central (Arizona): How one tweet from Cardinals broadcaster Dave Pasch helped hundreds affected by coronavirus


AZ Central (Arizona): JUST IN: COVID-19-related death toll now 15 with reported cases up to 773.


AZ Central (Arizona): UA researchers working on tests to detect COVID-19 antibodies in people without symptoms


AZ Central (Arizona): Arizona deaths related to new coronavirus up to 15; reported cases rise to 773 as Gila County reports its first case


AZ Central (Arizona): Governor Doug Ducey signed an $11.8 billion budget Saturday that includes economic aid for Arizonans affected by the new coronavirus.


Sky News (UK): Take a look inside the US hospital ship USNS Mercy The floating hospital will treat non-COVID-19 patients in an attempt to lessen the load on area hospitals in Los Angeles. Latest #coronavirus updates here:


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: Hollywood costume designers and costumers have united to set up a drive-thru mask-making-kit distribution center in an effort to fight the coronavirus. Volunteers can pick up a kit with everything needed to sew 24 masks at home for hospital staff Video:


Axios: The NRA and other pro-gun groups filed a lawsuit against California Gov. Gavin Newsom and state officials after gun stores were deemed non-essential and required to close for the state's stay-at-home order amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.


The Associated Press: "There’s no prevention, and we keep working.” California's farmworkers are keeping grocery stores stocked, but many worry about catching the coronavirus in conditions that often don't allow for much social distancing or hand-washing.


Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus spotlight: Wrightwood


Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus cases keep surging as California officials move to protect workers and renters


Los Angeles Times: How bad will the next few weeks be for California as coronavirus cases explode?


Los Angeles Times: Nearing overload in coronavirus pandemic, Mono County sheriff has a message: Stay out


Los Angeles Times: LACMA demolition moves forward, but coronavirus pauses Academy and Lucas construction


Los Angeles Times: L.A. officials text an urgent message: Stay home this weekend to slow coronavirus


Los Angeles Times: At a nursing home for L.A.’s wealthy, coronavirus diagnoses stirs anger and questions


Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus forces See’s Candies to suspend production for first time since World War II


Los Angeles Times: These L.A. County communities have coronavirus cases, and these don't


Los Angeles Times: As we all adjust to our new lives under the umbrella of the coronavirus, Los Angeles Times photographer @latfoto gives us a look at the mountain community of Wrightwood:


Los Angeles Times: Introducing L.A.'s coronavirus testing czar. Can he fix a 'grossly inadequate' system?


Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus Today: Beaches and trails close


Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus deaths in California top 100 as officials struggle to slow spread


Los Angeles Times: Looking east, California can envision its coronavirus future in the overflowing hospital wards of New York City. Looking west, it can draw hope from the disease’s swift decline in Asian nations that quickly imposed strict physical-isolation measures


Los Angeles Times: Wow: After the death of a 25-year-old pharmacy technician quarantining in a La Quinta, Riverside County has “ordered that all short-term lodging, including short-term home rentals, hotels and motels limit their businesses to COVID-19 response only.”


Los Angeles Times: Outside a nursing home hit hard by coronavirus, staffers find a nervous public


Los Angeles Times: From an L.A. living room, an unlikely coronavirus hero emerges: 'Club Quarantine's' DJ D-Nice


Los Angeles Times: How coronavirus cases hit Los Angeles differently from New York City


Los Angeles Times: Air traffic at Los Angeles International Airport and other local aviation facilities has taken a huge hit due to the coronavirus. “Clearly, the magnitude of what we are facing is immense,” Sean Burton, president of the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners, said this week. Video:


Los Angeles Times: California renters who have lost work because of the pandemic, have become sick or have had to take care of family members with COVID-19 cannot be evicted.


Los Angeles Times: Have you tested positive for Covid-19 & are you a parent of a young child? Are you worried about childcare in the event that all the caretakers in your home get sick? I want to talk with you for a story. Email me at Laura.Newberry @latimes .com. Thank you!

Los Angeles Times: LAPD preparing scenarios in which many officers are out sick from coronavirus


Los Angeles Times: "[W]hat we have now is still grossly inadequate." — Clayton Kazan, Los Angeles County’s new coronavirus testing coordinator He has thoughts on how to fix that:


Los Angeles Times: Orange County coronavirus cases jump past 400 with 4 deaths


Los Angeles Times: Los Angeles County has closed all of its beaches in an effort to reduce crowds as officials try to enforce social-distancing guidelines to slow the spread of coronavirus. Video:


Los Angeles Times: This is saddest story — and there are others just like him. “He had been in the parking lot of the Kaiser Permanente in Baldwin Park Medical Center for three days and alone in his car for two days before that.” He said he couldn’t get a coronavirus test


Los Angeles Times: L.A. County announces 6 new coronavirus deaths as hospitals fill up in California


Los Angeles Times: The free L.A. Times Coronavirus Today newsletter gives you the latest #coronavirus news and what it means for you, plus answers to your questions. Sign up to get it in your inbox on weekday evenings.


Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus patients in California's ICU beds double overnight


Los Angeles Times: What the coronavirus bailout means for Hollywood workers


Los Angeles Times: From helicopters and cruisers, police try to keep public off beaches, trails amid coronavirus


Los Angeles Times: She survived wars in El Salvador, became a U.S. citizen and is now battling coronavirus


Los Angeles Times: How is the coronavirus affecting your travel plans? Tell us:


Mercury News (San Jose): Stay home, locals tell outdoors enthusiasts seeking coronavirus getaways


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Bay Area grocery stores installing see-through barriers at checkout


Mercury News (San Jose): Here’s a look inside the temporary coronavirus hospital being outfitted in Santa Clara


Mercury News (San Jose): Borenstein: CalPERS unprepared for the coronavirus recession


Mercury News (San Jose): ‘Worst heartbreak of my life’: Family mourns FoodMaxx cashier who died of COVID-19


Mercury News (San Jose): To protect homeless from coronavirus, Bay Area may need to spend hundreds of millions


Mercury News (San Jose): Contra Costa County announces second coronavirus death, 151 total cases


Mercury News (San Jose): Meghan and Harry: Higher taxes, visa issues forced L.A. move during coronavirus pandemic


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Jail deputy in Contra Costa County tests positive


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Additional shelter coming for Santa Clara County homeless


Mercury News (San Jose): Southern California police accuse man of coronavirus price gouging


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Second San Jose State student tests positive


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Gov. Newsom says number of patients in ICUs doubled overnight


Mercury News (San Jose): COVID-19: Monterey County hospitality businesses face layoffs


Mercury News (San Jose): Seattle Seahawks field to host military hospital amid coronavirus outbreak


Mercury News (San Jose): Colorado confirms 13 more deaths related to coronavirus as positive cases top 2,000


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Santa Clara County has 17 new cases and 5 new deaths, second most in California


Mercury News (San Jose): Longtime A’s minor league coach and manager hospitalized with COVID-19


Mercury News (San Jose): Photos: Unsung heroes keep society running amid coronavirus pandemic


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: Alameda County reports 36 new cases and 2 new deaths


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus: CA surges past 5,000 cases and 100 deaths


Mercury News (San Jose): Coronavirus economy: California real estate sales now deemed “essential” industry


Mercury News (San Jose): Will he have to drive his wife to work because of coronavirus fallout? Roadshow


The Denver Post: Working the night shift as a health care professional battling coronavirus? Fill out our form and let us know what we should be covering.


The Denver Post: NEW: These 9 Colorado nursing homes have coronavirus outbreaks


The Denver Post: Colorado oil, gas regulators hit pause on new rules because of coronavirus, @JudithKohler reports


The Denver Post: NEW: A second Colorado Avalanche player has tested positive for the coronavirus, the team announced Saturday


The Denver Post: NEW: A state health department survey was released Saturday, which polled nearly 45,000 Coloradans on a variety of COVID-19-related questions


The Denver Post: NEW: State reports first double-digit jump in coronavirus-related deaths as total cases top 2,000


The Denver Post: State officials have said there’s no longer a backlog in Colorado’s state lab, but testing for the coronavirus remains limited to those hospitalized, health care workers and individuals most at risk for complications, @jessicaseaman reports


The Seattle Times: Kona Kitchen's beloved matriarch, Elizabeth Mar, succumbed to COVID-19 on March 25 after a two-week illness, and now her husband has died of the virus, too.


The Seattle Times: NEW: Amazon told employees at its Kent fulfillment center Friday that one of their co-workers has tested positive for COVID-19.


The Seattle Times: Here's how and where in Seattle to be tested for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.


The Seattle Times: From King County prioritizing emergency shelter beds for the homeless to airlines waiving change fees, the coronavirus pandemic is suddenly casting many issues in a new light. Columnist Danny Westneat wonders, will we go back?


The Seattle Times: At the State Emergency Operations Center floor, an alphabet soup of federal and state government workers are coordinating Washington's response to the novel coronavirus. Here's a look inside.


The Seattle Times: After a driver died and nine other employees have tested positive or presumptive positive for the novel coronavirus, Community Transit employees fear they're at the center of an outbreak. (from @heidigroover )


The Seattle Times: Track the spread of coronavirus across Washington, the U.S. and the world — updated with new numbers daily.


The Seattle Times: The new coronavirus has thrust a host of unfamiliar terms into our everyday discourse. Here are some definitions to help you keep up with the latest on the global pandemic.


The Seattle Times: Many child care programs in Washington are closing or operating at a loss because of the coronavirus pandemic. Will they be able to operate even after the crisis is over? And if not, then what happens to the workforce who relies on them?


The Seattle Times: Another 577 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Washington, but no new deaths were announced Saturday. The total number of cases rose to 4,300, including 175 deaths, according to the state Department of Health.


The Seattle Times: CORRECTION: There were 14 new deaths from COVID-19 in Washington, bringing the total today to 189. Based on state Department of Health data, an earlier tweet stated no new deaths.


The Seattle Times: The coronavirus pandemic in Washington state has hurt workers and businesses alike. Here's a guide on where to find help.


The Seattle Times: "He was worried about going to work every day." Bus drivers at Community Transit have been raising concerns about safety and making their own cleaning supplies amid the coronavirus outbreak. Now a driver has died.


The Seattle Times: As the coronavirus spread across the U.S., large-scale testing of people did not happen — because of technical flaws, regulatory hurdles, business-as-usual bureaucracies and lack of leadership, according to public health officials.


The Seattle Times: Confirmed COVID-19 cases surpass 2,000 in King County, and now-updated data from the state Department of Health show a total of 4,310 cases in Washington.


The Seattle Times: Updated with the latest numbers illustrating the status of the coronavirus pandemic in Washington state and the world.


The Seattle Times: President Donald Trump’s negative remarks about Gov. Jay Inslee and the nationwide response to the novel coronavirus pandemic “haven’t knocked us off our game at all,” Inslee said.


The Seattle Times: Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is lifting a ban on funerals that was part of his coronavirus stay-at-home order Monday, although strict restrictions will still apply to funeral services.


The Seattle Times: : People with COVID-19 symptoms who aren’t self-quarantining can be involuntarily detained while tests are pending, threatens King County’s public health officer. More info and updates:


The Seattle Times: County public health officials have announced that four homeless shelter residents in what appear to be four separate King County shelters have tested positive for coronavirus -- the first in the county.


The Seattle Times: While a worldwide supply chain is helping GM and Bothell-based Ventec rapidly find parts to build thousands of ventilators for coronavirus patients, the most critical component needed for the machines is made in Woodinville.


Sky News (UK): No running water. No electricity. On Navajo Nation, coronavirus creates worry and confusion as cases surge


Star Tribune (Minnesota): These Minnesota virus sleuths are looking for COVID-19’s vulnerabilities: “We’ve never had one that was like this virus in terms of how it transmits and how it causes disease.”


Star Tribune (Minnesota): The frac sand mining industry in Minnesota and Wisconsin was already struggling, and now the coronavirus-related downturn has made matters worse.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Breaking: Minnesota has now seen a total of five deaths from COVID-19, and the tally of people who have tested positive for the virus now stands at 441.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Sen. Amy Klobuchar thinks her husband’s case of COVID-19 shows why it is not yet time to reopen businesses or reduce restrictions on large gatherings.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): JUST IN: Twin Cities pianist Nachito Herrera is hospitalized with coronavirus.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Despite COVID-19, blood banks remain open for business and need donations. Since the arrival of the pandemic, 295 Red Cross blood drives in Minnesota and the Dakotas have been canceled, resulting in an estimated loss of 9,800 donors.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Some Asian-Americans in the Twin Cities and across the nation are facing hostility as the U.S. becomes the country with the largest number of cases of COVID-19, caused by a virus that President Donald Trump controversially dubbed the "Chinese flu."


Star Tribune (Minnesota): The coronavirus pandemic has thrust Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz into the limelight in a whole new way.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): The coronavirus may have shut down almost everything else, but the art goes on at Interact — a visual and performing arts center in St. Paul for people with disabilities.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): While their presence may be unpopular with some year-round residents hoping to keep COVID-19 from spreading, many urban-dwelling Minnesotans are taking flight to their cabins up north to wait out the crisis.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): Families of elderly people all over Minnesota worry it could be weeks or months before they will be able to touch their relatives again, as senior living communities impose unprecedented restrictions on visitors to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Star Tribune (Minnesota): The disruption to public life brought about by the spread of COVID-19 has major implications for a critical election year in Minnesota.


The Kansas City Star: Missouri and Kansas hospitals may be overrun by COVID-19 — especially in these areas


The Kansas City Star: You have questions about the COVID-19 pandemic. KCQ is doing its part to find answers


The Kansas City Star: Officials report Missouri’s 10th coronavirus linked death in St. Charles County Friday


The Kansas City Star: Kansas Gov. Kelly announces statewide stay-at-home order to halt spread of COVID-19


The Kansas City Star: KC City Market a lonely landscape on first Saturday since COVID-19 stay at home edict


The Kansas City Star: What are US airports, TSA doing to prevent the spread of coronavirus?


The Kansas City Star: Second coronavirus death reported in Johnson County, fifth in Kansas


The Kansas City Star: Johnson County reported its second coronavirus related death today. The 5th in the state.


The Kansas City Star: Coronavirus cases in Missouri continue to spike. The state just saw a 25% increase for the second day in a row.


The Kansas City Star: Kansas reports about 60 more new COVID-19 case in a day, per KDHE. About 50 people have been hospitalized in Kansas due to the coronavirus.


The Kansas City Star: Missouri sees 25% jump in coronavirus cases for second consecutive day


The Kansas City Star: KS reports 262 total coronavirus cases Saturday as governor issues stay at home order


The Kansas City Star: Signs not enough: KC tapes off playground, exercise equipment amid COVID-19 crisis


WGN TV News (Chicago): Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin and Police Chief Kristen Ziman have both tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Kane County Health Department.​


WGN TV News (Chicago): Clusters of COVID-19 cases are spreading at a number of long term care facilities in Lake County.​


WGN TV News (Chicago): The information about COVID-19 testing sites in the Chicago area is changing rapidly.​


WGN TV News (Chicago): McCormick Place is being turned into a makeshift hospital to treat COVID-19 patients.​


WGN TV News (Chicago): Information in the COVID-19 pandemic is evolving rapidly, so to help keep WGN viewers informed with the latest updates, follow our live blog for March 28, 2020.​


WGN TV News (Chicago): WATCH LIVE: Gov. Pritzker holds daily COVID-19 update


WGN TV News (Chicago): JUST IN: Infant among 13 new COVID-19 deaths in Illinois; Nearly 3,500 cases reported


WGN TV News (Chicago): Athletes in Chicago sports continue to help the COVID-19 pandemic response efforts, including Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews. More on his contribution at @WGNNews .


WGN TV News (Chicago): Infant among latest COVID-19 deaths in Illinois- the latest from Governor Pritzker on @WGNNews at 5:00


WGN TV News (Chicago): ‘Saw the love of God’: COVID-19 patient who left heartwarming message on clinic window shares story


WGN TV News (Chicago): JUST IN: Detainee COVID-19 cases at Cook County Jail surge to 89; 12 employees test positive


WFAA (Dallas): This moment : With schools closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, one Michigan school administrator drove to a local restaurant drive-thru to tell a student she is her high school's class valedictorian for 2020.


Business Insider: 2 working parents from Michigan reveal the family schedule they follow that allows them to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic


Axios: A group of Midwestern swing voters that supported Trump's handling of the coronavirus less than 2 weeks ago is balking at his call for the U.S. to be "opened up" by Easter, saying they'll tolerate closures for as long as it takes to contain the spread.


The Associated Press: “We're in unprecedented territory here:" More than 1/5 of Detroit's police are quarantined. More than 440 NYPD have been diagnosed. COVID-19 is racing through police departments around the country.


Los Angeles Times: Trump declares a major disaster in Michigan in response to coronavirus pandemic


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Latest book helps keep UGA's Vince Dooley upbeat amid coronavirus outbreak


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Hawks fund program to feed Emory health care workers treating COVID-19 patients


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Meet Thomas Massie, who tried to stop Congress from passing coronavirus relief Friday


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Gwinnett County modifies trash pickups due to coronavirus


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: AJC In Context: Stay-at-home order Check our full Coronavirus coverage here:


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Latest Atlanta coronavirus news: More than 100 new cases, 4 new deaths since Thursday


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia officials resist calls for primary to be delayed again as the coronavirus pandemic spreads #gapol


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: : 2,366 coronavirus cases confirmed in Georgia; death toll rises to 69


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Officers are scared out there': Coronavirus hits US police


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: : A second DeKalb County jail inmate has tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Future donating masks to health care workers amid coronavirus


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Coronavirus takes life of father of former Falcons quarterback


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: : 10 more deaths reported as Georgia’s coronavirus cases rise to 2,446


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: ‘Explosive spread’ of coronavirus in Georgia likely to worsen


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Gridlock Guy: Coronavirus data on roads and our duty to keep them open


Miami Herald: Miami doctor tests homeless for coronavirus while volunteers deliver food, clothes


Miami Herald: Coronavirus is killing South Florida businesses. But some are busy — and hiring.


Miami Herald: Relief. Recovery. Rise Up. How South Floridians are helping those hit hard by coronavirus


Miami Herald: Given the dire need for medical staff in the face of the ongoing pandemic, Barry University decided to allow 17 students to graduate early and join the fight against the novel coronavirus at stretched-thin hospitals across the nation.


Miami Herald: Coronavirus live updates: Here’s what to know in South Florida on March 28


Miami Herald: NEW: A veteran in their 90s died at the Miami VA Healthcare System this week due to complications from COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.


Miami Herald: : A longtime nurse at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital died this week due to complications from COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. The nurse worked in the hospital’s intensive care unit.


Miami Herald: NEW: Florida now has more than 3,700 COVID-19 cases, according to the state Department of Health’s Saturday noon report. Miami-Dade and Broward counties also added one more death each to their totals since Friday night.


Miami Herald: Arrest, fine or shame: What people who break coronavirus stay-at-home orders face


Miami Herald: From Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho: Miami-Dade Public Schools steps up to fill community-wide needs during COVID-19 crisis


Miami Herald: Florida lupus patients can’t get their meds after Trump touts drug to fight coronavirus


Miami Herald: Keys officials in several cities, who lobbied for the checkpoints to block the spread of the novel coronavirus through the island chain, are angry.

Miami Herald: Gov. Ron DeSantis doesn't regret holding FL's March 17 primary after 2 Broward poll workers tested positive for COVID-19. "The supervisors of elections, secretary of state had procedures in place. The safety was a priority. They assured me it was safe. It seems like it was safe."

Miami Herald: Seven Florida Department of Corrections employees who work at separate facilities have tested positive for COVID-19, agency officials said Friday. There is an investigation into which inmates and staff may need to go into isolation after close contact.


Miami Herald: Watch @MaryEllenKlas who is representing @MiamiHerald and @TB_Times be excluded from the governor's COVID-19 press conference. Why? We requested social distancing when the briefings were being held in his crowded office. This is in a conference room. Other journalists present.


Miami Herald: III Points music and arts festival has been rescheduled for Oct. 16-17. The event is the latest Miami gathering to be disrupted by the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Miami Herald: Key West International Airport remains open with flights and departures during the COVID-19 pandemic, like all U.S. airports. But travelers are few and most are leaving, officials said.


Miami Herald: NEW: A @MiamiHerald / @TB_Times reporter was denied access to the Florida governor's coronavirus press conference today. A state spokeswoman said our reporter could view the press conference on a live stream — where we wouldn't be able to ask questions.


Miami Herald: NEW: Florida has pushed past 4,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, state health officials said Saturday evening. That total includes 840 new cases reported in one day — the most since the pandemic hit Florida.


Miami Herald: Miami doctors continue to sound the alarm. Healthcare workers face a high risk of getting COVID-19, and we are sadly starting to see that manifest in South Florida.


Miami Herald: The number of coronavirus infections in Florida surged past 4,000 Saturday as the sun set on a week of stark changes to everyday life in South Florida, an upheaval meant to curb the spread of the virus.


Miami Herald: 14 test positive for COVID-19 on Royal Caribbean ship, captain says. Crew unloaded in Miami


NBC Washington (D.C.): As we all clamor for information about the COVID-19 virus, our leaders are listening to advice from scientists and medical professionals who've spent their careers preparing for a pandemic.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Two students at Oakton High School in Vienna, Virginia, began delivering the morning announcements on Instagram after their school closed because of the coronavirus.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Four Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service personnel tested positive for COVID-19, according to a statement by the county’s department of health.


NBC Washington (D.C.): A postal worker at the Brentwood Post Office in Northeast D.C. tested positive for COVID-19 Friday, according to the US Postal Service.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Employees at two Prince George’s County high schools tested positive for COVID-19, according to a statement released by the district.


NBC Washington (D.C.): An employee of a Montgomery County liquor store, who worked a shift as recently as Wednesday, tested positive for COVID-19, according to a statement from county officials.


NBC Washington (D.C.): NEW: Virginia coronavirus cases climb TO 739 , compared to 604 on Friday, with 99 hospitalizations and at least 17 deaths. There are test results for 9166 people. Fairfax County added more than 30 cases.


NBC Washington (D.C.): A Maryland National Guardsman who tested positive for the coronavirus was stationed at the FedEx Field screening site, sources told News4.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Several new coronavirus cases connected to Montgomery County nursing homes involve both residents and staff.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Another coronavirus death is reported in Virginia. The Western Tidewater Health district says the victim is a man in his 60s who had underlying health conditions. This brings the death toll in Va to at least 18.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Abbott on Friday announced it received approval for a test that is capable of delivering positive results of the coronavirus in as little as five minutes.


NBC Washington (D.C.): A Prince George's County High School counselor and basketball coach died from complications related to coronavirus.


NBC Washington (D.C.): A beloved high school basketball coach and counselor in Prince George's County has died after contracting the coronavirus


NBC Washington (D.C.): Just In: Five more people have died in Maryland from COVID-19, bringing the total deaths to 10 in the state, health officials say.


NBC Washington (D.C.): Latest: There are now 2,081 cases of coronavirus in DC, Maryland and Virginia


NBC Washington (D.C.): Update: Maryland has surpassed 1,000 cases of coronavirus as an outbreak has been identified at a senior home in Carroll County


NBC Washington (D.C.): Just In: 66 residents of a senior home in Carroll County have coronavirus, health officials say


NBC Washington (D.C.): Just In: A 55-year-old DC man is the fifth person to die in the city from COVID-19, health officials say


NBC Washington (D.C.): ‘Tragic’: 66 Residents at Carroll County Senior Home Have Coronavirus


NBC Washington (D.C.): More than 2,000 volunteers have signed up to help test patients for COVID-19.


Dallas Morning News: NEW: Could immigration courts get more chaotic? Coronavirus adds to stress. Fights, riot at Texas detention centers come as calls grow to free some immigrants.


Dallas Morning News: Officials report 31 new coronavirus cases at the Denton County State Supported living center


Dallas Morning News: McKinney sued over shelter-in-place order, plus coronavirus cases and what’s closed or canceled


Dallas Morning News: El Paso cracks down; Juarez and AMLO worry many about attitude toward coronavirus


Dallas Morning News: DMN Investigates: Staffers at urgent care centers north of Dallas say they were thrust onto the frontlines of coronavirus testing without notice, training and proper safety gear. Big takeaway: such clinics were designed for minor ailments, not pandemics


Dallas Morning News: 1/ Medical assistants say Rapid Med Urgent Care clinics have thrust staffers onto the frontlines without adequate protection or training to test patients for COVID-19 at its two centers, The Dallas Morning News found.


Dallas Morning News: Collin County, please help us stop coronavirus spread now.


Dallas Morning News: Texas automatically renews Medicaid, food stamps to ease coronavirus worries


Dallas Morning News: Allen coronavirus cases, plus what’s closed, canceled and other updates


Dallas Morning News: Trump’s coronavirus testing czar spent decades in Texas preparing for a pandemic.


Dallas Morning News: Two Parkland nurses describe life inside their Dallas ICU in these first weeks of treating COVID-19 patients


Dallas Morning News: New clinical trials bring potential COVID-19 treatments to North Texas


Dallas Morning News: Dallas County reports eighth and ninth coronavirus deaths, Tarrant County has 14 new cases


Dallas Morning News: Future of Dallas-Houston bullet train uncertain after company lays off more than two dozen employees due to coronavirus


Dallas Morning News: ESPN broadcaster Doris Burke tests positive for coronavirus after feeling symptoms at Mavericks-Nuggets game


Dallas Morning News: Dallas councilman floats emergency ordinance to stave off evictions amid COVID-19 crisis


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Dallas Morning News: Coronavirus forced us inside, but Tokyo 2021 will help us see the world again


Dallas Morning News: Dallas County reports 8th, 9th coronavirus deaths and 72 new cases; Denton, Johnson counties report 1 death each


Dallas Morning News: Caregivers allege unsafe testing for coronavirus at urgent care centers north of Dallas


Dallas Morning News: El Paso cracks down; Juarez and AMLO worry many about attitude toward coronavirus.


Dallas Morning News: The most Tim-from-the-National-Cowboy-Museum coronavirus quotes of the week


WFAA (Dallas): Heading to the store this weekend? Here's how to navigate grocery shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.


WFAA (Dallas): More than 1,000 people who have filed complaints with the Texas Attorney General's Office about price gouging during the coronavirus pandemic.


WFAA (Dallas): : Denton County says a man in his 60s has died from COVID-19, becoming the county's second coronavirus-related death.


WFAA (Dallas): An employee for the Huffhines Park Post Office and another at the Dallas Network Distribution Center each tested positive for COVID-19.


WFAA (Dallas): A rideshare driver in Hood County tested positive for COVID-19. Health officials believe it came from an infected rider somewhere in DFW.


Forbes: Rep. Joe Cunningham, D-S.C., said Friday that he had tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the 4th member of Congress and 24 U.S. lawmaker overall to contract the virus—here are the other U.S. politicians that have tested positive for coronavirus:


The Associated Press: While much of the U.S. is on lockdown to stop the coronavirus, governors in several Southern states have not issued stay-at-home orders. But in those places, ordinances passed by city leaders are causing confusion. Some barber shops and salons remain open.


Los Angeles Times: Trump keeps applauding the federal government response to coronavirus. On the ground in Texas, it looks more like the Wild West.


US - Northeast (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont)

Indo-Asian News Service (India): US President #DonaldTrump is considering a quarantine on New York and surrounding areas of New Jersey and Connecticut as #coronavirus cases continue to jump, making these areas the worst affected in the US.


The Straits Times (Singapore): 13 deaths in a day: An 'apocalyptic' coronavirus surge at a New York City Hospital


The Straits Times (Singapore): What made New York so hospitable for coronavirus?


MarketWatch: The New York Blood Center could start collecting blood plasma donations from recovered COVID-19 patients to hopefully treat critically ill ones.


MarketWatch: New York City coronavirus cases reach nearly 30,000 with a death every 9.5 minutes


MarketWatch: The expo center now holds 1,000 hospital beds for patients with health-care needs other than COVID-19.


MarketWatch: Trump has approved four additional temporary hospital sites to help New York in its fight against COVID-19.


Reuters: New York's Cuomo postpones primary election as coronavirus cases keep growing


Reuters: In the end, we are just inmates, second-class citizens. We are like livestock.' Sean Hernandez, an inmate at Rikers Island, describes jail conditions during the coronavirus outbreak


Reuters: Sean Hernandez covers his mouth and nose with a t-shirt or towel when he leaves his cell, his only defense against the coronavirus outbreak sweeping through the Rikers Island jail system. 'We are pleading with officers' for better defenses, he said.


Reuters: U.S. jails and prisons are reporting an accelerating spread of the coronavirus. Read about the conditions at New York’s Rikers Island jail complex and other prisons


Reuters: Coronavirus outbreak is stretching New York's ambulance service to breaking point


Haaretz (Israel): N.Y.C. Mayor: Synagogues that don’t comply with coronavirus rules may be shut down permanently


CBS New York: Coronavirus Update: Nassau County Testing Results Now Online As Long Island Approaches 'The Steepest Part Of The Curve'


CBS New York: New York Sports Club Responds To Lawsuit Over Membership Fees During Coronavirus Shutdown


CBS New York: Coronavirus Update: Mayor Bill De Blasio Under Fire For Not Releasing Information About Hot Spots, ICU Beds


CBS New York: Coronavirus outbreak leads to uptick in foster pet applications


CBS New York: WATCH CBS2 NEWS SATURDAY: Rainy skies ahead, latest on COVID-19 and stories of support around the area:


CBS New York: CRY FOR HELP IN THE BRONX: Nurses at @NYCHealthSystem Jacobi Medical Center say they are out of supplies and told to reuse personal protective equipment while treating #coronavirus #COVID -19 patients:


CBS New York: WATCH LIVE NOW: Gov. Andrew Cuomo gives daily coronavirus briefing about COVID-19 in New York State:


CBS New York: 52,318 positive cases of #COVID19 have now been reported in New York. Governor Cuomo reports 728 deaths statewide tied to the coronavirus outbreak.


CBS New York: Gov. Cuomo says the coronavirus apex in New York City is expected to occur in 14-21 days, and when it happens, the city is going to need 140,000 beds


CBS New York: CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: @NYGovCuomo says Tax Day will be moved to July 15, and the New York presidential primary election will be moved to June 23 - watch live:


CBS New York: HEARTBREAKING TOLL: The #NYPD has lost three members of its working family in the past 48 hours, including Det. Cedric Dixon from the @NYPD32Pct in Harlem:


CBS New York: New Jersey's number of confirmed #coronavirus cases is now in five digits.


CBS New York: The MTA says its chairman and CEO, Pat Foye, has tested positive for the coronavirus.


CBS New York: New York hospitals are being directed to allow at least one person in the delivery room with expectant mothers after many changed their protocols amid the coronavirus pandemic.


CBS New York: JUST IN: #Knicks owner Jim Dolan has tested positive for the coronavirus.


CBS New York: Coronavirus Update: CDC Issues Domestic Travel Advisory In Tri-State Area, President Trump Says Quarantine 'Will Not Be Necessary'


CBS New York: Coronavirus Update: Detective Cedric Dixon Becomes First NYPD Officer To Die From COVID-19 Illness


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: COVID-19 cases increase in Allegheny County


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: VA Pittsburgh reports first COVID-19 case


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Jail employee tests positive for COVID-19


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Beaver County nursing home battling COVID-19 cases


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: ICYMI: Pirates players bought 400 pizzas and 10 trays of pasta from Slice on Broadway and Pizzeria Davide for Allegheny General Hospital employees — in an effort to help both hospital workers and local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Taliban attack Afghanistan amid growing coronavirus threat


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Officers are scared out there': Coronavirus hits police


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: U.S. coronavirus hot spots grow; Italy passes 10,000 deaths


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Knicks owner, MSG chairman James Dolan has coronavirus


Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Sister shares final texts from NY nurse sent before he died from coronavirus complications


Los Angeles Times: Gov. Andrew Cuomo postponed New York’s presidential primary from April to June to keep people from gathering — even to vote — amid of the state’s coronavirus outbreak


Business Insider: Cuomo pushed back on Trump's suggestion to quarantine the entire tri-state area around New York: 'I don't know how that could be legally enforceable'


Business Insider: The Javits Center in New York City is being converted into a disaster hospital as the number of coronavirus cases in the city tops 23,000. Here's a look inside


CBC News (Canada): A NYC doctor describes what the city’s front-line hospital workers are dealing with in North America’s epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak. @cbcsteve


Sky News (UK): "New York is preparing for the worst and you get the sense now there is a real inevitability about what comes next." Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued another warning on the state's #coronavirus outbreak, calling for tens of thousands more hospital beds.


AFP News Agency (France): Medical staff in America's #coronavirus hotbed New York are struggling with long hours and a dire need for protective equipment -- and as infections surge, they increasingly fear for their own safety


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO President Donald Trump signs into law the $2 trillion rescue plan to salvage a US economy crippled by the novel coronavirus, on a day the nation's total count of COVID-19 cases surpassed 100,000


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO Some industries in the Navy Yard studios in Brooklyn, New York have retooled their production line to manufacture protective gears for health workers to combat the coronavirus


AFP News Agency (France): As New York becomes the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, even die-hard businesses are shutting down in the so-called "city that never sleeps"


Axios: NEW: The floating hospital USNS Comfort will start treating patients in New York City on Tuesday, Trump said, but COVID-19 patients will not be admitted to the hospital.


Mercury News (San Jose): Massachusetts reports 4,257 coronavirus cases, nine new deaths


NBC Washington (D.C.): Coronavirus Update: United Nations Donates Quarter Of A Million Masks To NYC


Middle East

Indo-Asian News Service (India): With religious services suspended across the United Arab Emirates (#UAE) due to #coronavirus pandemic, a Hindu temple in #AbuDhabi has been holding a webcast of weekly 'satsang sabha' on Friday in an effort to help the faithful remain calm, a media report said on Saturday.


Reuters: Iran's health system strong, ready for possible escalation in coronavirus cases: Rouhani


Reuters: Palestinian groups cancel mass Gaza rallies over coronavirus concerns


Reuters: Turkey's coronavirus deaths up to 108, with 1,704 new cases


Reuters: Iran to use 20% of state budget to fight coronavirus


Reuters: Lebanon's Berri may suspend cabinet support over coronavirus expat policy


Ahram Online (Egypt): Egypt sees a peakless sixth week of coronavirus: Health minister


Ahram Online (Egypt): COVID-19: Egyptian doctors in the line of fire


Ahram Online (Egypt): Egyptian bookstores resort to novel methods to do business under coronavirus curfew


Ahram Online (Egypt): Egypt closes some beaches as people flock to seaside amid coronavirus crisis


Ahram Online (Egypt): What does COVID-19 mean for Egypt’s economy?


Ahram Online (Egypt): Jail term and EGP 20,000 fine for spreading rumours about #coronavirus : #Egypt prosecution


Ahram Online (Egypt): Qatar confirms first #coronavirus death


Ahram Online (Egypt): Egypt reports 40 new #coronavirus cases, 6 fatalities: Health ministry


Ahram Online (Egypt): Egypt 's Sisi, #AbuDhabi crown prince discuss joint efforts to fight #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Oman Health Ministry: 21 cases of #coronavirus recorded, and the total rises to 152


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): The President of the Libyan National Forces Alliance Mahmoud Jibril has been quarantined in #Egypt after testing positive for #coronavirus , an official told Youm7 newspaper earlier this week


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : #Bahrain reports 19 new #coronavirus recoveries, bringing the total number of recovered cases to 254


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : #Morocco reports 13 new #coronavirus cases, bringing total to 358


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Palestine reports 6 new #coronavirus cases, bringing total to 97: Government


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : #Kuwait reports 10 new #coronavirus cases, bringing total to 235


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : The health ministry of #Iraq 's Kurdistan reports 7 new #coronavirus cases, bringing total to 122


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): One company in Dubai, Marssai, sold more than 100,000 bottles of sanitizer in one week as demand for hand-hygiene products spiked amid the #coronavirus outbreak


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): The #UAE has imposed fines for people who will violate the country's precautionary measures against the #coronavirus . Check the list here:


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : #Iran health official says 2,517 died so far from #coronavirus outbreak, 139 in last 24 hours


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : @Saudi_Airlines will operate flights in the week starting March 29 from Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam to London’s Heathrow Airport to repatriate UK nationals amid the #coronavirus outbreak


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): @UKinSaudiArabia #BREAKING : Iraq Health Ministry: 48 new cases of #coronavirus and 2 deaths recorded


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): @UKinSaudiArabia #BREAKING : Lebanon Health Ministry: 21 new #coronavirus cases, taking the total to 412


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Tighter restriction have been imposed in #Turkey to fight #coronavirus , including banning of domestic and international travel


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): "We do not live alone in this world. Our exposure to the coronavirus risk was limited, and this bought us time," Fathi Lafi, a 52-year resident of Gaza, told Arab News. Palestinians are fearful of an outbreak


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Saudi Health Ministry: The total number of deaths due to #coronavirus rises to 4


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Saudi Health Ministry: Total #coronavirus cases in the country is 1203


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Saudi Health Ministry: 99 new #coronavirus cases, 10 of which are related to travel


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Saudi Education Ministry: University hospitals are putting up great efforts to confront #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Saudi Health Ministry: Domestic isolation is very important for those suspected of having #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): While the world continues to practice social-distancing in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19, consider this the optimal time to press the reset button on your dermis


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : UAE Health Ministry: 63 patients have recovered from coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Iraqi Health Ministry: Extending the curfew depends on the frequency of daily casualties due to coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): WATCH : Kuwaitis evacuated from #Italy because of the #coronavirus outbreak arrive back in #Kuwait on Friday #ItalyCoronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Egypt: Export of legumes halted for 3 months due to coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : European Union gives Tunisia 250 million euros in effort to counter coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Bahrain: 11 new coronavirus cases recovered, bringing the number of people recovering to 265


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): OPINION : The Arab world must scale up its combined response to the much more quickly than it is doing now to avoid the full force of the storm yet to come, writes @HafedAlGhwell


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Turkey’s coronavirus death roll rises by 16 to 108, total number of cases rises by 1,704 to 7,402


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Qatari Health Ministry announces 28 new cases of coronavirus infections, bringing the total to 590


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Qatari Health Ministry: First death due to coronavirus infection recorded


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): WATCH : Teams of workers in #SaudiArabia disinfect the streets in #Riyadh at night while everyone is at home under curfew as part of measures to tackle the spread of #coronavirus #StayHomeSaveLives


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): As demand for protective gear to combat the #coronavirus disease COVID-19 rises, #Egypt is witnessing a concurrent rise in counterfeit face masks and surgical gloves being offered for sale.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): VIDEO : Police keep a close watch on the night time curfew in #Jeddah as #SaudiArabia takes measures to tackle the spread of #coronavirus . (Video: SPA)


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Palestinian groups in #Gaza canceled mass rallies planned for next week along the border with #Israel amid concerns about the spread of #coronavirus in the densely-populated territory, organizers said on Saturday.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): PICTURES: Municipality workers in #SaudiArabia disinfect and sterilize the streets in #Qatif to tackle the spread of #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Egypt says anyone spreading fake news about the #coronavirus could face two years in prison and a fine of 300,000 EGP


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): WATCH : In neighborhoods across #SaudiArabia 's cities people sang the national anthem from their homes as a show of unity, solidarity and gratitude as the Kingdom takes measures to stop the spread of #coronavirus


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Lebanon ’s confirmed #coronavirus disease (COVID-19) tally jumped to 412 on Saturday, prompting one medical expert to warn the country faces its peak infection rate next week.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Saudi Ministry of Education is contributing to the Health Ministry’s ( @SaudiMOH ) efforts to combat the #coronavirus with six university hospitals equipped to be on the frontline.


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): More than 100 pilgrims returned to Pakistan on Thursday from Iran, immigration documents show, despite the border being sealed by the Pakistan government to try to halt the spread of the novel #coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Who's Who: Meet Sami Al-Helwah, founder and CEO of Saudi online grocery shopping #NanaDirect , which has stepped up its services amid the lockdown caused by the #coronavirus emergency @SamiAlhulwah


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): OPINION: The dramatic fall in air travel owing to the #coronavirus pandemic is disastrous for many airlines, but it is not without a possible upside, writes @JonathanGornall for Arab News


Haaretz (Israel): Israel's Health Ministry says 425 more Israelis tested positive for the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, bringing toll to 3,460, with 50 in serious condition. Seventy-three patients are in moderate condition and 89 have recovered


Haaretz (Israel): Syria, UAE leaders discuss coronavirus, a thaw in relations


Haaretz (Israel): In coronavirus-stricken Middle East, cherished traditions come to an abrupt halt


Haaretz (Israel): Israeli HMOs received incorrect results for coronavirus tests run by the Health Ministry, caused by a typing error in the ministry's laboratories. As a result, some of those tested received other people’s results


Haaretz (Israel): The coronavirus has frozen us all in place: grandparents, children, grandchildren. There’s no certainty we all will be here when it ends: Opinion


Haaretz (Israel): What it’s like to find out you have the coronavirus, and what happens next, according to six Israelis


Haaretz (Israel): Disrupted by coronavirus: We had to fly home with a newborn in the middle of a pandemic


Haaretz (Israel): Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Israel climbs to 3,619


Haaretz (Israel): Coronavirus is making Israel pay for neglecting its minorities. Analysis


Haaretz (Israel): Eight more Palestinians diagnosed with COVID-19 in the West Bank, bringing total to 95


The Straits Times (Singapore): Athletics: Iran Olympic discus trailblazer Hadadi has coronavirus


AFP News Agency (France): Coronavirus #COVID19 #Syria At standstill over virus, Damascus dreads new silent foe #AFP


AFP News Agency (France): Iran reports 139 new coronavirus deaths, raising total to 2,517


AFP News Agency (France): Warring parties in Syria must stop fighting "to avoid further catastrophe", UN investigators said on Saturday, as the first cases of the COVID-19 epidemic are recorded in a country already torn apart by nine years of war


AFP News Agency (France): Turkey coronavirus deaths surge past 100, health minister says


AFP News Agency (France): Saudi forces intercepted a missile over Riyadh, state media said, after at least three explosions were heard in the curfew-locked capital amid efforts to curb the coronavirus pandemic


AFP News Agency (France): Armoured vehicles in the streets, hundreds arrested, smartphone surveillance -- sweeping measures to fight the #coronavirus have raised concerns in the Middle East over the erosion of already threatened human rights


The Associated Press: As the novel coronavirus continues to spread across the Middle East, cherished traditions are coming to an abrupt halt: No more massive weddings and celebrations. No more evenings spent mostly by men in traditional coffee shops across the region.


The Associated Press: Pakistan's foreign ministry says that China has sent a plane loaded with medical personnel and supplies to help with the fight against the spread of the coronavirus in the nation of 220 million people.


Los Angeles Times: A beloved Beirut restaurant survived civil war. Now it must endure COVID-19


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): #BREAKING : Kuwaiti Ministry of Health: 20 new cases of #coronavirus were registered, bringing the total to 255


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): #BREAKING : Palestinian Prime Minister: The number of #coronavirus infections increased to 106


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): #BREAKING : The Palestinian Prime Minister announces a number of decisions to tackle the #coronavirus outbreak


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): #BREAKING : Palestinian Prime Minister holds a press conference on #coronavirus


Business Insider: #UPDATE : The Central Bank of #Egypt announced it will impose a temporary daily limit for withdrawals and cash deposits in bank branches to reduce the risks of the #coronavirus , Al-Arabiya reported on Sunday


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): @UKinSaudiArabia #BREAKING : Spain records 832 #coronavirus deaths within 24 hours, a record toll in the country


North America (Canada, Mexico, Central America)

Indo-Asian News Service (India): Canadian Prime Minister #JustinTrudeau announced that anyone showing any symptoms of the #novelcoronavirus won't be allowed to board domestic flights and trains from Monday. #COVID2019 #CoronaOutbreak


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Canada PM Justin Trudeau says no air, train travel for those with symptoms


Reuters: Haiti hospital chief kidnapped amid coronavirus emergency


Reuters: Hundreds to be evacuated from coronavirus-hit ship off Panama


Reuters: Canada to block people with COVID-19 symptoms from domestic flights, trains


Reuters: Mexico asks residents to stay home for a month to slow coronavirus as cases rise


Reuters: Coronavirus-hit ship granted permission to pass through Panama Canal


The Associated Press: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's wife says she has recovered from being ill from COVID-19 disease caused by the new coronavirus.


The Associated Press: Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó is calling for the creation of a "national emergency government" of diverse political leanings to fight the spread of the coronavirus with the assistance of $1.2 billion in international loans.


EL UNIVERSAL English (Mexico): Say no to mass hysteria! Now that #Mexico is officially on phase 2 of its #COVID19 contingency plan, there are things everyone can do to protect themselves & others from #coronavirus !


EL UNIVERSAL English (Mexico): Although #COVID19 is not highly lethal, millions of #Mexicans are at risk due to #Mexico ’s epidemic of #obesity and #diabetes , underlying #health conditions that seriously complicate the fast-spreading #coronavirus


EL UNIVERSAL English (Mexico): SouthKorea set an example by handling the #COVID19 outbreak. The country diagnosed patients at an early stage by randomly testing 200,000 people. It created 633 detection points distributed across the country & applied around 15,000 tests every day


EL UNIVERSAL English (Mexico): FlattenTheCurve : People are turning to #PhysicalDistancing (#SanaDistancia) to slow #COVID19 propagation. However, you shouldn't let physical distancing become social distancing, turn to #socialconnecting instead!


EL UNIVERSAL English (Mexico): As the #coronavirus pandemic intensifies around the world, Covid, a baby #tiger born in a private #zoo in #Veracruz and named after #COVID19 , has brought a glimmer of hope to #Mexicans (via @Univ_Estados )


EL UNIVERSAL English (Mexico): Say no to #FakeNews ! Misinformation is an obstacle in the fight against #COVID19 . Make sure to only share fact-checked information from reliable sources so that everyone can learn about the new #coronavirus


EL UNIVERSAL English (Mexico): COVID19 originated in #Wuhan , China and has been declared a #pandemic by the #WorldHealthOrganization . Check out some of the #FAQs of the novel #coronavirus and make sure to protect yourself and your loved ones!


EL UNIVERSAL English (Mexico): Amid the #COVID19 pandemic, people have taken measures such as self-#quarantine and #PhysicalDistancing . So while you #StayAtHome , you'll be able to watch the #opera for free!


EL UNIVERSAL English (Mexico): CoronavirusOutbreak : It is common for difficult times to cause distress in the population, therefore, here are some recommendations to protect your #mentalhealth during the #COVID19 pandemic


EL UNIVERSAL English (Mexico): CoronavirusMx : #MexicoCity ’s subway has thermal cameras installed in the two stations to detect users with a fever in an attempt to halt the spread of #COVID19 in the city which, as of March 27, had 107 confirmed cases and 5 deaths (via @Univ_Metropoli )


EL UNIVERSAL English (Mexico): CoronavirusOutbreak : On March 28, #Health authorities reported that 16 #COVID19 -related deaths have been registered in #Mexico


EL UNIVERSAL English (Mexico): CoronavirusMx : As of March 28, the #Health Ministry reported 848 confirmed #COVID19 cases in #Mexico , as well as 2623 suspected cases and 16 deaths


Miami Herald: Food shortages, a decrepit economy, and now the coronavirus: harder times ahead for Cuba


Miami Herald: Social distancing looks very different in poorer countries like communist #Cuba , with almost no internet at home, no Netflix and no Walmarts. The infrastructure is crumbling; there are food shortages, and the median state salary is $30. #coronavirus


Miami Herald: The first Cuban patient with #Covid19 died earlier today. There are 119 confirmed cases but it seems the gov has little capacity to test. There are another 2000 "suspected" cases and 30k plus being watched at their homes.#Cuba #coronavirus


CBC News (Canada): Premier Sandy Silver said the declaration, under the Civil Emergency Measures Act, allows the territorial government to take quicker action to try and slow the spread of the coronavirus.


CBC News (Canada): COVID-19 update: Trudeau addresses Canadians


CBC News (Canada): Sophie Grégoire Trudeau says she has received the 'all clear' from her doctor and Ottawa Public Health. She tested positive for COVID-19 more than two weeks ago.


Los Angeles Times: News Analysis: The new U.S. hope for replacing the president of Venezuela: Coronavirus


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: ���� An NGO in Costa Rica's capital San José has turned a van into a hand-washing station, part of an effort along with local government to limit the spread of the #coronavirus and promote sanitary measures Video:


Asia, Eurasia

Indo-Asian News Service (India): "While: 1) A locked down in our homes; 2) lakhs of migrants walk to reach home; 3) struggling to survive at home; and 4) many can't reach home. Home Minister has neither spoken nor been seen by," @KapilSibal tweeted. #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): As the state is mulling to release 6,000 prisoners to prevent spread of #coronavirus , four inmates managed to flee from the Central Jail in #Ludhiana city in #Punjab by scaling a wall, officials said on Saturday. #COVID2019 #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): केंद्र सरकार ने #पश्चिमबंगाल में #कोरोनावायरस संक्रमण का पता लगाने के लिए 10,000 परीक्षण किट भेजे हैं। #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): COVID2019 : Timeline of the decisions taken by #Indian government so far is as follows #Lockdown21 #CoronaLockdown #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Take a look: #Coronavirus Scare #Covid _19 #Lockdown21 #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): TamilNadu on Saturday reported two new #Coronavirus positive cases while one affected person was fully cured and discharged. #CoronaUpdate #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The first #COVID19 death has been reported from #Kerala in #Kochi , said a State Minister on Saturday. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Amid the fast-spreading #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic, researchers, including one of #Indian -origin, have found that half of the patients they treated for mild COVID-19 infection still carried the coronavirus pathogen for up to eight days after symptoms disappeared.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The health authorities announced on Saturday that six more #coronavirus positive cases have been detected in #Gujarat , taking the number of positive cases to 53. #COVID2019 #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Jharkhand Chief Minister #HemantSoren ( @HemantSorenJMM ) is making all out efforts to help the people of the state now under #lockdown due to the #coronavirus crisis. #Covid _19 #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted the logistics sector, both in #India and globally, as marketplayers say that global capacity has gone down 70 per cent and freight rates have shot up by 6-8 per cent. #Covid _19 #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The Asian Development Bank (#ADB) has approved an emergency grant of $300,000 to aid #Bangladesh 's fight against the #coronavirus pandemic, a media report said on Saturday. #COVID19


Indo-Asian News Service (India): कोरोनावायरस की महामारी ने #भारत और वैश्विक स्तर पर लॉजिस्टिक्स क्षेत्र को बुरी तरह प्रभावित किया है। बाजार के जानकारों का कहना है कि वैश्विक क्षमता में 70 फीसदी की गिरावट आई है और माल भाड़े में छह से आठ फीसदी की वृद्धि हुई है। #COVID19 #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): तुर्की के राष्ट्रपति रेसेप तईप एर्दोगन ( @RTErdogan ) ने घोषणा की है कि #कोरोनावायरस के खिलाफ लड़ाई के लिए सभी अंतर्राष्ट्रीय उड़ानें रद्द की जाएंगी। #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID19


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A shrimp seller at the wet market in the #Chinese city of #Wuhan believed to be the centre of the #coronavirus pandemic, may be the first person to have tested positive for the disease, a media report said on Saturday. #CoronaUpdate #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Watch : #Delhi Deputy CM #ManishSisodia ( @msisodia ) visits #Ghazipur border amid #massmigration #lockdown #coronavirusindia #CoronaLockdown Video:


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Maharashtra : The #COVID19 incidence came down today with 10 new cases reported on Saturday, raising the number of positives cases from 157 to 167, officials said. #CoronavirusOutbreak #Covid _19


Indo-Asian News Service (India): With 14 fresh #Covid19 cases in #Telangana in just one day, the state government here on Saturday intensified anti-#coronavirus measures. The state government declared several areas of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation as the 'red zones'. #CoronaUpdate #Covid _19


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Within a week of a 67-year-old male from #Surat succumbing to #coronavirus last Sunday, the deadly virus claimed one more life in the state on Saturday after an #Ahmedabad woman died due to coronavirus, taking the total death toll to 4. The virus has infected another 50 people.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): In a spurt in #Covid19 positive cases in #Kashmir on Saturday, seven more cases have surfaced in #Srinagar , taking the tally of positive cases to in J&K to 25. #coronavirusindia #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Two hundred eight persons including 14 confirmed #COVID19 patients - one of them a nine month old baby girl, the country's youngest #Coronavirus positive case -are admitted in the isolation wards of various hospitals in #WestBengal where one person has died of the disease so far.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Saturday issued notice of motion to the #Chandigarh Administration and others for relaxing the #lockdown imposed to check the spread of #coronavirus . #COVID2019india #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A day after he authorized ‘#sarpanches’ or village heads to use panchayat funds, #Punjab Chief Minister #AmarinderSingh on Saturday empowered the urban local bodies to buy medicines and food for people suffering owing to statewide #lockdown to contain the #coronavirus spread.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति #डोनाल्डट्रंप ने #कोरोनावायरस मरीजों के इलाज के लिए वेंटिलेटर की तत्काल जरूरत के मद्देजर #जनरलमोटर्स को वेंटिलेटर बनाने के लिए मजबूर किया है और इसके लिए उन्होंने रक्षा शक्तियों का इस्तेमाल किया है। #DonaldTrump #coronavirus


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Delhi Lt. Governor #AnilBaijal ( @LtGovDelhi ) and CM #ArvindKejriwal ( @ArvindKejriwal ) on Saturday appealed to the citizens to extend a helping hand to the government & donate funds to the 'Lieutenant Governor/Chief Minister Relief Fund' to fight #coronavirus outbreak. #Covid _19


Indo-Asian News Service (India): No new case of #coronavirus was reported from #Punjab on Saturday, the government said. Meanwhile, the state's first case -- of an NRI belonging to #Hoshiarpur -- was discharged after cured. #Covid _19 #CoronaUpdate


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A sacked techie of software major #Infosys was arrested for allegedly posting a prank tweet to spread #coronavirus , a police officer said on Saturday. #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Bollywood superstar #AkshayKumar ( @akshaykumar ) has donated Rs 25 crore to Prime Minister #NarendraModi 's initiative PM CARES Fund to lend support to the ongoing battle against the #coronavirus pandemic. #COVID2019india


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Take a look: #Coronavirus Scare #CoronaLockdown #Lockdown21 #CoronaUpdate


Indo-Asian News Service (India): First death due to #coronavirus in #Telangana , 6 more test positive, says health minister. #COVID2019india #CoronaUpdate


Indo-Asian News Service (India): TamilNadu Chief Minister #KPalaniswami ( @CMOTamilNadu ) on Saturday requested the Central government to grant Rs 9,000 crore to the state for #coronavirus impact relief works after borrowing from Reserve Bank of India. #COVID2019india #Covid _19


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Teachers and the non-teaching staff of #JawaharlalNehruUniversity will be contributing a day's salary to fighting #coronavirus , according to Vice Chancellor Jagadesh Kumar Mamidala ( @mamidala90 ). #CoronaUpdate #Covid19usa


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A story by @ians_india on the impact of #coronavirus in #India earlier this week was based on a study done by a faculty of #JohnsHopkinsUniversity , the institution has said in a tweet. There were some reports about Johns Hopkins disassociating itself from CDDEP's #Covid19 study.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): With six people testing positive for #coronavirus on Saturday, the number of #COVID19 cases in #AndhraPradesh has touched 19. #CoronaUpdate #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): JustIn : #COVID19 deaths around the world cross 30,000 #CoronaUpdate #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Despite Prime Minister #NarendraModi 's call for a nationwide #lockdownindia in a battle against deadly #coronavirusinindia , a sea of migrant workers reached Anand Vihar Interstate Bus Terminal hoping to reach back to their hometowns.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): JammuandKashmir recorded its second #COVID19 death on Sunday after a patient being treated in a hospital succumbed. The total number of coronavirus postive patients in the Union territory was 33. #COVID2019 #CoronaUpdate


Indo-Asian News Service (India): न्यूजीलैंड में #कोरोनावायरस संक्रमण के चलते पहली मौत का मामला सामने आया है। सरकार ने रविवार को इस बात की पुष्टि करते हुए कहा कि कोविड-19 संक्रमण से ग्रसित एक 70 वर्षीय महिला की मौत हो गई। #CoronaUpdate #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): अमेरिका में #कोविड19 संक्रमण के चलते पहले शिशु की मौत का मामला सामने आया है। अधिकारियों ने इस बात की जानकारी देते हुए कहा कि शिकागो में बच्चे की मृत्यु हुई है। #CoronaUpdate #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Bollywood singer #KanikaKapoor has tested positive for #Coronavirus for the fourth consecutive time, causing considerable concern to her family. #CoronaUpdate #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Former #Indian batsman and #LokSabha MP #GautamGambhir ( @GautamGambhir ) said that he has released Rs one crore out of his MP Local Area Development Scheme (#MPLADS) towards the relief efforts amid the #coronavirus pandemic. #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The total number of positive #coronavirus people in #India so far, reached up to 979 on Sunday. Of this at least 867 are active coronavirus cases, 86 people have cured and discharged from hospitals while 25 people succumbed from the highly infectious #COVID19 disease.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Mann Ki Baat: #PMModi talks live to #COVID19 surviver Ramgampa Teja #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019india #MannKiBaat


Indo-Asian News Service (India): NorthKorea fired two short-range ballistic missiles toward the East Sea on Sunday, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff (#JCS) said, the latest in a series of projectile launches even as the country is on high alert against the #coronavirus pandemic. #COVID2019 #CoronaUpdate


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Amid the 21-day #lockdown enforced to contain the spread of #coronavirus , the #airquality in the national capital improved to a 'good' category on Sunday. #CoronaLockdown


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A batch of 275 people evacuated from the #coronavirus -hit #Iran on Sunday, were taken to the Army Wellness Facility set up at the Jodhpur Military Station in #Rajasthan , a #defence official said. #COVID2019 #CoronaUpdate


NHK WORLD News (Japan): Japanese automakers curb output amid coronavirus


NHK WORLD News (Japan): Japan looks set for its quietest cherry blossom season in years as the coronavirus pandemic sends visitor numbers plunging to their lowest level since the disasters of 2011.


NHK WORLD News (Japan): There is still a lot that experts don't know about the new #coronavirus , also known as #COVID -19. Here is what they do know.


NHK WORLD News (Japan): Japan PM warns of prolonged coronavirus battle


NHK WORLD News (Japan): No spectators, but a whole bunch at stake in the ring. For the first time in #sumo history, no spectators were allowed because of the new #coronavirus outbreak. Check Backstories to find out how things played out in this bizarre setting in #Osaka .


NHK WORLD News (Japan): Coronavirus consultation services for foreigners


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Travellers claim airport officials provided wrong information about stay-home notices


The Straits Times (Singapore): WHO chooses Malaysia to run trials on new drug to fight Covid-19


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: SingPost debunks audio clip about infected postal worker spitting on letters


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Indonesia opts for "area quarantine" to limit movements as infections rise


The Straits Times (Singapore): China readies stimulus measures as local coronavirus cases dwindle


The Straits Times (Singapore): Dozens clash on Hubei border after China lifts coronavirus quarantine


The Straits Times (Singapore): Philippines reports 14 new coronavirus deaths, 272 infections


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: At least 15,000 in India quarantined due to 'super-spreader' guru


The Straits Times (Singapore): Green Pulse Podcast: How NEA works with cleaning crews for Covid-19-affected premises and households


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Stay-home notices clearly state period starts from day of return, says ICA


The Straits Times (Singapore): Japanese PM Abe vows unprecedented stimulus as Tokyo coronavirus cases rise by daily record


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: I feel extremely lucky to be here, says PR with Covid-19 in SGH


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Crowds thin at Orchard Road as safe distancing measures take effect


The Straits Times (Singapore): Losing sense of smell, serving stay-home notice in a hotel: Covid-19 patients, front line workers share personal accounts fighting virus


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Two police officers test positive for Covid-19; police giving support to next-of-kin


The Straits Times (Singapore): 70 new coronavirus patients in Singapore, of which 41 are imported cases


Yahoo Finance: China signals ramped-up stimulus as coronavirus impact widens


Reuters: Thailand reports 109 new coronavirus cases and one death


Reuters: Tokyo confirms more than 50 new coronavirus cases, record daily increase: NHK


Reuters: China's Wuhan, where the coronavirus emerged, begins to lift its lockdown


Reuters: Indonesia reports 109 new coronavirus cases, taking total to 1,155


Reuters: Thailand reports new coronavirus death as total cases reach 1,245


Reuters: An Indian traffic policeman has taken coronavirus awareness to new levels by hitting the streets clad in a newly-devised accessory: the 'coronahelmet' Video:


Reuters: Japan's Abe warns coronavirus outbreak could worsen if people don't take proper measures


Reuters: The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak first emerged, began lifting a two-month lockdown by restarting some metro services and reopening borders


Reuters: South Korean coronavirus test kit makers win U.S. FDA pre-approval


Reuters: India needs at least 38 million masks to fight coronavirus-agency document


Reuters: Japan confirms 57 new coronavirus cases at Chiba center for disabled: NHK


Reuters: Singapore reports 70 new coronavirus cases, taking tally to 802


Reuters: Commuters in the Indian city of Chennai are now being pulled over by a policeman wearing a 'coronahelmet.' The headwear is painted red with spikes glued on to represent the coronavirus Video:


Reuters: India to use some train coaches as coronavirus isolation wards


Reuters: Cars and cyclists filled the roads of Wuhan as a two-month lockdown in the city, where the coronavirus first emerged, was eased


Reuters: China reports smaller number of new daily coronavirus cases


Reuters: South Korea reports 105 new coronavirus cases, total now at 9,583: KCDC


Reuters: Thailand reports 143 new coronavirus cases and one death


Reuters: Getting better: China's new coronavirus cases trend lower


Reuters: Singapore reports third coronavirus-related death


Ahram Online (Egypt): SouthKorea #virus test-kit makers approved to export to US


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Tokyo confirms more than 50 new #coronavirus cases, record daily increase


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus scare prompts racist attacks on 'Chinese-looking' Indians


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: India to use some train coaches as isolation wards


The Straits Times (Singapore): Tighter border restrictions as coronavirus cases in Singapore go past 800


The Straits Times (Singapore): China reports 45 new coronavirus cases, mostly involving overseas travellers


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: ICA cancels man’s passport for flouting stay-home rules in first such action against Singapore citizen


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Jakarta extends state of emergency by 2 weeks


The Straits Times (Singapore): South Korea reports 105 new coronavirus cases, total now at 9,583


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus crisis awakens a sleeping giant: China's youth


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: For personal, professional reasons, some Singaporeans stay put in US


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: 70-year-old Singaporean man dies from Covid-19 complications; third such death in Singapore


Yonhap News Agency (South Korea): N. Korea uses elite research centers to tackle coronavirus


Yonhap News Agency (South Korea): Two military personnel test positive for coronavirus again after full recovery


Business Insider: Manny Pacquiao is in quarantine after he came into contact with a Philippines senator who tested positive for the coronavirus


CBC News (Canada): Wuhan, China, where the COVID-19 outbreak was first reported, is beginning to lift a 2-month lockdown.


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: To China, the virus is now a foreign problem - and they're creating a fortress to keep it so


AFP News Agency (France): Wuhan eases travel rules, security talks cancelled, Indian migrants forced to walk home: @AFP reports latest developments from Asia on #coronavirus


AFP News Agency (France): South Asia #COVID19 cases: #India 872, 19 deaths #Srilanka 106 #Pakistan 1408*, 10 deaths #Bangladesh 48, 5 deaths #Maldives 14 #Bhutan 3 #Nepal 4 #CoronaVirusUpdate #coronavirus * #JHU figure


AFP News Agency (France): How about a cherry blossom Olympics in the spring? The postponement of #Tokyo2020 could give organisers an opportunity to solve their other massive problem: the summer heat


AFP News Agency (France): At least 15,000 people who may have caught the coronavirus from a 'super-spreader' guru are under strict quarantine in northern India after the Sikh religious leader died of COVID-19


AFP News Agency (France): Trains packed with thousands of passengers arrived in Wuhan Saturday as the Chinese city that was Ground Zero for the global coronavirus pandemic partly reopened after months in lockdown


AFP News Agency (France): Migrant workers and their family members walk carrying their belongings on a highway as they leave to go back to their villages during a nationwide lockdown in India to fight #coronavirus pandemic, in Ghaziabad of Uttar Pradesh state @PrakashAFPLive / @AFPphoto


AFP News Agency (France): Police inspector Rajesh Babu wears a coronavirus-themed helmet as he speaks to motorists at a checkpoint in Chennai during India's government-imposed nationwide lockdown to help prevent spread of coronavirus @ArunsankarKrish


AFP News Agency (France): With India locked down over the #coronavirus and no way to earn money, millions of migrant workers are left jobless and penniless and face walking long distances back to their home villages after all transport is stopped


Axios: The State Department is commending China's ambassador to the U.S., Cui Tiankai, for distancing himself from a coronavirus conspiracy theory that the spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry has been pushing.


The Associated Press: A group of students from several universities in Yogyakarta has distributed soaps and hand sanitizers to informal daily workers to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia.


The Associated Press: Sri Lanka police say they have arrested thousands including many who were praying in a mosque for violating a countrywide curfew imposed as a part of stringent measures designed to contain the spread of coronavirus.


The Associated Press: As India and other South Asian nations brace for the spread of the coronavirus, they face another battle: misinformation. Social media are rife with bogus remedies, tales of magic cures and hazardous medical advice.


The Associated Press: Authorities send a fleet of buses to the outskirts of India's capital to meet an exodus of migrant workers desperately trying to reach their home villages during the world's largest coronavirus lockdown.


Reuters: Thailand reports 143 new coronavirus cases and one death


Indo-Asian News Service (India): The #Odisha government has decided to give extensive training to #MBBS students so that they can be deployed to combat the #coronavirus outbreak, an official said on Sunday.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Two battalions of Central Reserve Police Force (#CRPF) were deployed in #Goa on Sunday, after three days of panic-buying across the state, which forced the police to use force against shoppers crowding outside grocery stores. @goacm #CoronaLockdown #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Hit by the #coronavirus crisis and the nation-wide #lockdown , the National Restaurant Association of India has urged landlords in the food and beverage (F&B) or restaurant industry to waive their rents and the common area maintenance charges till June or till the lockdown lasts.


Indo-Asian News Service (India): #Congress leader Shashi Tharoor ( @ShashiTharoor ) on Sunday attacked Prime Minister #NarendraModi for not giving enough time to the people to prepare before a nationwide #lockdown was imposed. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


The Straits Times (Singapore): Thailand's tourist haven Pattaya devastated as coronavirus hits travel


Reuters: Vitriol and violence: A coronavirus death exposes paranoia in India


Reuters: More #Chinese tourist sites reopened on Sunday after remaining closed for almost two months due to the #coronavirus pandemic, which originated in the city of #Wuhan last December. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Take a look: #COVID19 cases and deaths #CoronaUpdate #CoronaLockdown #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Take a look: How new cases of #COVID19 scaled up from January 23 to March 27, 2020 #CoronaLockdown #CoronaUpdate


Indo-Asian News Service (India): #पाकिस्तान ने #कोरोनावायरस महामारी के कारण #ईरान और #अफगानिस्तान के साथ लगने वाली अपनी पश्चिमी सीमाओं और #भारत के साथ लगने अपनी पूर्वी सीमा को दो सप्ताह और बंद रखने का फैसला किया है। #CoronavirusOutbreak


Indo-Asian News Service (India): President #RamNathKovind ( @rashtrapatibhvn ) on Sunday announced to contribute his one month salary to Prime Minister's relief fund to fight #novelcoronavirus crisis and also appealed to citizens to donate funds to defeat the pandemic. #Covid _19 #CoronaUpdate


Indo-Asian News Service (India): A 40-year woman succumbed to #COVID19 in #Mumbai even as the number of positive cases rose to 193 in #Maharashtra , an official said on Sunday. She succumbed late last night due to breathlessness and chest pains, and her COVID-19 report came positive today. #COVID2019india


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Coronavirus won't stop police arresting domestic abusers


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Russian agency halts testing amid outbreak, two Olympic champions among four accused of doping


AFP News Agency (France): A group of young Russians help the elderly who are isolated in the pandemic, as the country reports a steady increase in coronavirus cases, with 1,264 infections and four deaths according to Friday's official tally


BNO Newsroom (Netherlands): So far today, authorities in Russia have reported 228 new cases of coronavirus and 3 new deaths, raising the total to 1,264 cases and 7 dead


BNO Newsroom (Netherlands): : Russia will close all of its borders to foreigners to prevent the spread of coronavirus - TASS


Reuters: Russia prepares to shut all borders as coronavirus cases soar


Europe (including UK)

Indo-Asian News Service (India): Researchers at the University of Oxford are looking for over 500 healthy volunteers to test if their vaccine, called 'ChAdOx1 nCoV-19', can prevent the #novelcoronavirus . #CoronaUpdate #Covid _19


Indo-Asian News Service (India): Dominic Cummings, a senior adviser to #UK Prime Minister #BorisJohnson , was seen running out of Downing Street after the latter announced that he had tested positive for the #novelcoronavirus , it was reported. #Covid _19 #COVID2019


NHK WORLD News (Japan): EU cooperation in treating coronavirus patients


The Straits Times (Singapore): Corona criminals' prey on Europe's coronavirus fears


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Spain counts 832 deaths in 24 hours, pushing toll to 5,690


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Deaths in Britain pass 1,000


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Death toll in Italy tops 10,000


Reuters: Number of coronavirus cases in Germany rises to 48,582: RKI


Reuters: Fitch cuts UK's rating on coronavirus debt surge


Reuters: Spain's coronavirus death toll rises by 832 overnight to 5,690


Reuters: Swiss coronavirus death toll reaches 235, confirmed cases top 13,000


Reuters: Ireland may ease coronavirus restrictions on April 12: health minister


Reuters: Theme park opens drive-through coronavirus testing unit as UK ramps up response


Reuters: UK minister for Scotland self-isolating with possible coronavirus symptoms


Reuters: Portugal to treat migrants as residents during coronavirus crisis


Reuters: Airbus plane delivers face masks from China to coronavirus-hit Spain


Reuters: Spain's coronavirus death toll rose by 832 cases overnight to 5,690, the health ministry said, marking a new high in the daily rise in fatalities


Reuters: UK coronavirus deaths top 1,000 as country steps up testing


Reuters: Irish banks processing over 28,000 coronavirus-related mortgage breaks


Reuters: Lombardy coronavirus deaths near 6,000 as Italy mulls extending lockdown


Reuters: Netherlands' coronavirus deaths rise 93 to 639, infections up by 1,159


Reuters: Coronavirus forces cancellation of Paris fashion weeks: statement


Reuters: Black dye and drones - English police bemuse public with coronavirus response


Reuters: Ireland may ease coronavirus restrictions from mid-April


Reuters: Coronavirus cases in Greece pass 1,000


Reuters: UK coronavirus death toll rises to 1,019, up 260 in one day


Reuters: Shellshocked Spain reports record 832 new coronavirus deaths


Reuters: Italy coronavirus deaths rise by 889 in a day to 10,023


Reuters: Spain’s coronavirus fatalities rose by a record 832 overnight to 5,690. Hospitals remained overcrowded in the capital in Madrid as coronavirus infection cases surpassed 72,000 across the country


Reuters: Toughest weeks lie ahead in coronavirus fight, warns French PM


Reuters: The UK will have done well if it comes through the coronavirus crisis with fewer than 20,000 deaths, a senior UK health official said


Reuters: Italy coronavirus death toll surges past 10,000; lockdown extension likely


Reuters: Juventus players, coach Sarri agree pay cut due to coronavirus


Reuters: Spain says all non-essential workers must stay home for two weeks to beat coronavirus


Reuters: Northern Ireland brings in tough measures to fight coronavirus


Reuters: Italy PM adopts new measures to help coronavirus-hit economy


Reuters: UK broadband providers lift data caps during coronavirus crisis


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Paris men’s fashion week and the haute couture shows have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): Hundreds of European tourists stranded in Bali were evacuated from the Indonesian holiday island on Saturday after their flights were canceled due to the #coronavirus pandemic.


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Italy PM calls for European recovery bonds


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Italy small town priest deals with death on industrial scale


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: English Premier League players may be told to stop training amid uncertainty over restart


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: Netherlands recalls defective masks imported from China


The Straits Times (Singapore): In the coronavirus fight in Scandinavia, Sweden stands apart


Ansa English News (Italy): Coronavirus : deaths in #Italy pass 10,000 mark #COVID -19 death toll 10,023 after rise of 889 in 24 hours (969 Fri). No of infected up 3,651 to 70,065 (4,401 Fri). Recovered up 1,434 to 12,384. Total (infected+dead+recovered) is 92,472.


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] Denmark's state #salarycompensation runs from March to June, and the target group is companies, who have to lower their work force with 30% or fire more than 50 persons. #EUWeekInReview


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] Although the EU's #GDPR gives people ownership over their data, it also allows competent #publichealth authorities and employers to process it when a #pandemic strikes. #EUWeekInReview


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] Hungarian PM #ViktorOrban and his government could rule without any practically control during the #coronavirus emergency. #EUWeekInReview


EUobserver (Belgium): [Coronavirus] To unblock Europe's main #arteries , the EU Commission on Monday urged #EUmemberstates to create fast lanes for trucks carrying all types of goods. #EUWeekInReview


EUobserver (Belgium): [Analysis] The European Commission can coordinate and support member states on #healthissues . It can make recommendations and give advice. #EUmemberstates are free to ignore it. #EUWeekInReview


Sky News (UK): Could more have been done to protect the PM and the health secretary from #coronavirus ? On the #Daily podcast @jonathansamuels chats about #COVID19 hitting #DowningStreet with @SkyKatieSpencer & @Ella_M_Whelan . Listen here


Sky News (UK): An emotional NHS worker has thanked the public after he and his team heard people cheering from their windows and balconies to show their support during the #coronavirus pandemic. To read more about #COVID19 , click here:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus has hit the heart of government, with Boris Johnson and the health secretary testing positive for the virus. But who has the PM been in contact with recently? For the latest on #COVID19 head here:


Sky News (UK): The total #coronavirus death count in the UK now stands at 769 after another 185 fatalities were confirmed. Here's the latest on the #COVID19 pandemic:


Sky News (UK): "We need the government now to step up." @RachaelMaskell says PPE must be made available for all public facing workers amid the coronavirus pandemic, with many feeling "desperate" and at risk on the frontline. The latest on #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): "He doesn't want to use the term 'lockdown' but it's very difficult to describe it as anything other." Ireland has been put under similar #coronavirus lockdown measures to the UK, with Leo Varadkar telling residents to stay home until at least 12 April.


Sky News (UK): A cat in Belgium has reportedly become the first pet to test positive for #coronavirus after becoming infected by its owner. The latest on #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): "Go home and self-isolate. You're killing people." Police Scotland officers were seen confronting a man who was refusing to self-isolate, despite claiming to have #COVID19 . Get the latest on the #coronavirus here:


Sky News (UK): This is the moment volunteer police cadets in east London sang to seven-year-old Matilda, after she had to cancel her birthday celebration with friends due to the #coronavirus outbreak. Get the latest on #COVID19 here:


Sky News (UK): "The fact that both the prime minister and the health secretary have contracted the virus is a reminder that the virus does not discriminate - we are all at risk" - Cabinet office minister Michael Gove. Latest on #coronavirus here:


Sky News (UK): The Home Office has paused all evictions and terminations of asylum seekers for three months amid the #coronavirus outbreak. The latest on #COVID19 here:


Sky News (UK): "We did little and that was a big mistake" Prof Julio Maoyl has warned the UK to learn from Spain's experience with #coronavirus , encouraging testing "as many people as possible" to tackle #COVID19 . Latest updates:


Sky News (UK): A temporary mortuary site is being built at Birmingham Airport in preparation for an expected rise in #coronavirus deaths, West Midlands Police have said


Sky News (UK): : The number of people to have died after testing positive for coronavirus in Spain has surged by 832 to 5,690


Sky News (UK): An 87-year-old grandfather has left hospital after coming through a two-week battle against the #coronavirus


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Spain deaths surge by 832 in 24 hours


Sky News (UK): : The number of people who have died in Spain from #coronavirus has risen to 5,690 - an increase of 832. A further 8,189 cases were detected in the country in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 72,248. Latest on #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: World's oldest man's 112th birthday celebrations cancelled during UK lockdown


Sky News (UK): Donald Trump has wished Boris Johnson a "speedy recovery" after the prime minister tested positive for #coronavirus


Sky News (UK): Hundreds of Britons are stranded on a cruise ship where four people have died after fellow passengers tested positive for #coronavirus


Sky News (UK): Richmond Park has closed its gates to cyclists - unless they're an NHS worker - to further enforce #coronavirus social distancing rules. Police will now be manning the gates and stopping anyone who is not a key worker from entering. Latest on #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus lockdown: Anyone exercising outside their home should "stay local" and "not travel unnecessarily", updated government guidance says


Sky News (UK): : Scottish Secretary Alister Jack is self-isolating after developing mild symptoms associated with #COVID19 . The latest on #coronavirus :


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Derbyshire police dye Buxton 'Blue Lagoon' black to deter gatherings


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Pictures of NHS Nightingale hospital show scale of expected emergency


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: NHS could have prevented 'chaos and panic', says Lancet editor


Sky News (UK): "Boris will want to keep up the fight, he's not a quitter." Victoria Borwick, former deputy mayor under Boris Johnson, has praised the PM'S response to the #coronavirus pandemic. More on #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): "Listen to what we're saying, disperse, go indoors." Ken Marsh from @metpoliceuk warns people who don't follow the government's #coronavirus lockdown rules will be fined accordingly. The latest on #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): : Sir Philip Green's TopShop empire is to halt payments to its pension scheme for months as retailers and other stricken companies conserve cash during the #coronavirus pandemic


Sky News (UK): "People will have to access food or we're going to have a real catastrophe." @InstituteGC 's Kate Dooley says the key to dealing with the #coronavirus pandemic in Africa is by mobilising the population to understand the virus and how contagious it is.


Sky News (UK): A plane has today landed in Madrid, bringing with it four million face masks to be distribute to Spain, France, Germany and the UK. It comes as Spain deaths surged by 832 in 24 hours. The latest on #coronavirus :


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Green's TopShop empire to halt pension payments


Sky News (UK): : Another four people have died in Wales after testing positive for #coronavirus , taking the total to 38. There have been 172 new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 1,093. Latest on #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Council workers 'spat on and sworn at' amid pandemic outbreak


Sky News (UK): : Another 260 people have died in the UK after testing positive for #coronavirus , taking the total to 1,019


Sky News (UK): : 1,019 people in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus have died, an increase of 260. More on this story:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Number of UK deaths rise by 260 - taking total to 1,019


Sky News (UK): New pictures have been released from inside the enormous temporary hospital being built in London to fight #coronavirus


Sky News (UK): "I don't think it's fair to leave younger nurses to cope with this on their own." On the #Daily podcast @jonathansamuels chats to former nurse @maxwele2 about returning to help the #NHS during the #coronavirus pandemic. Listen here


Sky News (UK): Matt Dockray, a discharged #COVID19 patient, has described his terrifying ordeal with the virus. Matt became critically ill after his lungs failed and was placed in the ICU, where he watched patients around him die from #coronavirus . Latest updates:


Sky News (UK): Across the UK, there have been 120,777 concluded #coronavirus tests. 103,687 were confirmed negative and 17,089 positive. 1,019 of those hospitalised have died. The latest on #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): The NHS could have prevented "chaos and panic" and was "wholly unprepared" for the #coronavirus pandemic, the editor of one of the world's most prestigious medical journals has said


Sky News (UK): Today's Downing Street #coronavirus news conference will be from 4pm. It will be fronted by Business Secretary Alok Sharma and NHS England medical director Stephen Powis. Channel 501 Watch live:


Sky News (UK): Non-coronavirus patients will start being transferred onto a US Navy hospital ship moored off the coast of Los Angeles to help the city's overburdened hospitals


Sky News (UK): "Coronavirus represents an unprecedented challenge." Business secretary, Alok Sharma says as of 9am on 28 March 120,776 people have been tested for the new #coronavirus . Get the latest #COVID19 news:


Sky News (UK): Watch live: Business Secretary Alok Sharma holds the daily news conference on #coronavirus as the number confirmed of deaths across the UK reaches over 1,000


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: The South African township where people just won't follow the lockdown rules


Sky News (UK): "Wherever possible you should work from home." Business secretary, Alok Sharma says companies need to follow Public Health England guidelines to "keep employees safe". Get the latest #coronavirus news:


Sky News (UK): "We can beat this." Stephen Powis says if the UK can keep the number of deaths of people who have #coronavirus under 20,000 then "we will have done very well in this epidemic." He adds that "every one of us has a part to play." #COVID19 latest:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: NHS staff, police and public being coughed on by people claiming to have COVID-19


Sky News (UK): "He will continue to lead right from the front." Business secretary, Alok Sharma gives an update on Boris Johnson's condition, saying the PM chaired a conference call this morning. Get the latest #coronavirus news:


Sky News (UK): "We are not at capacity yet within London" Stephen Powis says the NHS continues to work incredibly hard to extend hospital amid the #coronavirus pandemic. He adds theatres and recovery areas will be used for critically ill patients. #COVID19 latest:


Sky News (UK): "It is crucial that when the virus passes, as it will, we are ready to bounce back." Business secretary, Alok Sharma announces new measures designed to give more flexibility to businesses. Get the latest #coronavirus news:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Employees unable to take annual leave can carry it over for two years - government


Sky News (UK): "We are working around the clock to get the funding as quickly as possible." Business secretary, Alok Sharma says the government is trying to get money to where it is needed as soon as possible. Get the latest #coronavirus news:


Sky News (UK): "It is possible to get on top of this virus." NHS England Medical Director, Stephen Powis says good result will only happen if we can 'stop the transmission of the virus'. Get the latest #coronavirus news:


Sky News (UK): Stephen Powis says in the last couple of days, 40 million gloves, 25 million face masks and 40 million aprons were going out to medical staff working on the coronavirus frontline. He adds supplying NHS staff with PPE is "absolute priority." #COVID19 :


Sky News (UK): Business secretary, Alok Sharma says "there are no gaps in government" despite the prime minister and the health secretary testing positive for #COVID19 . Get the latest #coronavirus news:


Sky News (UK): Police across the country are clamping down on people deliberately coughing on others during the #coronavirus pandemic


Sky News (UK): #StayAtHome #ProtectOurNHS #SaveLives As #coronavirus continues to spread across the UK and around the world, Sky News will bring you all the latest #COVID19 developments on TV, mobile and podcast. Channel 501 Watch live:


Sky News (UK): You can now view Sky News videos en Español / Ahora puedes ver los videos de Sky News en español: #Coronavirus : En Bérgamo Las Sirenas No Paran De Sonar

Sky News (UK): Coronavirus : Sky's @sparkomat witnesses the township where people just won't follow the #lockdown rules


Sky News (UK): "This is going to go on for sometime" - England’s chief medical officer. As #coronavirus continues to spread around the world, Sky News will bring you all the latest #COVID19 developments on TV, mobile and podcast. Channel 501 Watch live:


Sky News (UK): The car park of Chessington World of Adventures has been turned in to a drive-thru #COVID19 testing clinic. Get the latest #coronavirus news:


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Evictions of asylum seekers paused to stop spread of COVID-19


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Italy becoming impatient with lockdown - and social unrest is brewing


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: NHS workers offered free cars and bikes to keep them safe during outbreak


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: 30 million households to receive letter from PM warning 'things will get worse before they get better'


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Boris Johnson's letter to the nation in full


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: William and Kate urge public to look after mental health during outbreak


Sky News (UK): Coronavirus: Stranded cruise passengers split between two ships amid disease fears


Sky News (UK): Ironbridge faces new challenge of coronavirus after it was hit by severe flooding


AFP News Agency (France): Italy logs a shocking spike in its already staggering #coronavirus death toll, with officials warning the peak of the crisis is still days away, as the global infection rate surges relentlessly upwards


AFP News Agency (France): Spain has the world's second-highest coronavirus death toll after Italy with 5,690 fatalities. The number of cases have jumped to 72,248 as the country moves to significantly increase testing


AFP News Agency (France): West Ham have eight players in self-isolation after showing mild symptoms of the coronavirus, according to the club's vice-chairwoman Karren Brady


AFP News Agency (France): Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte warned Saturday that the European Union could lose its purpose if it fails to come up with a strong response to the coronavirus threat


AFP News Agency (France): Hundreds of European tourists stranded in Bali were evacuated from the Indonesian holiday island on Saturday after their flights were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic


AFP News Agency (France): Europe was reeling from a staggering surge in coronavirus deaths Saturday, still days or weeks from what experts desperately hope will be the epidemic's peak


AFP News Agency (France): The European Union has faced and survived a series of existential threats over the years but the coronavirus epidemic has exposed old wounds that could yet prove fatal


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO Based on research carried out in Italy, the Erasme hospital in Brussels has developed a device which transforms a Decathlon snorkelling mask into an emergency ventilator for patients suffering with COVID-19 Video:


AFP News Agency (France): Death toll from coronavirus in Europe surges past 20,000: AFP tally


AFP News Agency (France): The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in Britain has risen to 1,019 up from 759 the day before, according to government figures released Saturday.


AFP News Agency (France): Lausanne is one of the last places in Europe that still has a nightwatchman as a living timekeeper. But now, Renato Hausler rings the bell to call for mutual solidarity among the Lausannois in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic


AFP News Agency (France): "We could start again in mid-May, in June or even late June" @UEFA head Aleksander Ceferin says European football leagues had not ruled out finishing this season - if the #coronavirus pandemic subsides


AFP News Agency (France): Italy's coronavirus toll tops 10,000, official says


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: A Brussels hospital developed an emergency ventilator made from a Decathlon snorkelling mask to help mitigate any equipment shortages during the #coronavirus pandemic Video:


AFP News Agency (France): France reports 319 more coronavirus deaths, taking toll to 2,314, official says


AFP News Agency (France): As the rest of Europe shuts up shop to combat the new coronavirus, Belarus remains resolutely open for business. Restaurants in the former Soviet Republic continue to serve food, and the country's football league plays on


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: Berlin is adapting car lanes for bicycle use under a pilot project to reduce the number of COVID-19 contaminations among cyclists and to encourage people to avoid public transport Video:


AFP News Agency (France): @dmitryzaksAFP #UPDATE Spain toughened its nationwide lockdown, halting all non-essential activities as it stepped up its fight against the deadly coronavirus epidemic that has so far claimed 5,690 lives in the country


AFP News Agency (France): VIDEO: A special light show at the Eiffel Tower pays tribute to France's healthcare workers, who are on the front line of the coronavirus fight Video:


BNO Newsroom (Netherlands): WATCH: Italian police officers salute those who died of coronavirus as their bodies are transported in military vehicles Video:


The Associated Press: Estonia won its war on fentanyl in 2017, but things got worse when addicts began to use synthetic drugs. In other #WeekendReads , humor is helping some around the world cope with the coronavirus.


The Associated Press: AP PHOTOS: The doctors and nurses on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic in Italy.


Los Angeles Times: Throughout Spain, hundreds of farmers and tractors are fighting against COVID-19


Los Angeles Times: On the front line of the coronavirus threat in Spain, tractors scatter the streets with hope


Mercury News (San Jose): The Latest: Italy’s day-to-day COVID-19 deaths down slightly


Business Insider: Two-thirds of Brits believe the Brexit transition period should be extended so the UK can focus on the coronavirus, a new poll says


The Associated Press: After a long, dark Scandinavian winter, the coronavirus pandemic is not keeping Swedes at home even while millions of people elsewhere are under strict lockdown orders.


Sky News (UK): "I think you're talking about [testing] virtually everybody" Former PM Tony Blair says almost everyone in the UK may need a test for coronavirus as many as "two or three different times", so that the disease can be tracked and action taken. #Ridge Video:


Sky News (UK): "Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all those who have lost loved ones." @michaelgove says it is "absolutely critical" that people stick to social distancing regulations, after the latest rise in UK #coronavirus deaths. #Ridge Read more:


Sky News (UK): "Every death is a tragedy" @SophyRidgeSky asks @michaelgove when the peak in COVID-19 infections will be. He says "we hope, we hope that we can reduce the rate of infection" if everyone follows social distancing rules. #Ridge Video:


Haaretz (Israel): British PM Boris Johnson warns on coronavirus: 'Things will get worse before they get better'


Los Angeles Times: In stark contrast to leagues elsewhere on the European continent, the Belarus championship continues #AFP #COVID19 #coronavirus #sport



Africa News (Democratic Republic of Congo): Tackling COVID-19... Interview with Dr. Raphaël Tata-Taty, infectious disease specialist


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: South African police fire rubber bullets at shoppers during lockdown


Reuters: Coronavirus confinement measures have been postponed in the city of Kinshasa after a vast increase in the prices of goods Video:


Reuters: Forty seven-nation Africa has 2,650 confirmed coronavirus cases, 49 deaths - WHO chief Tedros


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): The UAE announced the launch of a coronavirus drive-through test zone where residents would be able to get tested for COVID-19 while remaining in their cars (Photos: @MohamedBinZayed )


Arab News (Saudi Arabia): : Algeria's Health Ministry announces 45 new cases of coronavirus infections, bringing the total to 454


AFP News Agency (France): Ghana has announced a two-week lockdown in the country's two main regions starting Monday to curb the spread of coronavirus


AFP News Agency (France): South African police enforcing a coronavirus lockdown on Saturday fired rubber bullets towards hundreds of shoppers queueing outside a supermarket in Johannesburg, an AFP photographer said


AFP News Agency (France): Madagascans have joined the exodus in their hundreds in recent days, forming long queues to get away after the authorities declared a lockdown to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic


AFP News Agency (France): Moody's has downgraded South Africa's credit rating to junk status, piling more anguish on an economy already in recession and battered by Africa's worst coronavirus outbreak


AFP News Agency (France): Mali's main opposition party called for "massive participation" in Sunday's parliamentary election, despite its leader being kidnapped and the rising coronavirus threat in the war-torn West African country


AFP News Agency (France): @AFP photographer Fadel Senna joins a combined security force patrolling Morocco’s capital Rabat to instruct people to return and remain at home as a measure against the #coronavirus


Australia / Oceania

Indo-Asian News Service (India): Australia on Saturday announced stricter isolation rules as the overall number of #coronavirus cases in the country has increased to 3,378. According to data from the Department of Health, there were 3,378 cases as of Saturday morning, an increase of 212 from 3,166 on Friday.


The Straits Times (Singapore): Aussie local election goes ahead despite coronavirus threat


Reuters: Australia PM says social distancing helping to slow coronavirus spread


The Associated Press: New Zealand reports its first death from the new coronavirus. Health authorities say the victim was a woman in her 70s.


AFP News Agency (France): Dozens more passengers on a cruise ship docked in Western Australia showed symptoms of coronavirus Saturday after the vessel was allowed ashore following days stranded at sea in a stand-off with authorities


The Associated Press: Authorities are still hoping to fly 800 cruise ship passengers from Australia to Germany but a sharp overnight rise in cases of the new coronavirus on board the Artania brought severe complications for the mission.


The Straits Times (Singapore): Coronavirus: State border closures leave Australia's federal model in strange territory


South America

Reuters: Brazil's Bolsonaro questions coronavirus deaths, says 'sorry, some will die'


Reuters: Brazilian rapper warns of coronavirus danger in Brazil's slums


The Associated Press: Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has dismissed sweeping lockdown to contain the new coronavirus, defying health authorities’ recommendations. Listen to some of his recent statements. Story by @DLBiller


MercoPress: Falklands' government is responding to the coronavirus challenge magnificently, governor Nigel Phillips


Miami Herald: As coronavirus cases mount in Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro has staked out the most deliberately dismissive position of any major world leader, calling the pandemic a momentary, minor problem and saying strong measures to contain it are unnecessary.


Sky News (UK): Concern is growing on the Falkland Islands that their first cases of #coronavirus could be confirmed this week


AFP News Agency (France): Extraordinary times: The 45,000-capacity Pacaembu Stadium in downtown São Paulo is being turned into an open-air hospital to handle patients with #coronavirus Nelson Almeida @AFPphoto #coronavirusbrasil


AFP News Agency (France): A federal court in Rio de Janeiro banned the government from disseminating propaganda against confinement measures aimed at controlling the coronavirus pandemic